Drums Along the Cane!

By Kevin Shannahan

Kevin’s Gallery

The Drumline from the NSU Spirit of Northwestern Band was joined by the NSU Steel Drum Band in a concert before a delighted audience on the downtown riverbank stage Friday, October 23. Many of the audience members were community members and visitors who found a bit of serendipity on a Friday night. The drumline played a variety of pieces that they normally perform at Demon football games, while the Steel Drum Band played several songs with a Caribbean theme.

The COVID pandemic has affected every aspect of life at NSU and the band is, unfortunately, no exception. The student musicians all wore masks, and the drumline was divided into two parts to keep the numbers within the rules. None of the restrictions has any effect on the quality of the concert’s music.

The concert was the inaugural one for the NSU Steel Drum Band. They were formed less than a year ago after an Dr. Oliver Molina landed a grant from the State Board of Regents to fund the purchase of the instruments. The new band was quite a hit with the audience as they brought a carefree island atmosphere to a year that has been anything but carefree. One of the unique aspects of the Steel Drum Band is that one does not have to be a member of the Spirit of Northwestern Band or even a music major, to join., Any student willing to learn and put in the work is welcome.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes to thank the NSU Drumline and Steel Drum Band for a delightful evening. We would also like to commend you for your hard work and refusal to let the COVID epidemic stop over 100 years of tradition and superb music. We all look forward to the day when the band will once again add fun to NSU football games. Until then, Fork ‘em Demons!