By Tommy Rush

I took a drive in the country this past Monday to look at a tractor that a man had listed for sell. It was a foggy morning and the roads were not familiar to me. It’s hard enough to find the right road and make the right turn when you’ve never been to the place you’re going, but when you add the fog it’s almost impossible.

Have you ever noticed how foggy mornings tend to make the start of the day a bit depressing? When the day starts with fog, we tend to think the whole day is going to be gray. But seldom does the fog lasts past mid-morning. This past Monday, the fog was completely gone by 9 a.m. and the day turned out to be pretty awesome!

You know fog develops in the night when there is no sun out to warm the air and evaporate all the moisture. Sometimes the fog is so thick it takes longer into the morning for the sun to evaporate it, but no matter how thick the fog, the sun seems to always moves it out.

Sometimes I allow fog to develop in my heart. When the fog of a negative attitude or critical spirit sets in, it’s just as difficult to navigate or get anything accomplished during the day. Maybe you know what I’m talking about from your own experience with personal fog. It’s never a good thing to start the day by allowing the fog of complaining and worry to roll in and turn your day gray. I know because I’ve personally experienced it. But when my day begins with fog, I try to remember that a rising sun always wins the day!

The sun that burns off the fog of negativism and gloom is called giving thanks. When gratitude rises in our heart, it has a way of lifting the fog no matter how thick it may be. Gratitude burns off the fog when you make a decision to focus today on what you have rather than what you don’t have. To focus on what is, rather than what isn’t. For me, praise and gratitude rises best when I focus on what God has been doing in my life, rather than focusing on what I want Him to do, when I concentrate on the answered prayer, rather than on the not yet answered prayer. It’s always amazing how a foggy morning can turn out to be a really beautiful day!

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  1. I believe you mean “for sale”, not “for sell”. Thanks for a reminder to concentrate on the positive.

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