Parish Council to hold Special Called Meeting – LIVE STREAM TONIGHT

The Natchitoches Parish Council will hold a Special Called meeting on Monday, Nov. 9 at 4 pm in the Council Board Room 211 on the second floor of the Courthouse.

Agenda item: Council to consider motion to rescind Council action to remove Ordinance 012-2020 from the table and its vote to approve Parish Ordinance 012-2020 from the Oct. 19, 2020 Parish Council meeting.

8 thoughts on “Parish Council to hold Special Called Meeting – LIVE STREAM TONIGHT

    • That is above my pay grade, as the old saying goes. But, there is a process whereby it can be pursued. The state legislature will have to address this matter. I hope it will be on the list of items to address in 2021. There are others.

      In the meantime the parish council, together with the office of the president, is trying to wrap up some unfinished business.

  1. Well this might be news if we all new what that ordinance was! But instead these are just random numbers that mean nothing to the commoner! Perhaps it is a legality to announce this but someone doesn’t really want to give proper information as to what it pertains!

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