Parish Government to hold town hall meetings to discuss bid for road pulverization

The Parish Council recently approved a bid for the pulverization of select roads in the Parish. Natchitoches Parish President will be conducting town hall meetings to discuss the project with residents before work begins.

There will be two meetings held TODAY, Friday, October 23:

– Meeting 1 will be at the town hall in Ashland at 5:00p.m.
– Meeting 2 will be at the pavilion next to the town hall in Goldonna at 6:30p.m.

All residents interested in learning more about the road pulverization project are encouraged to attend.

Specific roads approved to be pulverized are:

– Albritton Road – Goldonna Road
– Bumgarner Road – Government Road
– Central Loop – Hart Road
– Central Street – Janie-Gorum Road
– Clark Loop – Lake Gorum Road
– Freeman Loop – Mathis Road
– Rawls Loop

16 thoughts on “Parish Government to hold town hall meetings to discuss bid for road pulverization

  1. Mr Kilcoyne, there are reasons some people cannot attend meetings. I am one whose good health seems to be in the past. I have been told that contracting COVID could be a death sentence. The only way I have of fighting wrongs as I see them, is with letters on public forums to call attention to the problems to those who don’t know what is going on. There is nothing wrong with writing letters on public forums. Your statement that I should be doing more was not well thought out. As you advised me to verify my facts, I would advise you to think of all the elderly in our parish and understand that not everyone can do a lot physical work or activity. We can make our concerns known, but we really do have to let someone else do the leg work.

    You answered part of my question rather quickly and I appreciate that. Are those two men so busy that they couldn’t answer the questions I had back then. I feel that it just didn’t matter to either one of them. As a parish resident I don’t matter. That, along with behavior that was appalling and an arrest shortly thereafter, I am fairly sure that I know who I won’t be voting for in the next election for Parish President. There are others on the parish council that need to be gone. I will do as I have done in the past and ask questions, and I will always expect an answer. When I don’t get an answer, it makes me very suspicious. As for getting the facts, it is sometimes difficult when the good old boys seem to hide the facts from us. I believe a good council person should make an effort to keep the people of his district informed of things that are happening in the parish. I don’t think that is asking too much of you.

    • Fair enough. I meant “people” in general and not necessarily those who cannot attend meetings for sound reasons. I apologize for my misstep. The fact is, except for a couple of people, quite literally, no one shows up at council meetings to express in a civil, but forceful way, the desire to change the “business as usual” in favor of fixing the roads. What happens instead is requests are referred to the Highway Department to go out sooner, rather than later, and fix whatever road is being addressed. By the way, in no way am I impugning the good people in our Highway Department. They work hard and do what they can under the circumstances.

      I have pledged to be as transparent as possible. This site, the NPJ, offers a good means for information to be shared. There are Facebook pages as well where people express opinions and ask questions. All of that is wonderful, but cannot be the sole means of communicating.. All of the council members meet with constituents as often as possible. Person to person conversations. especially on the ground at the problem spot, often does the most good.

      And I suppose the media can be a little more proactive and ask direct questions of office-holders, such as why did you vote that way. etc… Yeah, I am opening myself up to more scrutiny too, true!

    • You have a choice. Continue with the federal govt you elected and ignore the virus or vote for change. You can talk talk talk or get up and do something. Get adults and integrity, truth back in our White House and let those adults finally start to handle this oh so dangerous and very deadly virus. Vote as if your life depends on it. It does. Wear a mask and stay well.

  2. Jim one more thing! Why doesn’t the parish enter into one of these comparative endeavors with the city have the money come to the parish? The city gets the bulk of that dollars and when they have a little found money they just build another walking park or buy more plants to decorate front street. But yet the parish is responsible for buildings and other responsibilities in town. And they enter into one for 3 million plus to redo the river bank. Just wondering!

    • The parish, the city, the Sheriff’s Dept, the School Board, etc..all line up at the trough to get our share of revenue. Some of it comes from property tax, some from sales tax, and there are other sources for each entity. Some of this allocation is based on what voters passed and some of it is determined by Baton Rouge. But there is no “cross over” and certainly no “taking” of funds by one entity from another. Meaning, the city does NOT take money earmarked for the parish.. period. And I am referring specifically to what the parish government, the council and the office of the president, has “control” over.

      To be honest, I don’t know enough about the CRWC to comment, really. I just know for now 10.8 miles of parish road is going to be fixed, and the way things are, that is good news.

      Here’s what I do know for sure. The Parish Government gets a certain amount of revenue and we are charged with managing that money while meeting all of our obligations. Looks like, based on projections, our 2021 budget will be about $16 million, of which over $12 million is spoken for via mandates and legal obligations. The parish library gets the single largest share of it…but voters voted that way, the most recent time being 2017 when the library renewal passed, for another 10 years. The parish council is literally FIVE people i.e. FIVE votes, yet thousands of votes are cast and then the FIVE council ,members get blamed. Amazing. Let me add, I support the parish library and want to see it continue. I just think they can function on less money.

      Back to the parish council, We do what we can with what we have. Right now we are “scrubbing the budget” trying to free-up as much money as possible. Of course, sometimes the council generally agrees, and sometimes the council is split on a cost-saving measure.

      • What do you consider cross over? When you have millions of tax dollars given to other areas AND not used for what it was intended for.
        Now if a state imposed dedicated tax can be raided spent on something it was not intended for without the vote of they people, why can’t the others be touched or donated from that account?
        Like I said it can be done but its going to take work. A dedicated tax just means it going to take dedication to the issues to have it changed!
        My proof is the deals made by the CRWC,the parish and the city!
        Would still like to see your thoughts on my plan to get rid of the totally useless CRWC! Which I’ll say again will free up a lot of money!

        • By “cross over” I mean there’s isn’t a fund whereby both the city and the parish can draw from and the city is getting more. There is no such fund.

          Yes, it is true the CRWC has “donated” money to fix some roads, but that came only after they were able to secure an opinion (from the AG I would guess) stating it was within the scope of their charter.

          Parish president John Richmond is seeking other cooperative endeavors. At this point, even as we explore other options and alternatives, it represents the parish’s best hope at some immediate funding for our roads.

          Other matters, such as the elimination of the CRWC, is beyond the authority of the parish council, but I am willing to investigate what would need to be done, if it is even possible. But I can tell you it will take a grassroots’ movement to at least put pressure on our state representatives to pursue the matter. Otherwise they will simply say “there is no appetite for it.” Which is code for they don’t think there are enough voters to affect their re-election bid.

          • Thank you the feedback! I agree with your opinion on the CRWC theirs not enough people that are willing to stand up and voice their opposition against the commission even if they see the numbers including our legislators.

      • Agree. It is absurd that the library gets more money than any other taxpayer funded entity in the parish. What were you people thinking when you voted to renew the tax. They have more money in the bank than some entities get in a year. Wake up Natchitoches Steel Magnolias was just a movie.

  3. Jim the CRWC gets millions of dollars a year and couldn’t manage a snow cone stand with it! They have a roughly 9 millon dollar pumping station that has been in the works for years and still doesn’t work. They will tell you it’s in ligations and that’s all! They have their 3 hundred thousand dollar playhouse where they hold their monthly meeting and store a boat! Now on the other hand Sibley Lake the cities water source has a boat house! If there’s a commission I assume they have meetings and would probably use the court house or something like that.
    In the past the the river had a boat house located on the down town river bank, patrols and up keep of the river and we didn’t have half the problems the river has now.
    Go to the state show them the numbers! Disband the the council absorb the assets. Continue the tax,it produces more then enough to maintain the needs of the river and what’s left over goes (dedicated) to the roads looks like it’s going there anyway all you’re doing is taking out a wasteful middle man. You will have even more funds available for what the state imposed tax was created for and for roads! No new tax,cut waste,more funds. Find someone that can understand,write and follow a budgeting plan!
    It can be done but those involved will say it can’t! What they’re really saying is can’t be done without stepping on toes!

    • Bermuda Road is scheduled to be resurfaced in conjunction with the Cane River Waterway Commission’s cooperative endeavor. I am not sure of the time table for it, as work is about to commence on Fish Hatchery Road.

      • So the cooperative endeavor was a go. More tax money not going where intended or what it was intended for!
        That’s find the road needs to be fixed!
        But the people need to see where EVERY PENNY IS BEING SPENT!
        Jim you wonder why people won’t vote for a new road tax! This is why!
        I and I know there others that want an itemized list for every cent!
        Last question with there be a new subdivision spring up about the time the project is completed?

        • The two men standing on the bank of the Cane that day this deal was announced had me believing from that moment that it was a shady deal. First, the Waterway Commission should not be building or repairing new roads. It is not their job, nor is it their money to do with as they wish. Both men I believe know this. Second, one man is named Rhodes, so I, too, wonder at his reason for wanting these particular roads made new again. Is there a prime bit of land down the river that a certain real estate company wants to develop since the deal on Williams & St Maurice fell through. That is my biggest concern, but there is a third concern. A conflict, as a member of the Water Commission lives on Bermuda Rd. If she is not on the commission now, she was at the time the deal was made.

          I asked at that time that Mr Richmond and Mr Rhodes address the concerns I have and many others possibly have. Of all the terrible roads in the parish, why pick these two. I would like an answer. It truly feels like the people of the parish are being hoodwinked again. But you can count on a loud outcry if a subdivision goes up down on the Cane or if things that the money should have been spent on goes undone.

          I’m tired of Good Old Boys having their political meetings and making shady deals in the back offices where nobody knows what the devil is going on. I know a lot of people feel the same. We want honesty in our government officials, and I’m at the point where I’m ready to take notes and name names.

          • I understand and share your concerns. When people (taxpayers) express frustration about how government operates, believe me, I am right there with you. But I am also a pragmatist, and in this case, there is an opportunity to get 10.8 miles of lousy parish roads fixed. As I understand it, and I may be wrong, it was the state that established the Cane River Waterway Commission and then charged that parish taxpayers fund it (the state may also provide funding, I am not sure). Of course it is ALL taxpayer money!

            The CRWC has “gotten permission” from the state to fix roads that provide access to the Cane River and are service roads for it. Bermuda, Fish Hatchery, and then later on Patrick Road and others will be addressed. To me, again as a pragmatist, I see this as a good use of parish taxpayer money…fixing parish roads!

            I have said I will not support any effort to raise taxes until we, in the parish government, “scrub our budget” looking for cost-savings. That is being done. There are laws and mandates and other considerations that factor in, and it is not simply a matter of the parish council cutting this and cutting that. Then, there is disagreement amongst council members on some of the proposed cuts. But, that is how representative government is supposed to work.

            I can only encourage people to get involved, and that is doing a lot more than just posting comments on social media outlets. I have nothing to hide as I try to be as transparent as possible (yes, sometimes there are issues in legal litigation that we are not allowed to speak of publicly and/or are in discussion and may not come to fruition). So, if you are “ready to take notes and name names” bring it on. I welcome it, actually. Just be mindful to verify your facts.

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