By Tommy Rush

On this weekend before Veteran’s Day, in honor of all our veteran’s, I would like to share an essay written a few weeks ago by my 10 year old grandson, JW. He attends the NSU Elementary Lab School and he’s a student in Mrs. Lisa Wiggins class. Mrs. Wiggins has put together a Virtual Veteran’s Day Program that will be available online to the public next Wednesday. I’m very grateful for teachers like Mrs. Wiggins who have an awesome passion for teaching their students to love and appreciate their country. I’m grateful today for our local schools, the many dedicated teachers and the support of our community. I hope we all take the time this Veteran’s Day to say thank you to a veteran for the sacrifices made which provide us with these many great blessings!

My Veteran’s Day Essay by James Wilkerson

This is my veteran’s day essay, my way to say thank you to all those great people who have given me the opportunity to write this essay, go to school, live in a free country, and so much more! Veterans have played such a huge role in my life, even though I’m in 5th grade, my great-grandfather was a veteran in Korea, and he was one of the many soldiers who protected our great country. My other great-grandfather landed in Normandy as an admiral in the navy, his flag is encased in my room. Throughout the years I’ve thought about all those people who served. Colonists in the revolutionary war, American soldiers in WW1 and WW2, the veterans who fought Osama Bin Laden and terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more. I believe a veteran deserves this essay because veterans risk their lives protecting the United States, its people, and the leaders of our Country. Veterans are special because they go through so much to protect us, because no veterans, no freedom, and I do say I like this freedom. There are so many veterans out there, navy sailors and midshipmen who protect the waters, along with the coast guard, the army soldiers who protect the land, the air force who fly into the thick of battle to protect us from bombs and missiles and things that can damage us from the air. And the marines, who are willing to go anywhere to fight enemies. And many other people like secret service agents, who protect the POTUS and the FLOTUS, cyber protection agents, who protect people from cyber-hackers and mobile attackers and many more. Finally, a veteran is special because of all they go through, from training, fighting, risking their lives, and protecting the American land, people, ways, and laws. And this concludes my veteran’s day essay. Thank you for your service.