Natchitoches Parish Programs rank high among 2019-2020 Early Childhood Performance Profiles

The 2019-2020 release of Early Childhood Performance Profiles marks five years of full implementation of the statewide unified quality rating system for these programs. More than 12,500 observations were conducted across 4,959 classrooms in 1,558 sites, amounting to more than 1 million minutes of care and education observed.

This data, released by the Louisiana Department of Education, shows that all Natchitoches Parish Public Pre-K sites (Fairview, Goldonna, L.P. Vaughn, Marthaville, and Provencal) received an overall High Proficient rating.

Tiny Tots Daycare & Preschool: Excellent / 6.46
Fay’s Daycare & Preschool: High Proficient / 5.48
Bright Beginnings: Proficient / 5.02
Cobblestone Childhood Development Center: Proficient / 4.84
Little Rascals Learning Center, LLC: Proficient / 4.83
Funtime Palace Daycare: Proficient / 4.78
A to Z 123 Preschool & Learning Center: Proficient / 4.58
NSU Child Development Center: Excellent / 6.09
L.P. Vaughn: High Proficient / 5.81
Provencal Elementary: High Proficient / 5.63
Goldonna Elementary: High Proficient / 5.39
Fairview Alpha Elementary: High Proficient / 5.90
Marthaville Elementary: High Proficient / 5.99

Like previous years, Performance Profiles will include a Performance Score and Rating (based on CLASS® observations as well as Informational Metrics (such as curriculum quality, child/teacher ratios, and teacher credentials).

● Due to COVID-19, the Department implemented a “hold harmless” approach for 2019-2020 Performance Profiles that honors improvement made by sites in 2019-2020 and allows sites to access much-needed tax credits and bonus payments:

○ Sites with a higher 2019-2020 Performance Score were given the opportunity to opt-in to receiving an updated Performance Profile based on 2019-2020 results.

○ For all other sites, the Department is not releasing an updated 2019-2020 Performance Profile, and will publish their 2018-2019 Performance results for an additional year.

● The Fall 2019 Observation period was carried out without any of the disruptions associated with COVID and provides useful data for progress monitoring.

2 thoughts on “Natchitoches Parish Programs rank high among 2019-2020 Early Childhood Performance Profiles

  1. Many of us who don’t have preschoolers aren’t aware of the tremendous focus of resources and staff the Natchitoches Parish School Board Early Childhood group and parish teachers put forth on their behalf. Now this includes the State Licensed Day Care Centers in the City, NSU Foundation and Education Faculty, and Save the Children Head Start Centers, all coming together to coordinate services for our children and families. More to come from the “Ready Start Network” soon. Thanks to you all.

  2. Who scores this? Explain to me how this can be true when kids arrive at Elementary School doing poorly in any testing. Many of them don’t know they are in the world. They don’t know their letters, numbers, or colors. They are giving parents and community a false sense of accomplishment!

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