Natchitoches Voters: Request for Signatures

The Natchitoches Parish Journal (“NPJ“) obtained information regarding potential irregularities in the absentee ballot application process during the August 15, 2020 runoff election in the City of Natchitoches, Parish of Natchitoches.

This election had an absentee ballot application period ending on Tuesday, August 11 at 4:30 pm.

After a review of the Secretary of State listings of mail-in ballots with local candidates, it became apparent that the NPJ needed to request additional information in order to try and address the apparent irregularities.

On October 4, 2020, the NPJ served a request upon Mrs. Kathrin W. Holden, the Natchitoches Parish Registrar of Voters, pursuant to Louisiana Public Records Act Section 44:1 et seq. (Attached)

A reply from Mrs. Holden dated October 7, 2020 stated that, pursuant to La R.S. 18:154, we must obtain signatures of at least 25 qualified voters of the Parish in order to fulfill such a request. (Attached)

See  Page ONE of the List of Voters by Mail during the election. (Attached) 
– Full list attached below

See copy of all Absentee by Mail Ballot Applications used during the election.  (Attached)

At the State’s request, we are hereby soliciting City of Natchitoches registered voters

Please contact the NPJ as soon as possible in order to provide your signature to assist in this request.

NPJ incoming phone:  318-354-4000 #222

NPJ Hotline number:  318-500-3366

NPJ email address:

The NPJ needs 23 more signatures to complete this request.

20 thoughts on “Natchitoches Voters: Request for Signatures

  1. Funny..repubs are afraid of mail in voting this year in particular. Why?..because Individual 1 is behind in most polls, regularly. They’ve had no problem before. In 2014 Corey Gardner won his seat in CO by mostly mail in voting. Individual 1 has voted by mail for at least a decade, even trying to vote in NY after moving to FL. Others in this badministration have also voted by mail for years. Afraid? You bet they are. Plenty of Repubs running for Senate seats are finally trying to distance themselves from this insanity, not even mentioning him in their ads. Too late. He mocks Christians. He lies multiple times daily, over 20,000 lies and “misrepresentations” just since he’s been disgracing our White House. He is a super spreader all by his little covid self. He is only about the stock market, not about people, Americans. Truth is the stock market will do better with Biden in the White House. Look it up. Moody’s has even reported that America will do better under Biden’s plan than Covid Donnie’s.
    I hope everyone will wear their mask, stay well and Vote like your life depends on it. It does.

  2. I’ll bet it has to do with irregularities in voting. Why does there have to be a motive except to make sure things are done honestly and aboveboard. We have read a lot about this happening nationwide. Ballots dumped, people who are deceased mailing in ballots, people who no longer live at an address voting. I really have no problem with anyone verifying voting records, in fact I wish more mail in votes were verified. I don’t understand why some people have a problem with it. Kind of like the kid who is cheating on a test in school who does not want the teacher to walk by and catch them cheating. The kids who aren’t don’t care where the teacher walks.

    Me thinks some folks protest too much!

  3. If getting to the bottom of voter fraud or even “irregularities” is an agenda then we need more of same. Elections have consequences but sure as hell should be run fairly. If even one vote is illegal then that is one too many. It is silly to cast aspersions on the effort to investigate this besides if there is no fraud or irregularities then what does it hurt? For your information the date for contesting the latest round of election results is past.

  4. Um, NPJ, aren’t you violating someone’s privacy by publishing the names of these voters and their addresses? Why are you calling these people out just because they voted by mail? If there are irregularities, then those should be addressed, but if you’d have put my name and address in your paper, you’d be hearing from my attorney.

    • This information is public record listed on the La Secretary of State’s office website. If you don’t want your information listed publicly then you shouldn’t register to vote.

      • So if I ticked off a drug dealer, he or she could find out where I live on the La Secretary of State’s website? I’m going to check that out for myself. Been wanting to locate my husband’s girlfriend.

      • Jade, you start being a little upset because names and addresses were listed and mentioning that if they list you, you will be contacting your attorney.

        Then wow if a drug dealer were looking for you, but I know you were being a little sarcastic, weren’t you? You can never be sure about these comments. Does your husband really have a girlfriend and you’re looking for her?

        Then, you know it’s a vague story. You just are going along with the crowd, right. Oh wait there’s another……

        There’s an agenda here.

        So which do you really believe, not even counting the first two? Is it vague or an agenda? Or I guess it could be a vague agenda. Maybe,

        • Actually I’m more concerned about my ex-husband’s girlfriend finding me. And, yes, I’ve called the police about drug and dog-fighting activities in this city. I sure don’t want any of those people showing up at my door.

          If you think the story isn’t vague, then perhaps you don’t understand what “vague” means. And if you knew me, you’d know I intentionally go against the crowd as often as I can. I have a Socratic streak.

          Finally, everyone has an agenda. It’s human nature. Everyone has a reason for doing what she or he does. I don’t assume anybody, especially reporters for a newspaper, want to know something just out of curiosity. If a reporter is asking for information, it’s because she or he thinks there’s a story there, and if the reporter adds in letters to and from public officials, more people will want to keep reading the newspaper to see how it all plays out.

    • I’ll bet it has to do with people who didn’t like the outcome of those elections and now want some sort of recount.

      • Oops, I missed one. But I’m thinking that someone suspected that there was the usual cheating, got tired of it, and decided to investigate. Why can’t some people realize if there are riots in cities with looting, burning & shooting, there just could possibly be cheating in votes cast?

        I remember now, there are no riots, just peaceful demonstrations. There is another great part of that story, the sociocratic VP candidate is looking to her supporters for bail money to get these thugs, oops er uh peaceful demonstrators out of jail. I wonder if she asked her old sugar daddy, Mrs Brown’s husband, Willie Brown, to contribute. Probably not, he’s afraid he will have to leave the country if she is elected.

        He must know the reason Nancy brought up #25, declaring a president unfit medically to stay in office. You know what she’s planning, I hope. Harris will become our first socialist president and will rename the party the sociocrats. Then what she has wanted for years & years, Nancy Pelosi will become Vice-President. Then I’m sure Bernie, aol, and the other nut will become the cabinet. Don’t laugh, it could happen. Why do you think Nancy said, “It’s not about Trump.”

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