A disturbing case of alleged animal neglect at a home has led to the arrest of a north Natchitoches Parish woman on cruelty to animal charges according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday morning October 27 at approximately 8:30am, Deputies assigned to the NPSO Patrol Bureau responded to a complaint of alleged animal neglect in the 400 block of Coffee Crossing Road near Ashland, La.

The complaint focused on several dogs and domestic pigs (swine) being malnourished at the residence.

Deputies arrived on scene and observed several dogs chained to trees and t-posts around the exterior of the home.

Deputies observed six dogs, (4-pit bulldogs and 2-small dogs) without any food and a small amount of dirty water supply.

Three dogs were extremely malnourished , appeared very weak and were in disturbing deplorable living conditions according to investigating deputies.

In an adjacent large fenced area, deputies observed the skeleton remains of a domestic pig (swine) that died of unknown causes.

Deputies assigned to the NPSO Animal Services Unit were summoned to the scene.

Animal Services seized all six dogs for veterinary evaluation.

Deputies attempted to contact the homeowner although no one was at the residence.

Deputies continued the investigation and later found the owner of the animals identified as Christy Michelle Anderson at a residence on Campti Bayou Road in Campti, La.

While speaking with Miss Anderson, she confirmed ownership of the animals stating she knew this was coming”.

Deputies arrested:

Christy Michelle Anderson, 41, of 400 block of Coffee Crossing Road, Ashland, La. was charged with 6-counts of Cruelty to Animals.

Deputies say it appeared that Anderson abandoned the animals and did not properly take care of them.

The case will be turned over to the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office for review and prosecution.


  1. She said she knew this was coming. They why didn’t you have the animals picked up by animal control? If she really cared about them, how could she let them starve like that? Yes, I think animal control picks up pigs, too. I’ve known them to pick up chickens and goats.

    I wonder who called in the tip? Could this person have intervened sooner? Those poor animals. Starvation is a slow, painful, horrible way to die. Are people just uneducated about animal neglect and abuse? Do they just not care? Or do they think it’s not their business? Would you let a child be treated like that and just say, “It’s not my business”? IT’S EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS!!

  2. Hopefully she will have to do volunteer work at the shelters yes SHELTERS all of them here in town for a few years.

    • I don’t think there’s but one out on Fairgrounds Road beside the airport. They need food, old blankets, dishes for food and water, and other things. Probably volunteers, too.

  3. They need to chain this -itch to a tree and not feed her for a month. I truly hope they prosecute her to the fullest

  4. So sad.
    There are so many of these same issues happening everywhere. Not just here.
    I wish we could help educate everyone regarding rescuing shelters available!!!
    I’m not good at how are what to do to get info out to everyone. Maybe NPJ could contact me. I’d be willing to help with cost to advertise with there guidance!!! Thank you

    • Wouldn’t it be great if NPJ did a Rescue Pet of the Week? With a photo of the animal needing adoption, info about the animal, and info about how to get into contact with the shelter….. I see a lot of shelters around the country doing this on the internet. I get posts of photos, animal info, and shelter addresses and contact numbers from all over the country.

      And wouldn’t it be great if all the vets in our parish offered free or reduced-cost neutering or spaying for one weekend per month? They could rotate weekends. With the number of vets in this parish, it wouldn’t be a financial hardship for any single vet. Plus I’m sure they would get tax exemptions for doing Pro Bono work. If there were an organization that included vets in surrounding parishes as well as ours, it would benefit pet owners and pets in a much larger area.

      I’ll even bet such an organization could get a grant for start-up and operating costs. Isn’t there someone at the school board who writes grants for education? I remember taking a course at NSU on writing grants. Maybe the vet students at NSU could learn how, maybe for credit for community service?

      I’ll bet I’m not the only one here that loves animals. Nor am I the only person who has ideas about what to do and how to do it. Anybody out there have any input?

      • There is a spay and neuter voucher program offered through the Natchitoches Human Society and Hope for Paws. Magnolia Spay Neuter serves central Louisiana and I believe they offer discounted prices. The NSU Vet students used to do spay and neuters also at a discounted price, I am not sure if they still do though. There are 2 no kill shelters Hope for Paws and Happy Tails in town. There is also the Natchitoches Animal Control Shelter (pound on Fairgrounds). I am sure one of those can give you information on what you’re wanting to know. They all have facebook pages also.

      • Ah yes that would be grand. You know it would be great if you would volunteer. That would be Divine! But instead we get blessed with your knowledge on what everyone should do. Great job!

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