Judge Barrett Faces Anti-Christian Bigotry

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

The cesspool of our American culture is not the result of too much God, faith, or religion, but too little.

With the pending confirmation hearing of nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, it is appropriate to review what our Constitution says about religion.

The first two religious safeguards are contained in the First Amendment: “Congress (i.e. government) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion … or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

American history makes clear that what the Framers of our Constitution meant by prohibiting an “establishment of religion” was only that there was to be no formal state religion to which all citizens were forced to conform and adhere. That’s it. However, what we see in our country today is a brazen and reflexive hostility to any notion of religion, particularly Christianity. This is a perverse distortion of the Framers’ intent.
The second safeguard prohibits government from limiting or inhibiting our “free exercise” of religion, as well as the freedom not to worship.
The third religious safeguard is less well known but specifically relevant to the confirmation hearing of Judge Barrett. It is contained in Article VI. “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” This also means no religious test may be used as a disqualification of an individual, either!

National media and the cultural elite often mock and ridicule Americans who worship and strive to live out their faith. They view faith, religion, and the worship of God in much the same way the atheist, communist Karl Marx did, as “the opiate of the masses.” The New York Times has admitted, in a rare and striking moment of candor, “we don’t get religion.”
But what about Judge Barrett’s right to free exercise of religion? What about her right not to have shoved in her face a secular, humanistic, and valueless cultural “establishment” that predominates among our national elite? What about her right not to be disqualified from a position on the Supreme Court as the Left applies a religious litmus test to oppose her simply because she is a devout Christian Catholic?

Judge Barrett is now accused of being an “extremist” because she has been a part of People of Praise, a closely-knit religious group that encourages its members to strive together for a greater holiness in their lives. Media has falsely stated that People of Praise was the basis of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It’s not but we will never see a retraction of this smear.
She’s also begun to be attacked for a comment she made in a speech she gave years ago that “a legal career is but a means to an end… and that end is building the Kingdom of God.” This is a typical, ordinary expression of a sincerely held religious belief that any believer—Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim—would identify with as the purpose of their faith.
In short, the Left will try anything to make her appear “kooky” or “weird” in an attempt to justify opposition to her nomination, ignoring the fact she is a highly-qualified jurist and possesses a once-in-a-generation legal mind.

In her previous confirmation hearing to the appeals court Judge Barrett was grilled by one senator who stated about her deep faith “the dogma lives loudly within you”; another senator asked whether she was an “orthodox” Catholic, which means he actually wanted to know “how Catholic are you”; (Imagine the outrage if a senator asked a nominee of Jewish faith “how Jewish are you”? Or someone of Muslim faith “how Muslim are you”? However, it’s still perfectly acceptable to smear and scapegoat Christians).
For context, Sen. Kamala Harris also previously attacked a different nominee for being an “extremist” because he was a member of the Catholic religious group, Knights of Columbus, which closely follows Church teaching—meaning it opposes abortion and gay marriage.

Our religious freedoms and protections are as clear as they are fundamental and we should demand they be followed for Judge Barrett, or next it may be one of us, a neighbor, or a friend who is applying for a loan, seeking a job or applying to college who is discriminated against because of our faith.

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27 thoughts on “Judge Barrett Faces Anti-Christian Bigotry

  1. For the past year, health care experts, patient groups, and providers have been warning that actions taken by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress to undermine the individual insurance market would raise premiums. President Trump said last year, “The best thing we can do, politically speaking, is let ObamaCare explode.” Now that people are starting to see the intended results of his actions, lawmakers who helped him are rushing to shift the blame.
    This is just part of an article from The Hill in 2018. And in case you folks don’t realize it, the Repubs have a suit in court still trying to get rid of pre existing conditions. They have tried numerous times to get rid of the ACA but keep striking out. Its criminal..not only trying to take away our healthcare and preexisting conditions, but for continuing to pursue it during a pandemic.

  2. You are right, what some people think and post are enough to make people nuts. Especially when they cannot see both sides and WHY the conservatives might be for President Trump, even though he’s rich, he might have done things in the past that are not what I would have done. But the IRS allows it, they make the rules, he took advantage of the rules, and I think everyone posting on this page would do the same thing. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t, everyone is taking advantage or everything IRS will allow on our taxes right now.

    I get downright disgusted when the left thinks all we think about are abortions. Yes, I will tell you now I think abortions are wrong, and they definitely should not be used for birth control just because someone doesn’t want another child. The very idea, why didn’t you just murder one of your other children. Oh yes, you would go to prison if you did that, and abortion is so much easier, especially if you tell yourself it’s ok, it’s not murder.

    But that is not my biggest problem with Biden and team winning the election, and I wish you folks could see the issues that are taking place right before our eyes. But you seem to be blind, or you definitely have tunnel vision. You concentrate on the abortion issue and the health care issue, neither of which really have a lot to do with my problem. Abortions will still be o.k. for a long time unfortunately, and we will have health care under President Trump should he be reelected. He has said that over and over again. Preexisting conditions will still be covered, we will have healthcare and can use the doctors we have used for years, and the premiums have already gone down. I don’t know if any of you had the premiums that almost doubled when Obama & Biden were holding down the White House. It was terrible, families were saying all over the country that they could not afford the high premiums. But of course, the dems have conveniently forgotten that, as usual. The ACA has lower premiums and families can afford to live on their salary, pay house notes, pay the insurance premium and still have enough to eat. Amazing what someone who knows how to do things can help the rest of us save money.

    The main thing I’m worried about and I’m surprised that I’ve not heard one Democrat or liberal mention it. Have you folks not noticed what has crawled into your political party. You have Socialists waiting to take over the liberals and make it, with the liberal politicians help, a new country, and run it better. Do you remember Nancy Pelosi coming out and announcing that they all needed to be there tomorrow to discuss number 25. Then she kept saying that it was not about Trump. It’s not about Trump. It was still a puzzle to me until I thought about a doctor saying that Biden was not fit mentally or physically to be president. Think about it. Think about how bad he looks, how he gets confused so easily. He thought Trump was running for a third term. He thought he himself was running for the Senate. He got confused as to where he was. He had to ask where they were headed the next day. I’m not being ugly or mean about this, I feel sorry for the man, I think he is being used by the Socialists in order to further their agenda. Why is Bernie giving him advice now? Why did he pick Kamala Harris as his running mate? She was so hateful to him in the primaries. She called him a racist, which he has been all his adult life. He didn’t want his children going to school with blacks. Check his history, it’s all there. Maybe he’s changed. But I will tell you, if he can change from what he was, so can President Trump. Maybe he is not the same as he was 20 years ago, 15 years ago. Maybe he has changed and really is a man who has prayer with some cabinet members every morning. Certainly worse men have been changed by God.

    Getting back to my biggest fear, Nancy Pelosi, if the Democrats take the White House, will suddenly see that Joe Biden cannot handle the duties of the president. Then Kamala Harris will become President, and she is a BIG socialist. Guess who will become VP? Nancy Pelosi. The woman who should have been out of the House a long time ago. She is losing it, and is too old to serve any longer. When people were laid off because of COVID, she talked about sitting home eating her most expensive ice cream. Do you know how her husband got rich? Illegally! Then she has the nerve to talk about President Trump. Folks, we are going to be in trouble. It’s not because we will lose our insurance. It’s not because of abortion. It’s because we will no longer be a free nation. We will become a socialist country. Everything is free, but you will have nothing. Things will change and not for the good. You really don’t want to vote against President Trump, not this year. Kamala is not the woman for the job. She got nowhere on her own work and intelligence, she had Willie Brown, a married man, helping her get started. He gave her the first jobs she had. But basically she got to the top because she was willing to sleep her way there. Is that who you want running our nation? I don’t think so. I pray that if you don’t believe me, that someone does, and Biden and company don’t make it to the White House. I don’t want to see that happen, I don’t want to have the United States of America become a poor downtrodden country like the ones who have gone the Socialist route. Please think before you head toward the polls. Think it through, really think of the future and what could happen. It is the most important election we have had in a long long time. I pray that we don’t take our country to the wrong place, led by the wrong people. I pray that you think on these things.

    • The first question I would ask you if you saw that part, I didn’t and I watched a lot of it is: Who asked the question and how was it worded. I can’t believe you don’t think that the woman was brilliant. You are probably one of 1/2 a dozen. Every I have seen or heard from said she basically ate the dem’s lunch. Or she ran circles around them. My favorite was about Kamala Harris. “She could not cross examine her way out of a paper bag.” The reason, she wasn’t elected attorney general of CA because she was so smart, but because she had her boyfriend Willie Brown pushing for her election. You know how they are, anything to get his baby elected.

      I would love to see you answer all the stupid questions thrown at her for what, 9 or 10 hours per day. And they were so stupid. That is why I asked, who asked the question and how was it worded? It does make a difference.

  3. The majority if Ameticans are afraid of losing our freedoms. We are afraid of losing healthcare among other freedoms. It is a right, not a privilege for those that can afford it.

  4. The right won’t be satisfied until we all think the same thing. No thanks. We are still a free thinking society (for now), with many religions and many different cultures. Four more years of Individual 1’s domestic terrorism will put an end to that. I just want religion out of my government. We still (for now) have a separation of church and state. I have my own beliefs. Caring about others is a high priority. Believe what you want. Pray how you want. Practice your faith. Do not force it on me or force it into my government or Constitution. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn LETS not forget about her and her muslim b.s.
      And as I understand it from the liberal bias news it’s the Democrats bringing her religion into the hearings. And they are just afraid of losing their right to kill babies.

    • Religion is not in your government. Just because an individual chooses to pray in his office or read the Bible in his office. Or a Supreme Court Justice is a Christian, and prays, and goes to church, and would not personally have an abortion, does not mean she would vote against abortions. How many times does she have to say it. She goes by what the law says, not her personal beliefs. It’s just like President Trump, who is the leader of the free world, not individual 1. Here is a quote from Fact Check.org.
      “Former Vice President Joe Biden wrongly claimed President Donald Trump has “yet once to condemn white supremacy, the neo-Nazis.”
      Trump drew criticism for his condemnation of “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” after a rally organized by a white nationalist in Charlottesville in 2017, and for saying there were “very fine people on both sides.” But, contrary to Biden’s claim, the president twice specifically condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis, and he has repeated that condemnation since.”

      Biden and Harris lie to you people and you believe every word out of their mouths. ABi’m listening to Biden right now. I have two issues with speech he is giving. First, he brings up how he sat beside his son Bo, when he was dying. I think that is shameful, getting sympathy votes because of his deceased son. The second is that he brings up COVID. He says it’s all President Trump’s fault that over 200,000 have died in the USA. He seems to forget that he criticized the president for stopping flights from China, and was praised by the medical community for doing this when he was criticized so loudly by so many of the democratic party. Biden Forgets, Biden Lies. Now he says that if Trump did what he was supposed to, he would not have gotten COVID. What is the president supposed to do when leaders of other nations come to the White House. Say, “I’m sorry I must wear gloves to shake your hand and I must wear a mask.:\” What an insult that would be. I am sick and tired of you people squawking about the president catching COVID. To me it means he was doing his job, he was among the common everyday people, showing them that he is just like the rest of us who love America. Meanwhile, Joe hid in his basement for the longest time. When he came out, he was pale, disoriented, and could not finish a sentence very often. So please, enough alreadyl.,

      And just so you know, no one is forcing faith on anyone unless it is the ones who believe the Quran should be the law. Now, please be quiet until you know of what you speak. Listen to both sides instead of those you listen to only. Listen to the experts who will tell you about Biden’s health and Harris’ life and work. Trust me, you will learn a lot.

  5. When are you going to print an opinion from the other side? I guess we will never see it since in another article you are openly involving your paper in the actual process of casting doubt on our local August election. It is sad that political division and vendettas have come to Natchitoches.

    • LBD, we have Vicki speaking for the other side. May be a bit off the wall, but it is definitely the other or far side.

  6. Mr. Alexander, I always read your articles with interest. You always speak the truth. The truth the left does not want to hear. Keep speaking it. Our faith in God is what see us through these wicked times. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Royal Alexander. Again. The left wants to keep God out of public life. That includes wanting God out of our public schools and universities as well. As David Limbaugh writes: “And our universities continue to promote secular values with a vengeance.” If a Christian group desires a program for the university, many universities have been known to deny those requests, ending up in courtrooms with the students fighting for their constitutional religious rights.(Nick Sandmann- still being harassed for his religious beliefs and conservative ideals). Also, remember the movies “God Is NOt Dead, 1&2) Gay rights, feminism (has to do heavily with abortion), BLM are not concepts you can refuse on college campuses without consequences for faculty or students. NSU has one professor whose political views are downright hateful. If you have raised your child to be Christian and Republican, this professor will hate what your child stands for. Will probably be kept quiet and not affect the relationship with the student, but just knowing those radical views exist, is a concern. Listen people, please listen to what Royal has said in this post and all the others he has written. He is warning people over and over with the many reasons why you should change your political party, because the Left goes against the truth. His sources of information are the truth! The views of radical liberals ignore the constitution and, the presence God in our midst. These “progressives” are going to do everything in their power to change America forever.

    • OK, I’m gonna stop you right there, Old RN. I couldn’t get past the first few sentences of your post. Before you make a blanket statement about a group of people, you might want to expand the material you read on the internet. I am a member of the left, and before you lump me into a group of people you don’t seem to know much about, let me tell you something about Christianity in this country: Even if anyone wanted to get rid of faith or religion, it’s not gonna happen. Go back and read the First Amendment. We are all guaranteed the free exercise of religion.

      What you might be confused about is the phrase “make no law respecting the establishment of religion”. How would you like Congress to establish a religion for this country? Want it to be Christian? For argument’s sake, we’ll go with that. What flavor of Christianity shall it be? Catholicism? (of which Joe Biden is a member). I was brought up a Protestant. I don’t want any body telling me I have to pray to Mary. Lutheranism? I don’t believe God chooses who can be saved, but that we choose to be saved through acceptance of Christ as our savior (Otherwise, what’s the point of seeking God if you can’t be saved unless He chooses you?). Shall the established religion be Pentacostal? How would you like it if you couldn’t wear pants, or makeup, and never wear your hair down? Look at any denomination of Christianity, and you’ll find people who reject its tenets or practices. That’s why we have so many: Because there is no established religion in this country.

      As a member of the left, I am a vehement defender of our Constitution. I’m a feminist. It’s not all about abortion. It’s also about equal pay for equal work. You were a nurse, right? Did male nurses make more money than you based on their gender? I strongly believe you wouldn’t stand for that.

      I’d love to know the name of the professor at NSU who hates Christianity. What an interesting conversation we could have. That’s the great thing about higher education. You meet other people who have different points of view. Any intelligent student realizes she or he can choose to change their minds or not, no matter who they see or hear on campus.

      I have to stop reading this newspaper.

      • Students in a university can be easily manipulated, and bias can interfere with an evaluation of that student. If a professor is a hater of republicans, then that should be private. I did not say she hates Christianity. Just doesn’t want it in public. I don’t care whose religion someone is. They can believe anything they want. There is a freedom for people to express their views. That doesn’t mean I have to wear skirts. It is the loss of freedom for them to express their views on campuses around the globe that is of concern. . But the intolerant radical left, will cause you some serious damage in some instances, if you refuse to put a BLM sign on your door, or if your organization refuses to give contributions to BLM. As far as what salary a nurse makes or not, is up to the administration of the hiring facility. Many issues determine salary. Experience mainly, and competence. In all my many years, there has been little discrimination due to race, gender preference, male/female. it all depends on what you bring to the institution and maintain that has to do with salary and promotions as well. That is as it should be everywhere. Feminism just gets in the way and causes division in those paranoid enough to think it makes a difference. Same with race, or if gay. If you take good care of patients, that is all that counts. If you want more articles here on NPJ in favor of leftist views, then write one. Back it up with references and explain your views. It is a free country for anyone who wants to express their views.

        • You wrote, and this is a quote, “If you have raised your child to be Christian and Republican, this professor will hate what your child stands for.” So what if this professor doesn’t like religion to be in public? Isn’t your faith stronger than her opinion? What’s she going to do? Expressing her hatred of Republicans, Christians or any group is going to get her fired eventually. I’d be willing to bet she’s been told to stop saying things like that by the NSU administration or she’ll lose her job.

          I haven’t noticed students or faculty expressing their beliefs any less. In fact, I’ve noticed more students doing it, from wearing t-shirts, to holding public services (Like “Meet Me at the Pole Prayer Day). In this country, there will never be any loss of freedom to express one’s beliefs on campus. Too many people would raise an uproar. If it’s happening globally, then pray about it and send your offerings. Maybe if you do it enough, some country will change its laws on expressing religious beliefs.

          You say you don’t care what anybody’s religion is. But it sounds like you think people should have freedom to express only one set of beliefs: Yours. Would you be complaining about the left being intolerant of people expressing a religion like Islam? Buddism? Judaism? Hinduism?

          Show me what “serious damage” the left has caused anybody for not putting a BLM sign on their door or contributed to the BLM organization. If by serious damage you mean public criticism, then I’d say you care too much what other people think.

          So the field of nursing refuses to pay males more than females based solely on gender. Another quote from you: “In all my many years, there has been little discrimination due to race, gender preference, male/female.” Good for y’all, paying females and males the same when they are equal in experience, education, and skills. Most corporations don’t have such progressive views.

          You think I’m paranoid for thinking it makes a difference if a woman makes less money than a man if they both do the same job? If they have the same education, experience, and skills? Check some figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Women make less money than men do in thousands of jobs. If you do some research, you’ll find out that more women live in poverty than men. So yes, it does make a difference.

          I was just thinking about writing something for this paper last night. Maybe I will now that you’ve encouraged me.

          • There is a 380 page book by David Limbaugh titled “Persecution: How liberals are waging war against Christianity”. backed up with multiple references. The book tells what is happening all over the US in both public schools and universities. Recently, documented was a coach who took his BLM sign off his door. He lost his coaching job (but not his regular job) Another is the university where the student was relieved of his student government job because he did not want donations to go to BLM. And Nick Sandmann. But about women’s rights. I saw this a lot in other industries where women were discriminated from the 50’s to about 2000. But now, just look at the women in high positions: Supreme court, Natchitoches’ judges, doctors, researchers, company CEO’s, state, local, national government representatives, news anchors, talk show hosts, and many more. The issue is dying out. If women still make less that men, then that is sad, but maybe there are still some bigoted Archie Bunkers out there, but they seem to be what is dying out. And maybe not all women are able to produce ( this was evident in Nursing). That along with sexual abuses: thanks to the many women who have fought this inequity. But I think it is time to move on. I am sorry about your circumstances that you just revealed. I am not opposed to abortion for rape, incest or medical reasons in which the life of the mother is at risk. (remember Steel Magnolias: if she would have had an abortion, I think all would have had a better outcome). Or in a case where a woman’s circumstances are out of control. I once saw a 12 year old in labor. Supposed due to incest. Why in the world didn’t she have an abortion?) I am not in favor of extending abortion to birth like some have stated. After 5 months, the baby is too big and has a well developed pain response so that the procedure is much more barbaric than an early term abortion. So can you explain the opinion from the left about the US as a facisist society. Looked it up and it said is a dictatorship. I don’t see that. And Antifa as an antifascist group. My fear is the overthrow of this country. Have a good day.

          • Jade, you wrote “Show me what “serious damage” the left has caused anybody for not putting a BLM sign on their door….” Well, I can’t show or tell you about serious damage the left has caused by someone not putting a BLM sign on their door, but I can tell you a SERIOUS PROBLEM because someone took a sign off their door. A coach, and I’m sorry I was not in the room with the tv when I heard this, so I didn’t catch a name, lost his coaching job because he took a BLM sign off his door. Would you call this serious? I would. Why should he be fired because he took this sign down. If the school or school board put the sign up on his door, they were wrong. Do they not believe that white lives matter? Perhaps he was of the same mind set as I. I truly believe that black lives matter, but I do not believe in BLM. My thought, my teaching, my God and my church has taught me that all lives matter. ALL, not just some. We are commanded by Jesus to go and teach others about God. Now if others don’t want to listen, we are also told to turn and go away, leave them alone. So if anyone mentions God to you and you don’t want to hear, just tell them you don’t want to hear about God.

            As for professors hating Christians, you say that students should not be talking about God, or wearing Meet me at the Pole tee shirts. That is their right. They sometimes made fun of because they do try to follow the teaching of Jesus, and people laugh. I admire students that are showing that they are Christian. I can tell you that they don’t shove their beliefs in peoples’ faces, but often just their actions show the world that they trust in Jesus. We may not lose our freedom to wear our shirts, pray at the pole, and engage in activities that are centered around Christian beliefs, but trust me, they are persecuted. Maybe not in the way you think, but young people are being bullied for being Christian. That is wrong. That is one of our freedoms.

            I believe professors should not be teaching religion in class unless it is a religion class. We, as parents, don’t know what these profs believe, and personally don’t want our kids listening to a stranger teaching our kids who knows what. It like the professor at NSU is teaching that the riots are what it will take to make change in our land. It’s just wrong.

      • LJ, well said, A lot of people on the right aspire to be Little Trumps, I don’t think the left is anti-Christianity. Or, for that matter, anti-Catholic. The main conflict is the veiled abortion issue. Some faiths (Catholic and Protestant) forbid abortion – period. For those antiabortionists who believe in the death penalty, being “Pro-life” is a real conflict of beliefs.

        Abortion is a tricky issue. Some say that God created all lives. So, did God create the life of a baby who was conceived when a father molested his daughter? Should the daughter be obligated to have that child? I don’t think so. If a child is conceived during a rape, should the victim of that horrendous crime be forced to have that baby and live with that trauma the rest of her life? I hope not. Should a woman whose life is threatened by giving birth be forced to give birth anyway? No.

        I find that most of those who argue about abortion have not personally experienced the situation. It is a MAJOR, complicated decision with permanent results. I’m sure that there are many “liberal” women (even pro-choice) who have decided to to have babies under difficult circumstances. They know that a new life inhabits their body, and they want to give that little organism a chance at life. I guess that is a “pro-life” decision, huh?

        I disagree with Judge Barrett on many issues. I don’t disagree with her being Christian, Catholic or whatever. That is her constitutional right. And her moral, even radical right if it works for her. However, I don’t believe that she, or anyone else, has the right to inflict religious beliefs on others. In this country, there must be room for many different beliefs.

        • I was dedicated to being pro-life for a long time. Then I found myself facing a very unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. I realized then that my body is my own. No man could possibly understand what it’s like to be pregnant, much less pregnant when you don’t want a child. So why should male lawmakers get to decide what I can and can’t do with my body? That I have to be a vessel for a fetus for 9 months of my life; that I have to quit college and live with my family’s daily reminder that I’m the mother of am illegitimate baby? Of course, that was in the 80’s. Things are different now. But being a mother is hard. No one should have to be one if she’s not ready or doesn’t want to be one.

          This BS with the Barrett decision… it’s a waste of time. Even if a conservative Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, there’ll be another case to bring the abortion issue back to the SCOTUS. Abortion won’t be completely outlawed. States still have the right to make laws of their own about it. There will always be a need for abortions, like in cases of incest, rape or medical need, and people fighting to keep them legal.

        • Lady Jade/Richard Rose. The point I need to make is this: It is the hate that radical Democrats have toward people of the republican party.. Just knowing there are people who hate republicans is painful. I am afraid to wear a Trump political pin. Just knowing a professor can hold negative feelings in their heart. Just knowing that person hated my child and me for the way I raised him. That is very painful. I am tired of all the hate about trump: having to endure 2 years of painful actions about Russian Collusion, then the impeachment was hard to take in. Now BLM rioting and destroying businesses, trying to blind police officers, whose actions are nothing but hate, and people thinking it is ok to hate and then to defund our police so there is little law and order. Then the name calling and insults: I am a fascist. I am a racist, I am against women’s rights, I don’t want people to get government checks for a living (no, I think getting a job is far more important for people to have rather than a crippling empty government check). Then the hate of saying I should not cash my SS check. Well for 40 years, I paid for others who could not work or get a job, provided food stamps, etc, and never complained. Now that I can no longer work, I don’t deserve my check but should be homeless digging in garbage cans? That is so hurtful. You have a job Mr. Rose? Are you better off with it? So I give up. I need to stay away from politics. It has been a real trip trying to show people what they are doing to Republicans, and to this country. It really doesn’t matter who wins as Democrats are in such control already. Just take it all. And God help us!

          • I received a little video on FB the other day. It was taken in what looked to be a high school hallway, and there were two students involved. A young man was wearing one of President Trump’s baseball caps. A girl walked up to him and yanked his cap off and started calling him names, ugly, vulgar names. Screaming at the top of her voice the vile words. He held on tight to the hat she was trying to take, and calmly kept saying give me my cap. She only screamed more. Finally she walked up close to him and spit right in his face. I was horrified. He kept holding his hat, so that horrid mess stayed on his face. He was for the reelection of President Trump, and she, a young liberal, could not stand it. I ask you, who was the bully here?

            So you want to tell me who can deal with things and who cannot. It seems to me that I hear liberals talking about how conservatives want to make them into carbon copies of ourselves. I’ll tell you now, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t care what you believe, but you are wrong if you believe it’s ok for the young ones coming up in the liberal party to destroy statues, to burn buildings, murder people, riot in the streets, kill policemen, or harass conservatives, Republicans, CHRISTIANS. You say that Christians are not persecuted, but you are wrong. At one point during the Obama years, they wanted Bibles taken out of hotel rooms. Now if I saw a magazine from say the Muslims, I would probably look through it and put it back, and never think anymore about it. It’s just in the drawer, it’s my choice to look or not look. Yet, liberals demand that Bibles be removed. How did it hurt you? Truly, I’m disgusted with all of it. You don’t believe anything any conservative says, yet you speak only the truth. How about realizing that Republicans are good people. Liberals are good people if they are honest and don’t try to change the truth, and stop with the hate. I do not understand the hate.

            Oh yes, as for the professor that hates Christianity, yep, they are there. There is also one that told a class that the riots happening now, and all the evil that goes with it, is the only way to bring change to the USA. There has to be riots and killing to make people listen and understand. A certain mom is ready to take her freshman out of the class. My thought is let her take it while she has someone around her who can tell her the truth of the riots. If she leaves home then gets a professor like that, she won’t have family around to tell her it’s all wrong, she will be influenced by a liberal who believes riots, murder, burning, killing is olk. What a horrible world this can be when we have professors who don’t teach their subject, but instead try to influence young people.

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