‘Rise-up, Clean-up’ set for Jackson Square Cemetery this Saturday

In an effort to help enhance the Jackson Square community, the Jackson Square Cemetery Committee and pastors Thomas Carter, Sr. and Brad Holden, have partnered for a fall clean-up activity at the historic cemetery located on North and Howell Streets.

“We have not had a major fellowship-clean up effort at the cemetery in years. This clean-up endeavor will bring a lot of synergy to the community for this and other projects to aide the “Square” area,” said District 3 city councilman and cemetery committee member, Chris Petite.

The activity is slated for Saturday, November 14, 8 am to 12 pm.

“We are asking everyone with a loved one buried in the cemetery and the community at-large, to assist with the neighborhood bonding project. Bring your rake, hedge clippers, boots, lawn/yard tools, gloves, garden hoe and lots of energy and fun for this project. We want to see our community meaningfully grow. A clean environment is always a good place to start,” the Rev. Thomas Carter, pastor, First Baptist Church-Amulet Street shared.

Water and energy snacks will be provided for all volunteers.

“It is our goal to help build solid communities together in Natchitoches Parish through our churches and community outreach projects like this one,” remarked the Rev. Brad Holden, pastor of First Baptist Church-North Street.

Following the state’s COVID-19 rules, everyone must wear a mask/face covering-as social distancing will be practiced.

The two churches serve as co-curators for the cemetery. Burials span from the late 1800’s to date at the cemetery. For more information, call 318-352-3314 or 318-332-8254.