Lakeview FFA members place first in state in Floriculture Career Development Event

Lakeview FFA members placed first in state in the Floriculture Career Development Event. Members of the team are Emily Windham, Blake Smith, and Meagan Corley. Meagan Corley was State High Individual in the event scoring the most total points in the competition.

The Floriculture Career Development Event (CDE) requires students to identify plants, judge flower arrangements and solve problems. Participants also demonstrate skills in flower arranging, propagation and the preparation of floral and foliage products for sale.

This team event is designed to create an interest in career preparation for all current and future aspects of the floriculture industry through leadership development and hands on technical skill development using industry standards that are delivered through the agricultural education curriculum. Teams are judged on their ability to perform an assignment similar to one routinely performed in the floriculture industry.

Additionally, individual members are called up to contribute to the team’s effort by completing events such as a general floriculture examination, an identification of plant materials and equipment, a problem-solving exercise.

This event builds skills that are important to careers in greenhouse and field production management, garden center and floral shop management and floral design management. Students who excel show a well-rounded knowledge of horticulture, the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants and the floral industry.

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  1. Congratulations to these FFA students!!! Lakeview has a fantastic FFA program led by a great and caring teacher, Sarah Dyson Mallet

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