An Update on the 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Season:

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Committee is pleased to announce their proposed event plan to host the Natchitoches Christmas Season (November 21st, 2020 – January 6th, 2021) has been approved by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office and Louisiana Department of

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Committee appreciates the public’s support and patience during the planning process of our 94th Annual Christmas Festival and Season. As we quickly approach the Season, the following details and guidelines are part of the plan approved by the
Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office and Louisiana Department of Health: 

Armbands will be pre-sold ONLY on our website ( beginning Monday, November 9th, 2020 at 8:00am. A limited amount of 3000 armbands will be sold for each Saturday from November 21st – December 26th, 2020.

Armbands are REQUIRED to enter the Riverbank area on Saturdays ONLY. Adults and children will be required to have an armband regardless of age. This year all armbands will be $10.

On Saturdays during the Season, Front Street will be closed to vehicular traffic but Armbands are NOT required to enter shops and restaurants on Front Street. Fireworks and live music will take place each Saturday during the Season.

Food vendors will be available on the Riverbank 7 days a week.  Masks and social distancing will be highly encouraged throughout the Season.

19 thoughts on “An Update on the 2020 Natchitoches Christmas Season:

  1. So you mean to tell me that a worn out Christmas festival and stupid ppl deciding on opening it up to the public is just going to make the covid explode but that’s the ppl of city of natchitoches all about 💰. But your life and mine doesn’t matter. But what I really don’t get if something like this with the covid ppl go play with fire and get burnt. The first stupid thing that’s comes out their mouth is WHY me. Just start up STUPIDITY. Oh yeah by the way how in the hell can you highly encourage social distancing when there is 3000 ppl on a 60ft x 600ft over sized side walk . Boy it doesn’t take must common sence to be a dumb_ _ _ in this town

  2. What happened to free admission to riverbank and fireworks as previously advertised? I understand you need a head count for fire marshal, but don’t advertise they are free and now $10. There should be a first come, first serve for locals and charge the visitors.

  3. How are you suppose to social distance with that many people coming into town?? Covid-19 is real & still is running it’s course. One of the schools just closed down to a covid outbreak & y’all still wanna have this Christmas fest and put the city of Natchitoches at a higher risk of people getting Covid?? SMH God bless you all this will be a shit show!!!

  4. 3000 “allowed” on the Riverbank but unlimited on Front Street. Yeah tell me any of King Edwards or his Court Jester’s rules make sense.

    • My guess would be that the fire marshal is involved because of limited exits from the riverbank area. It’s a safety thing.

    • As you put it, “King” Edwards is actually leading our state and keeping us safe. Obviously you haven’t heard.. Louisiana is 44th in the state as far as new covid cases. Very. Good. News. Once again, Dems doing the right things for Americans while WH has more covid cases.

      • And obviously you don’t know much about the Constitution and infringement of our Civil Liberties. His actions are a bigger danger to us than Covid. Attitudes as yours endanger us all. BTW the numbers don’t add up but I understand you may not be able to follow all of the analyses and it’s easier to follow a politician so keep thinking that. SMH

      • And your Dems are killing our Civil Rights. A President has no power under the Constitution to do what YOU want but apparently the Democrats do?

  5. Do you still need tickets to buy food on the riverbank and do you need a armband to go on the riverbank during the week ?

  6. Again, the State Fire Marshall has no Constructional warrant to approve or disapprove outdoor festivals. Fireworks? OK but open air assemblies? Nope.

    Judging by the millions voting for Biden and are ok with voting fraud a sarcasm warning for those that won’t get it is in order……I sure hope he LET’S us celebrate our freedoms on July 4th next year don’t you?


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