The City of Natchitoches has been notified by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office that Louisiana remains in Phase 3 and the statewide mask mandate is still in place despite misinformation shared over the last several days.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has provided the following information to registered businesses in order to update businesses on the current status of the public health emergency and the associated guidelines for being open.

The Governor’s public health emergency order remains in effect at this time and we are asking the public and area businesses to continue to adhere to those guidelines. Business owners can visit http://www.opensafely.gov to register their business and/or view the guidelines associated with being open and doing so safely. Enforcement efforts do continue across the state for the safety of your customers and staff.

The mitigations that have been put in place are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana and our new case counts and new test positivity remain lower than our neighboring states.

On behalf of the City, thank you to all the business owners who have adhered to the guidelines during this public health emergency and committed to remain open safely. In the City, calls are fielded on a daily basis in response to COVID-19 and the mitigation efforts being taken to ensure public safety on a local level. Slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Natchitoches remains a team effort for our citizens, business and local officials.

For more information, contact the Mayor’s Office at 318-352-2772.


  1. Any state legislator that chooses to try to end the mask mandate/restrictions in any state right now should be questioned as to their loyalty to the folks they represent. For some reason there are some in power that want Americans sick. Herd immunity is ignorant, dangerous and will not work without killing off thousands (or more) Americans. They have their reasons for wanting so many if us dead. Figure it out. I did. Wear a mask. Stay well. Vote as if your life depends on it. It does.

  2. Because we live in Louisiana. Yes, I was born in Shreveport although I have lived in several other states.
    I prefer this one, but I didn’t mention the present nor last governor.

  3. I didn’t know, so I looked it up. Pursuant to the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act, in March Gov. Edwards declared a public health emergency due to Covid19. In Oct, he renewed it for another 4 wks. Wear a mask. Stay well.

  4. Please some lawyer or politician explain how this can happen the state legislature voted to stop this lock down and i thought they made laws. Once they voted to end governor emergency it should be over until it goes to court. And how does fire marshal have the power over our legislators. SOMEONE that knows explain how they arent breaking the law

  5. Since your headline is meant to pique our curiosity, I’ll ask: What misinformation? From whom? What’s your source?

    • I dont see how the state fire marshal or governor can go against the law. The governor doesnt make the laws the legislative makes laws for state. And the legislature voted the emergency to end and from what i understand that means its over until it goes before a court. Someone that knows like a lawyer or politician explain to me how this can happen to disobey the law. Why can the governor keep closed when law says he cant

      • It not a mandate anymore. But however it does falls on the individual businesses. Listen to Rep Alan Sebaugh’s clip. He explains it.

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