A Tale of Two Americas

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

This election provides us with a choice as profound as it is clear: do we want America to remain America?

Do we wish to remain a nation that is governed by a constitution and adheres to a rule of law? Should we fight for and cling to the numerous, and rare, individual rights and liberties guaranteed to us; Do we continue to protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion and religious expression; do we really believe in the 2nd Amendment and the individual right to keep and bear arms; do we still believe that our life, liberty and property cannot be denied us without due process of law—while we are presumed innocent.

Should we citizens defer to government, or is government supposed to be responsive to us; do we preserve a limited federal government with specific, enumerated powers that governs only with our consent, or a socialist model of the kind we’ve seen fail throughout history in so many places; do we believe we know best how to run—and are better at running—our lives, as well as our families and our children’s lives than the government is, or do we cede those rights of self-determination to government bureaucrats, social engineers and the ever-encroaching tentacles of the “nanny” state.

Should we pay exorbitantly higher taxes to the federal government—a government that cannot even fully block robocalls—because if we do it will somehow be able to control the warming and cooling of the earth; do we allow abortion on demand, along with the violation of conscience entailed in using the tax dollars of we who are deeply opposed to the barbaric procedure, to pay for them; do we want a vigorous oil and gas industry—even as we continue to move toward renewable energy sources—so that we are not foolishly reliant on oil from hostile foreign governments.

Do we believe that massive new taxes, regulation and a restricted, managed form of capitalism are necessary to provide our best life and society, or do we wish for a vibrant free-market economy where we may pursue our dreams of small business ownership; do we want the public schools to educate our children, or to indoctrinate them.

Do we want the best, highest-quality health care in the world, or do we turn the critical provision of health care over to government agencies and bureaucrats who are often more concerned with limiting and rationing care than with whether we are healed and cured; do we want to live under a government—as we’ve graphically witnessed this year—that defunds the police and tacitly condones violence, looting and destruction of property, or do we desire a society that is based upon law and order and a democratic process through which to seek lasting social change.

Do we seek a society filled with free and robust speech, press, petition and peaceful assembly, or the kind of country in which Political Correctness and Groupthink get us shouted down and cowed by threats of one kind or another when we seek to express the truth and our beliefs in relation to it.

We repudiated and defeated communism in the last century. It’s precursor, Socialism, is also a dark and hopeless ideology. Today, desperate, freedom-seeking people all over the world continue to perilously strap themselves and their families onto “boats” consisting of broken boards and logs, buoyed by empty plastic milk jugs, risking their lives in the hope of reaching America. They are fleeing Socialism. Why would we even conceive of granting it a stronghold here?

Do we desire a country in which elites rule, or one in which any child, of any faith, background or upbringing may grow up to be president, or anything else they dream of, pray and work for?

Do we seek a society based upon “critical race theory” that has as its foundation the belief that every societal flaw stems from American sexism, racism or some other form of prejudice or “systemic bias”; or, one in which were are judged not “by the color of our skin but by the content of our character”?

Do we want an admittedly imperfect country that never stops seeking to improve itself, or one in which social and cultural change is impossible because the ruling elite—our “government”—has arrogantly assumed it “knows better” than we, the unenlightened, the rubes, deplorables, or “maggots” as Keith Olbermann said about Trump supporters.

We should pray and vote to have America remain America.

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20 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Americas

  1. So woefully uninformed former Repubs.. they continue to believe the lies “conservative” snooze channels put out. Of course they focus on the out of control domestic terrorism but sadly misplace blame to citizens protesting rather than the radicals in their own party hellbent on destruction of all that is America. The major focus needs to be on Covid Covid Covid. It is slowly, efficiently infecting and killing Americans at a rapid pace while this badministration watches. He knew how deadly it was in the first part of the year. He told Bob Woodward that. No plan. It’s a hoax. It all be gone by Easter, when the weather gets warmer, by Memorial Day, by the 4th of July, soon.. Jared bragged to Bob Woodward in April (I think) that Individual 1 (eventually to be known as Covid Donnie) has regained control of the virus from the doctors. That he owns the reopening. Too selfish and unable to admit hewas deadly wrong about it all.

  2. As an Independent I would like to know what happened to the America that existed the week after 9/11? We was the UNITED STATES then! What are we now?

    • To many have forgotten! Just look at some of the people we are sending to Washington. And then you have democratic lead bias media starting in the obama administration dividing the country racially. LIBERALS IN ANY FORM.
      That’s just for starters!

  3. Thank you Royal for continuing your articles. It is a great addition to the NPJ. In listening to a podcast by James Lindsay on New Discourses, he is a Libertarian and never voted for a Republican until now. He gave a very lengthy talk about the reasons he came to the decision that he had to vote for Trump. To paraphrase his conclusion, Trump is Pro America, he loves America. Biden is controlled by a movement against America. I agree, and it is worth listening to.

  4. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell
    “This election provides us with a choice as profound as it is clear: do we want America to remain America?” Royal Alexander
    “We should pray and vote to have America to remain America.” Royal Alexander
    Indeed.. speak the truth. Speak out loud and long against the lies, corruption, racism, and the total unwillingness of this badministration to even try to control Covid19. Covid covid covid is killing Americans and all Individual 1 will do is laugh at it. He continues to hold his lying rabble rousings and in the process, the covid cases rise in those states afterwards. Very telling.
    “Particularly now, we have an obligation to speak the truth about what we are seeing, and we must do so in order to preserve the America we love.” Royal Alexander
    Wear a mask. Stay well. And vote. Vote as if your life depends on it. It does.

    • 3% percent die! More are dying from suicide, drug overdose, despair, depression, and loneliness because of this shutdown! 99.9% of children get over it! This is all about politics!

  5. Why does the NPJ waste time giving this failed Shreveport politician a column? He couldn’t even run effective political campaigns in his own district so now he’s here moralizing to us common folk about what’s best for everyone? Sad.

  6. Thank you Mr. Alexander! When I take my Faith into consideration the choice is obvious. As an Evangelical Christian I want a President who is Pro-Life; Pro-Family: and Pro-Christian Church. Only one of the candidates gives me all three. The Faith perspective is always very clear.
    Ron Brown

  7. Mr. Alwxander, thank you for this article. I believe we are choosing between the America we grew up in, with all it’s freedoms, and socialism. One has only to talk to people who have lived under socialism to know how bad it is. Read about Venzuela – I have friend, an American, who lived there and did well until socialism took over. It took him 2 or 3 years to get permission for he and his wife to come back to America. So many don’t understand what we would be giving up if we elect Biden/Harris.

  8. Mr. Alexander, thank you for your article. You sure can yank their chains. Like MEWHP, I am very concerned for our country and ourselves. I pray every day to God that he will help our country and allow Mr. Trump to be elected once again.

  9. I do agree with most of what Rep alexander said, however Health care for all is what Christ would have. a Nun once said, i would not touch that for 1,000, and neither would she. I do hear that insured Humana clients are kicked out of care quicker than ones on medicare. so maybe we should moderate. sonny

  10. These things are the reason this election is so very important. I think I am more nervous over this 2020 election than any I have voted it. It is not because of things that some people mention, like women’s right to choose abortion, or gun control or education. It’s about whether we want to become a socialist nation or remain the country with a constitution that guarantees us certain freedoms. And if anyone thinks that voting for the Biden/Harris ticket will give us a better country, they are so sadly mistaken. It terrifies me that the Democrats will take the White House. Nancy Pelosi has already given us a very good indication when she stood before the House and told them to be there for they were were going to discuss #25, then she hurriedly said this is not about Trump. She wanted them to know that it had nothing to do with Trump, but it was to discuss how to get a sitting president out of office if he should become too ill, mentally or physically, to govern the country. Notice that I said mentally. Now old Joe is not doing very well mentally, and they will want him as our president because then Kamala can step in and run our country. I’m not sure you have noticed, since some seem to have blinders on, but she is one of the most Socialist members of the Senate, other than Bernie. If she becomes president, the Speaker of the House will become Vice President, and that would be a disaster. Nancy Pelost. We would be saying Madam Vice-President to someone who should not even be a member of the House of Representatives. Two hard leftists would be the government of the USA. A Socialist and a woman who would follow her and do exactly as she is told. We would no longer be America, land of the Free. We have changed drastically in 2020, when COVID hit our country. Maybe COVID is showing us that church isn’t that important, that we don’t need to go. Schools are so-so. Taxes will be so high, so that illegals can be supported. Gasoline tax will be so high that most of us, if we still own a car, cannot afford to go anywhere. Your life will change, drastically. There is a plan to do away with single family homes and construct high-rise apartments for all of us. Our medical insurance will be very affordable. In one country, if the sheets were not really soiled, the nurses would simple turn them over for the next patient. Is this really what you want. Most socialist countries are in big trouble. Do we want our country to be a country that must have other countries helping us because we cannot stand alone? Do you want to be another Venezuela? We will have China helping us, and you know that won’t be good.

    So as you go to vote, don’t think of whether you happen to like one man more than the other. One is a smooth talker, but his mind is going, he thinks he is running against George, or he thinks Trump is running for a 3rd term. He is a man who is ill, and I feel for him, as I think he is being used. Then there is all this stuff about his son and the big guy, a lot of illegal things happening there. What have Joe and Hunter been involved in. He is the one who could be elected, then removed from office. The other man is rough around the edge and they have looked for collusion with Russia and it’s not there, Two years and millions of dollars later, they find nothing, yet still they want to impeach. They found nothing. But the best thing about Trump, he is for America, there is no chance that he wants a Socialist country. We would not have that worry hanging over our heads. With Biden, we get Kamala and that is dangerous.

    So think very carefully about the future when you enter that voting booth. Our freedom depends on it!

    • MEWHP … not that’s some ridiculous bs .. but let me say this first .. I don’t pander to any political party or person. Both party’s are CORRUPT AS HELL and have contributed greatly to the destruction of our democracy. The last four years have been like a vaudeville side show lead by one of the most morally corrupt Presidents ever. I like everyone else even with doubts and concerns about Trump gave him the benefit , only because there were people in government along with congress that would keep his ass in line . Trump has always been a lowlife egomaniac, even with all his money he is no better than the snake oil salesman knocking on your door. The damage to this country runs deep as exhibited in your post. We the PEOPLE and everyone’s personal interests is what has MADE AMERICA GREAT. Our differences is our ABSOLUTE strength . We are a decided nation , close to the breaking of our democracy. Trump sold the base negatives in his call of MAGA.. and boy did y’all come out of the closet. Truth is if we continue on this course we will devolve into the same stupid state that led to the Civil War . The only difference is that while we are fighting, RUSSIA is gonna side and it’s the absolute end of the USA.. Biden is not the greatest and the bs about Hunter and China is convenient bs from Trump. Trump on the other hand has leveraged himself well , in Israel, the Arab Emirates, in Turkey , North Korea and in Russia.

      • Cudos to you Mr. White!!! I couldn’t said it better, especially the part about MAGA and to see real racism when they got permission to show their real color. Anybody believe all the BS Trump spews is in for a rude awakening. He just trying to stay out of jail for a little while longer.

      • Larry White, you write a lot of BS. It is not the people that believe in Trump and his ability to lead this country that I see as the problem. He is not the one that the people destroying cities are following. The people burning, looting, and killing in one city after another. The people killing police and wanting the police departments done away with, they are not the people who believe in President Trump. They are obviously the friends and followers of Kamala Harris, thus the followers of Joe Biden, the big guy, the man in charge of getting his son jobs in foreign countries. You don’t think that Hunter Biden might be doing something irregular, something out of the ordinary in order to get millions of $$$$ from the wife of a mayor in Russia. Bud, that is a lot of money. And the other money he raked in, what was it for? He is a coke head, a drug addict that was kicked out of the Navy for doing drugs. He is a dude who works his good looks and the Biden name, and then was low enough to take his brother’s widow to bed, a man low enough to get a stripper pregnant, and for a long time refused to acknowledge his child and to pay child support. Then his wife found she was pregnant when she found out about his affair least the affair with the stripper. He went on crack binge after visiting a homeless encampment where he could get his fix cheap, I guess, and that is when he had the affair with his brother’s widow, who was still distraught over her husband, Bo’s death,. Bo was Hunter’s brother, and had been dead less that a year so I understand. I guess he was trying to comfort her. But this is really not about Hunter Biden, a nice looking user, a rich kid never satisfied with the money he has. It is about his father, Joe, and his running mate Kamala.

        It seems that even you, with all you knowledge about everything going on in Washington. You do know that Kamala is not for America, she is a Socialist. You have watched Joe on tv and heard him lose his way in speeches. The latest is thinking he is running against George. George? George who? At times he has no idea where he is going. Why does he stay in his basement so much? Is it when he is having a bad time and can’t stay in this land but goes to lala land. Like when he thought Trump was running for a 3rd term. Sorry, but Joe does not have the mental capacity to be the president of the United States. I feel sorry for the man, because he thinks after running for that office so many times, he will finally be president. I’m sure you have heard it said that the Democrat party of today is not the Democrat of your parents or grandparents. It is not much like it at all. Joe thinks he will be president, but that is not the plan. Did you not see that Nancy told the House members to be there the next day, they would discuss #25. She mentioned it a couple of times, and I guess someone thought she was going after Trump again, for she said, “It is not about Trump, this is not about Trump.” So what was it about? It is to make sure that Congress can get a sitting President out of the Oval Office if they believe him to be unfit, and he won’t leave. They can get an unfit president, such as Biden who is not fit to be president, out of office. Then the far left will have control of the White House. Kamala, a Socialist, the most radical member of the Senate now, will be the president. She is the one who is asking her followers to put up the money to bail to get the thugs out of jail. The same thugs who have been burning and looting and running rampant in cities across America. The woman who could be elected VP of the USA, but will become the president. The woman who slept her way into politics. The woman will push Joe out of her way to lead this country. A Socialist! We don’t need her in the Oval Office. Where will she lead us?

        You can say what you will about Trump. He has brought companies back to the USA, and that has provided work for Americans. The jobless rate is the lowest it has been in years, the middle class has more money in their pockets. More blacks and other people of color are working and not living in poverty. Trump has done good for this country, no matter how you feel about him personally. You say the damage to this country runs deep as exhibited in my post. You seem to forget that Nancy, Chuck, and their minions hired a special prosecutor to investigate the claims that Trump colluded with the Russians. After 2 years and a bill to the taxpayers of $43,000,000, they found nothing.

        I have not always liked Trump’s lifestyle, but I really don’t find that he has done anything illegal while in office. Yes, he talks to various leaders of other countries, but if it was a Democrat doing that, it would be perfectly ok. You do know, that is part of a president’s job. So most of your writing is almost fictional, it could be comical, if it weren’t so sad

        Please, I hope you not another Vicki. One is more than enough.

  11. This is not the writing of a mature man, much of this sounds like the ranting of a naive teenager. The world is more complex than the lens the author uses to describe the problems of this nation. Mr.
    Alexander seems to be thick with dogma but intellectual and emotionally as shallow as a shower.

  12. I think 2022 will be when we see the election commercials for Richard “Royal” Alexander for Congress. I hope he stops spewing his Paul Ryan-esque BS after next Tuesday.
    “We repudiated and defeated communism in the last century. It’s precursor, Socialism, is also a dark and hopeless ideology. Today, desperate, freedom-seeking people all over the world continue to perilously strap themselves and their families onto “boats” consisting of broken boards and logs, buoyed by empty plastic milk jugs, risking their lives in the hope of reaching America. They are fleeing Socialism. Why would we even conceive of granting it a stronghold here?” This alone shows his lack of knowledge about govermental systems. Socialism is not communism, but he just combines that two as though one begets the other. This is purely an attempt to stir up conservatives in fear.

  13. Oh! So dramatic!! My my how one can dream up this total opposition to what in fact is not what will happen if the party of forward thinking people are elected.

    • I have literally heard thousands of liberals tell the exact same story from the other side of the aisle. Both sides are dramatic. What’s baffling to me is Americans are fighting with each other because one side thinks their narcissist, horrible human, asshat is waaaaay better than a senile, child groping, media protected creeper.

      When will the country stop blindly following the people we are told to follow based on party?!?!? These are the best 2 people we could come up with to run the country? We are screwed whichever way we go.

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