Election Looks Increasingly Like Fraud

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

The right to vote is preservative of all other rights

Does this look like an honest election to you? Does it look open and transparent? Do you think it’s been conducted freely and fairly? Should we not give the 2020 election dispute the same 37 days to be resolved that was given in Bush v. Gore in 2000?

Every hour that passes since election day strengthens the argument that we are witnessing voter fraud in several states. If this is true, it is highly illegal and corrupt. Our sacred right to vote is a fundamental right and held inviolate for American citizens including the 70 million who voted for President Trump.

Our right to vote has been deemed fundamental because it truly is “preservative of all our other rights” (Yick Wo). In multiple places in the U.S. Constitution, in both articles and amendments, the right to vote is either referenced or specifically addressed and protected including by the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments.

The U.S. Supreme Court has further grounded the fundamental right to vote in a legal doctrine known as 14th Amendment Substantive Due Process, as well as in the Equal Protection Clause. There are also landmark federal statutes like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965 and 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which further enshrine this precious right to participate in our constitutional form of government.

Let’s consider a few allegations from the last 72 hours:
In Philadelphia, contrary to Pennsylvania state law, Republican election observers were apparently denied the right to monitor the counting of approximately 120,000 ballots because they were forced to stand back and away, for a 20-hour period, from where the counting was taking place. As a result, observers could not tell whether the ballots were correctly postmarked, addressed, signed, and sealed as required by law. There are also allegations that ballots were backdated to make it appear they were timely.

In Wisconsin, after election observers had gone home—sometime between 3-4 am—over 100,000 ballots “appeared” and were apparently counted and, in a statistically improbable way, all the ballots appeared to have voted for one candidate.

In Michigan, Republican observers were also denied access, again contrary to state law, to counting locations from which to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process. One woman who identified herself as an election volunteer in Clark County stated she had found a box of 500 ballots outside of the vote counting facility inscribed with the names of individuals who were not on the County’s voter rolls. In Detroit, windows were boarded up preventing poll watchers from viewing the counting of ballots.
It’s also becoming clear that a glitch in the computer software used in counties throughout the state of Michigan—and in as many as 30 other states—caused 6,000 votes for Pres. Trump to be switched to Biden votes.
Across the country there are still other allegations of fraud or irregularities, including after-hours counting and the discovery of “midnight” votes and what appears to be vote harvesting. Numerous lawsuits have been filed regarding these allegations. Unsurprisingly, a highly partisan “news” media is generally not reporting any of this.

Virtually every American is blessed with the sacred right to vote. (Felons and those with mental incapacity may be excepted). Many brave men and women fought and died to be certain that our government and our courts would guarantee the sanctity of our vote and the fairness of our elections. What we are witnessing now is a travesty. This kind of cheating and abuse is how violent unrest is sparked by Americans who simply are not going to tolerate having their vote, and this election, stolen from them.

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56 thoughts on “Election Looks Increasingly Like Fraud

  1. How is this even a conversation! Looks more and more like fraud! Although most of the cases presented are being dismissed as unwarranted and lacking evidence. They are being dismissed by Republican and Democratic judges alike. I guess the next step will be to discredit the entire American court system as suddenly controlled somehow by the Democratic Party! The comedy is that Trump himself is the only known person to attempt to change the outcome of this election, by removing the head of the Postal Service with one of his cronies who immediately banishes overtime! In an attempt to slow and discredit mail in ballots. Mr. Alexander at the beginning of this it seems that you were going to try to give your opinion, yet all you do is make factual statements about things that are simply hearsay to you! Which is why I know that you are a simple man who is swayed easily, or a pathological liar who Is trying to fuel instability in his own country.

  2. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a duck. I’m just happy it was the Biden’s folks who cheated. Had Trump cheated, the liberals would have burned the country down by now.

    • There are 2 opposing sources of information. The mainstream media, for the left. it is their Bible: absolute truths. The other side see actual distortions of the left wing media and use Fox, or other news sources (I like the catholic news Agency and Franklin Graham and books.) So we are divided by the news. Don’t know what others use that oppose the liberal media like Royal and MEWHP, but they reflect what I hear as well. We will be divided until the truth comes out. I trust that one day all the falsehoods, wherever they exist, will become truthful and exposed. The Lord has promised we will know the truth and that all deceptions will not be hidden. Then maybe the truth will unite us in love once again I can only hope because at present, we are heading for national suicide.

      he liberal news is seasoned with hate. That is why I avoid them

  3. Show me the evidence! Enough of rumor and innuendo intended to discredit an election and the workers who made it possible.

    • Sorry, I’m just now seeing this article. Show you the evidence? Do you not hear that a program that was used in many counties in one state and even in other states had a glitch that posted portions of Republican votes to the Democrats. Is that not evidence? It was seen, reported and is now being investigated in many states, but obviously it will take time. Did you not see the voter rolls, and it showed that there were people who voted who were born in 1900? Wow, don’t you think that would be evidence, because I don’t think that anyone born that long ago would would be able to vote.

      I agree with those who say, If all the Biden votes are true votes, no illegal voting, then what are you afraid of?

      Elections for President to me seem rigged from the get-go. The Democrats are in charge of all the debates, lining up the moderators, who always are more liberal and always seem to go easy, especially on Biden and Harris, giving them more time to respond when they didn’t like an answer. No one asked Biden about Hunter, but they didn’t mind asking Trump about unpaid taxes. Really fair! Then the interviews that took took place when the second debate was cancelled was like watching T-ball for Biden, and major league baseball for Trump. That woman was so rude that she didn’t allow answers before she broke in with an argument. Her job was questioning Trump, not a verbal battle with him.

      Then you get to the election. Here is something that I would like to ask before I go any further. I recently read that the Clintons were associated with the company whose software program was the one that had a major glitch, and changed votes. Is this true? What I do know is that a majority of the people counting votes at the polls were Democrats, and there were a lot of problems. Why did they not let the poll watchers close to them, they know they are supposed to be there and be able to observe what is happening? Why were the windows covered up, and people inside so secretive? Why, when the poll watchers were allowed in, they were not allowed closer than 6 feet, and could not see what people were doing. The taking of a new ballot and filling it out again for one that was not readable is not allowed, and not lawful. Taking in and counting ballots that they received late, and that had no postmark is very questionable. There are too many questions that haven’t been answered and I think this is all a con to get a president out and a puppet in. Biden is not well and will not last 4 years, even Obama’s White House doctor has said this. This will give Harris, a known Socialist, a chance in the White House. Is that what you really want?

      I am proud that President Trump has the stamina, the guts, and the tough skin to take all the lies that have been thrown at him, and still keep fighting the fraud in this election. You act as if there are half a dozen people who are objecting to the election. If you weren’t a Democrat or maybe a socialist, you would see the problem just like we do. I believe that at the tables where the counting takes place, there should be a person appointed by the Democrats and a person appointed by the Republicans working together. It seems to me that what I saw were people willing to throw a few votes for a little pocket padding. Not saying all, but I am saying a lot. I watched a lot of video, at any network that had the guts and the honesty to post what was happening.

      We, the people who love the Constitution and America, are proud of the fight against fraudulent voting. We need to be honest, and with that we will keep America the great, and make it even greater

  4. Show me real, empirical evidence! Enough with rumor and innuendo intended to discredit an election and all the citizens who made it work.

  5. I too am a life long Republican. I served with Reagan in the White House. George W. Bush happens to be my favorite president even with all his flaws. I served 40 years in our military with honor. Having a decent President is at the very top of my priorities.
    I vowed to never vote for Hillary Clinton. And did NOT vote for her as it was. But I can tell you, if I had 2016 to do over again and knowing what I know now. I would NOT HAVE VOTED FOR TRUMP.
    He lost my vote early on in 2017. I have never seen such chaos in a political party let alone the White House. Everyone wanted to let Trump be Trump~ well how many of you would even allow your own child, your husband to act, say and do the things and words that “man” does as president.
    I did NOT like Obama but I also think He was correct in saying, Trump never grew into the job of Presidency, nor was He capable of doing so.
    For those that think Trumps Economy and Stock Market was so great, try looking at the National Deficit. In 3.5 years he managed to raise to 11 TRILLION DOLLARS. That was even before the cost of the COVID has been added. You think it’s by accident the economy is doing well, the stocks~
    It’s NOT my opinion, that’s a fact.
    Trump dumped 2.9 Trillion into economy more than once. He funneled 3.8 Billion from PENTAGON budget to fund his agenda, The Wall, that Mexico was going to pay for, more than a couple times. He Resourced money from the MILITARY for his pet projects, diverted money from PENTAGON for COVID instead of working with congress. Siphoned more than 4 Million from 9/11 RESPONDERS money. It wasn’t just the American taxpayers money he stole and played with, he resourced Billions from the RNC to his personnel accounts, to pay for his lawyers.
    By the end of 2020 the US deficit will be at 30 TRILLION DOLLARS. Most president may increase deficit by 1 trillion. WE ARE LEAVING THIS DEBT TO OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. THIS DEBT WILL NOT GO AWAY, NO MORE THAN YOUR BILLS DO. Someone will have to pay this money back. We aren’t Trump, this debt WILL NOT NOT BE FORGIVEN. WE CAN NOT FILE BANKRUPTCY.
    And those of you that think Trump has done such a great job, take into consideration. He did nothing but golf and appoint judges for the 1st two years. When he realized Democrats won the House on 2018 he started to blame them for everything, 2 years he screwed around, then the last 1.5 years he fought them. Trump NOT only brought the Republican Party to its darkest ever, he brought the Country with him. REMEMBER TRUMP IS THE RINO, he’s only been a Republican since 2012.
    He tried every other party to run for President. Trump isn’t Conservative.
    NEVER ONCE DID HE ALLOW REPUBLICANS to do what we have always done~ COMPROMISE.
    There is NO Bipartisanship any longer in politics. And I’m Not saying it was great, BUT it was damn well better than WE have done the last 3.5 years.
    Please let’s STOP all this bickering in politics. We know Trump wasn’t and isn’t ABLE to do that.
    HE likes chaos and confusion and encourages it.
    THATS NOT WHO WE ARE, OR EVER HAVE BEEN. Lets be done with that 4 years of mistakes.
    We are Not better than WE were 4 years ago, WE haven’t WON a damn thing.
    I’m NOT tired of winning. BUT I AM SICK OF THE FIGHTING, THE CHAOS, THE CONFUSION, THE RACISM, THE DIVISION. Trump DID that to US. Lets cut OUR Republicans losses and move on.
    I understand concerns with Biden, BUT I DAMN WELL REMEMBER THE TRUMP YEARS.

    And btw, if there was election fraud against trump ~ they forgot to tell them NOT to vote for republicans. Republican haven’t lost any seats as of yet. They actually gained 5 House Seats. Lost 1 Senate, gained 1 Senate. Those fraud votes your talking about ARE REPUBLICANS VOTING FOR THEIR REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES, JUST NOT FOR TRUMP.
    Stop with The accusations, Nobody Lost ballots, Dumped ballots, Stole ballots, Voted extra, changed votes, Voted several times, Voted dead. TRUMP JUST LOST PERIOD. MOVE ON. ITS OUR OWN FAULT FOR PUTTING A GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH NO MORALS. WE PUT HIM THERE AND REFUSED TO CALL HIM OUT FOR 4 YEARS.

    • Man, you don’t really know. Stay tuned about the election. As far as past Republican presidents, the Democrats ate their lunch! You don’t enter politics with a medium income and leave wealthy.

    • There are a few problems with you tirade here,RMO. 40 years in the military is rare and you must have been at the very least a General. Our little town should be honored to have such a distinguished man as you living here. I was just wondering since you know so much about what happened in DC, and what the different presidents did, how did you find out so much information on what you accuse President Trump of doing with government money. I never believe when someone just throws out a lot of information without something to back it up. Can you tell us a bit more about how you got this information, and I do have a few questions about things you did not mention.

      First, doesn’t the House of Representatives put forth spending bills that cause the spending to increase in an administration. A President normally cannot spend the amount of money you talk about without congressional approval. The Democrats wanted to spend billions of dollars in certain cities to help through this pandemic. Please notice that I said CERTAIN cities, not all cities that might need help. Would those be cities controlled by the Democrats? Billions spent in cities that might not really need the money as much as other cities. Nancy Pelosi’s buddies calling for $$$ and she said she will not budge on the stimulus money people need to live, not until the Republicans agree with her ideas. This does not sound like the President is overspending, it sounds more like the Democrats are. Our tax money is going to help cities who allowed thugs to burn parts of their cities to the ground. Plus the many problems they have above and beyond burning and looting. Poorly managed cities getting a bailout. From Nancy, not the President.

      The President is rough around the edges, but YOU ARE WRONG when you say he has accomplished nothing. I would imagine the families who welcomed home the men who were falsely arrested and imprisoned overseas were overjoyed at President Trumps accomplishment in this matter. I would imagine that the men were thrilled that they had a chance at life instead of dying in a foreign country. This was a great thing, and one of the reasons I think in spite of his flaws, he is a great President.

      Another thing, as Commander in Chief, he directed the elimination of Isis. Obama had tried and failed. Quite an accomplishment for “a man who was not capable of growing into the presidency”.

      President Trump acknowledged that Israel is an ally of the US, after Obama had treated the Prime Minister so rudely, and he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. I have often wondered why we give and give and give to countries that hate the US and will continue to hate us no matter what we do.

      President did something no other president has been able to do. He arranged for Israel to meet with two countries and they signed a peace agreement. This has never happened before under any president, EVER. Oh, by the way, remember that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize, and nobody knew why. Well, President Trump has received three nominations. Truthfully I don’t know what the first one was for, but I do know about the second two. THREE nominations, Obama got one nomination I believe.

      President Trump is the first president in years to have not sent troops to war in foreign countries. None of the sons and husbands being sent off to war, with family at home worrying. In fact, he is reducing the number of troops in several countries. He withdrew from the World Health Organization because we were paying the majority of money, and other countries were not paying their fair share. We were definitely not getting our money’s worth, as they seem to be in China’s pocket.

      The President got more companies back to the USA from foreign countries, which produced more jobs for the unemployed. Unemployment was the lowest in years, and years. It reached a tremendous low in the minority communities. Some realized what a great thing he had done for them, others still seem to think he is a racist, even though his friends, some black, came forward to say that there was no way he was a racist. He was not the one closely associated with a Grand Poobah of the KKK, that was Biden.

      It’s strange that no one remembers the fiasco of Benghazi! Do you as a retired military man, remember? Do you think it right that Obama, Biden, and Hillary let all those men die horrible deaths while telling troops, who were ready and wanting to go in to aid and rescue, NO. They were told to “STAND DOWN”.

      Now let’s talk about Biden. Have you ever looked into his eyes as he gave a speech? Remember when he was shut up in his basement for weeks and no one heard from him. When he came out, he didn’t answer questions. Then he couldn’t remember what office he is running for. He couldn’t remember who he is running against. He thought Trump was running for a third term. When he left his home for one destination, he had to ask “where are we going”. Even the White House Physician under the Obama administration said Biden was different, he had changed, that he CLEARLY was not able to serve as president for 4 years. People seem to forget that Biden was a great friend of Sen. Byrd, who was Biden’s mentor. Byrd was a member of the KKK. Biden didn’t want his children to go to an integrated school, because he didn’t want them having to go into that jungle. Then, let’s mention briefly Hunter Biden. There is a lot of information out there that he received millions of dollars from foreign countries, but for what. He mentioned that some had to be put back for the big man, who sounds like Joe to me. There is something crooked there, but it seems to have just disappeared, like the investigations into Hillary, her computers, the Clinton charitable organization’. We hear so much for a little bitty while, then nothing. It’s all swept under the rug. But then, I guess lots of money will pay a lot of people off to say, “there’s nothing to prove…..”

      There were too many questions when this voting by mail was decided on by some states. If people want to do that, go down to registrar and sign up. States should not just mail out to addresses and let whoever lives there use that ballot to vote, possibly illegally, If you think we are going to buy that malarkey, you are wrong. If you think the President is not doing the right thing by fighting this fraudulent election, you, sir, are wrong again. It is fraudulent in so many ways. The fix was in way before Biden became the candidate. What candidate have you ever seen stay inside his house, no campaigning, no cross country trips. When he did come out, 10 people were there. Why do you think they did this. They wanted him inside so he couldn’t screw things up with a gaffe that would mess up their well thought out plans That is the way I see it. If you want me to see anything your way, tell me where you got all your information that Trump spent all this money without authorization from Congress or prove that he spent it at all.

      It is time for you to remove your blinders. Do you really know anything or is this just another war story, much like the fish stories told around here.

      • Trump’s first Pulitzer nomination was for uniting North and South Korea. Notice no more missile threats from Kim Jung Ung.

  6. Again, you publish this opinion by a individual with no proof or fact. He always fails to substantiate his bias opinion, too much Fox News! What a phony!! Supports the number one liar in the Western Hemisphere. Bet he never served this country, like his Idol. Another one attempting to establish himself as an authority in order place himself in a position to run for political office. Who has he promised reward for their financial support??

    • Did Clinton serve, did obama serve and did crazy Joe serve? No no and no! Crazy Joe had five deferments because he had breathing problems! Lol must of got over that to be able to sniff all those little girls!

    • Phil, did you know that Biden way quite the athlete in high school and college. However when it came time to be drafted or enlist, his asthma kept him out or the service because it was so severe. So watch what you say. It appears that your guy not only is not fully competent to serve as president, as stated by the White House physician for Obama, but he didn’t serve either. Oops!

  7. Royal Alexander is a genius! Using his logic, when Green Bay beat the Saints in the Superdome, since there was “No in person attendance” to witness the game, even though both team’s coaches and team owner personnel, NFL officials, and even some media were present to witness and affirm the loss, SAINTS WIN!!! You are true Royalty!!

  8. Why does Mr Alexander’s opinion matter? He has no special insight about anything. Most people have forgotten about his checkered past, he should let well enough alone

    • Joe 1, I believe you are hitting below the belt in an effort to cause people to disbelieve what Mr. Alexander said. You should not be bringing up a “checkered past” as it is in the past and nothing came of it as far as I can tell. You are really nothing but a gossip on here, so actually, your opinion doesn’t matter. You obviously have no special insight or you would not be bringing this up, just wanting to get something started. Are you really an old gossipy woman on a party line, just can’t wait to spread the latest gossip all over town?

      PS. Sorry ladies, I didn’t mean to insinuate that all older women are gossips, but I hope you understand the type I mean. We used to see them on the sitcoms, back when sitcoms were worth watching and were really funny. I meant nothing toward any sweet lady of today.

  9. I appreciate your comments. You are in denial if you think no fraud took place. Large ballot dumps happened at certain times all being for Biden. May all the corruption be revealed.

    • Ballot dumps happened because we voted by mail. In large numbers, we voted by mail. Guess Repubs shouldn’t have put out such lies about the very dependable mail service. Maybe the race would’ve been closer and might actually merit a recount vote. Resoundingly America voted legally with witnesses, the most closely watched election in US history. Resoundingly Americans voted for Biden/Harris. Do not mess with our ability to vote. Even the DOJ said there was no voter fraud. Thank you America.

      • Vicki, you are hearing voices again.

        Again, let me explain the difference in the voting by mail fiasco. There is the legal way. You go to the Registrar of Voters and sign up to vote by mail. They have your signatures, your information, all on file.

        The fraudulent voting by mail scheme thought up by the rich crooked dems, had counties in states they control send out ballots to everyone, every house on every street in every city or community, even rural areas. These people in these houses didn’t go ask to vote by mail and sign up. Some people were not even registered to vote, but they voted anyway. Some were illegal. Some were felons who by law cannot vote.

        On video, I witnessed another fraudulent voting scheme. I even saw some rolls where there was a whole list of people who were born in 1900, and the voted. Have you ever done the math on that? Do you know how old those people would be, but they voted. I hope this explains it clearly enough that you can understand the difference when we talk about the voting by mail fraud. If you don’t, I suggest you check into high school civics again.

        There are others, but I don’t want to get you wound up too much.

  10. I am 67 years old and a life long Louisiana Republican. I voted for Trump in 2016 and it didn’t take long to realize just how big of a mistake that was. Donald Trump is representative of the cancer within the Republican Party and why we now have a Democrat Party president elect, a Democrat controlled congress and on the verge of possibly having the Democrats control the senate. Donald Trump and his despicable behavior are totally the reason he lost the election. While there may have been some sporadic voter fraud nationally, I truly believe it was very infrequent and insignificant to the final election results. Also, are we so shallow to believe only Democrats would have committed voter fraud? PLEASE!!! When I read opinions such as Royal Alexander’s, my first thought is what a pompous individual who certainly has other motives for appearing in this venue so frequently. Secondly, I would say to Mr. Alexander and all the others claiming voter fraud, SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!!!!! If there is significant fraud, bring forward the evidence and I will totally support you. In essence I’m saying, put up or shut up because the damage being done to our country is serious. Am I politically a Joe Biden fan, no I’m not. But, since absolutely no one has come forward with any credible evidence of wide spread voter fraud, I will reluctantly support Joe Biden if he is certified as President of the United States and wish him well and prey that his presidency is more middle of the road, based on what’s truly best for our country. The political polarization of Americans plays right into the hands of those who want to destroy this country, Russia, China and Iran to name a few. We are only as strong as our weakest link and right now those espousing ONLY unsubstantiated widespread Democratic voter fraud claims including Mr. Alexander, are playing into the hands and along with those who want to destroy America.

    • Evidently, you went to bed before the videos were shown. Plenty of evidence there. Or the computer program that the Clintons have an interest in that was used in many places to tabulate votes. They were switching votes from Trump to Biden. How about the mail? They were still bringing in ballots several days later. If you vote in person, you have to be there by the time the polls close or you don’t get to vote. People know when voting day is. They should mail their ballots so that they get there in time. So what does that mean with the ones that were brought in with no post mark, but they were still 3 or 4 days late. Hmmm. I get it, what a shame you guys don’t

      As for Biden, he won’t make it 4 years, and Harris will be president. A Socialist. Is that what you really want for this country. No me. No way. No how. Not ever. Why do you think Canadians come to the US for treatment for medical problems. It’s because they have socialized medicine, and they have to wait a year for surgery to remove a malignant tumor in their lung that will kill them in six months if it’s not removed. Oh, by the way, do you know who the VP will be if she is still Speaker. You got it, Nancy Pelosi.

      The blind thinking of some people amaze me. Jumping right into the fire and burning with the constitution they want to burn.

  11. I can see some of you are ready to join Twitter and Facebook in censoring articles and comments you disagree with. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion. All you are entitled to is to voice your agreement or disagreement. When only one side can be heard it opens the door to propaganda.
    I also ask P Brown and Brad to name a reputable or reliable news source that is not slanted. And no, some states have not been open and transparent. As for verified evidence, give them time, it’s coming. If you are so sure the election was honest and accurate you have nothing to lose by any investigation.

  12. A couple of you have said he should have used reputable news sources! Would one of you please list those you consider ‘reputable’

  13. Why bother to fight this? The left has already put us on a dangerous path as a country. I surrender because just look at all these refences to the news. The hate Trump bias of this media will never stop and I am sick of all the brainwashing that propaganda has instilled in people’s minds. So go ahead and take it Left Wingers. You are hell bent on electing people who hate America, which has divided this nation and will eventually destroy us, beginning with Antifa and BLM> This type of American enemies will grow whether Trump is president or not.

      • Gigi who is Gail Batson? Anyway, I am afraid of the BLM and antifa movements. Some democrats think America is a government of facism. I wish someone would explain how this is so. But anyway, Antifa stands for antifacism. This is where these people are a threat to this country- because we have been condemned as a nation because of this destructive propaganda. So excuse me for wondering what are we looking forward to the next 4 years? In Georgia we have a man in the runoff who is an advocate of the famous Rev. Jeremiah Wright who is one of the greatest of all haters of America. Now the thinking is, they are going to flood Georgia with democrats to swing the election in his favor. To me, this is a type of election fraud albeit legal. So I don’t trust the direction this country may be taking. God Bless America!!!!

        • I never could understand how BLM could be considered so hateful but KKK isn’t. The real BLM advocates for Blacks an I see no problem with that. We need someone who cares for us finally! Hate an Love be CANNOT fllow from the same fountain. So yes GOD bless America. Go JOE BIDEN!! Out with Trunk!!! America has spoken. IDC who doesn’t like it!!!

          • Gigi: I never said KKK wasn”t hateful. It was. All the prejudice in the past was horrible. It (the prejudice) was ignorance and hatred. Older white people even 20 years ago was so insulting. But, children have been going to school with people of all ethnic groups and they can see there is a lot to love about African Americans. Having worked with them and cared for them as patients, I know how beautiful you are. My children had friends of all colors. The thing is, KKK and this terrible hate is slowly dying. I believe it will continue to die if it stays on this path. But falsely calling people slanderous names and showing more hate now by yourselves isn’t going to make anything better. Hate and vengance never does. All who persecuted and oppressed you have or will be given over to judgement- this and only this judgement is what matters. because God loves you and He heard your cries of pain. But whatever judgement or prejudice on your part will also be judged justly when your time comes. The hate of BLM and Antifa will only cause more strife. If we can only just let hate die.

          • BLM is no longer what it started out as. Maybe a good thing at first, but look how many have fronted for Antifa. If BLM, black lives matter, lets go a step further, if black lives really mattered, would little children be shot on the streets by antifa and members of BLM. I believe black lives matter, but I would not be a member of that organization. There is to much of the burning, looting, killing, and I will tell you now that should not be any part of BLM. In fact, maybe it should really be ALM, because in God’s eyes, we are all the same under the skin. The difference is I don’t hate. I don’t destroy other people’s property. I don’t steal from a company owned by people of my neighborhood or any neighborhood. Those in BLM that are not doing the shameful things that are going on in BLM and antifa, should start a peaceful group. Try meeting with others. Try having get togethers during the day instead of the night when it goes on for hours.

            I don’t feel we had a lot of problems here, but they do in some communities. I would not want to be a part of that. I know being a Christian is not the in thing these days with a lot of people, but I don’t do these things because I am a Christian, and my God, has put love and acceptance of people in my heart. It’s a shame that we have forgotten how to love one another. A real shame.

    • I am not a left-winger or someone who hates America. I would think a nurse would recognize that Trump is not normal. We all have our opinion but I could not disagree with you more.

  14. I totally agree with Royal Alexander. Hopefully they get it right and we will transition into a second Trump term. MAGA President Donald Trump

  15. It’s an opinion piece, but the NPJ should have published a disclaimer indicating sources to check the information it contains. MediaBiasFactCheck and snopes.com are two of several good ones.
    “Does this look like an honest election to you? Does it look open and transparent?” Yes, it does, and the reputable national news sources agree.

  16. He is just spreading conspiracy theories and not facts. I can’t believe you allowed this article to be printed. This action is what divides people. I would think Natchitoches Parish Journal would know better.

    • Then the NPJ would be equal to CNN and the other left wing socialists news organizations. Shame we only see what they want us to see.

  17. As a lifelong Republican, give me a break. Doesn’t it defy common sense that ONLY the presidential race was fraudulent? And ONLY when a Democrat won? These “opinion pieces” do little, but spark unrest, stoke fear and divide us further. If you have verified EVIDENCE we are all ears. But you don’t.

  18. Actually, other Republicans did well in the election. It is only President Trump who did not do as well as he hoped.

  19. If the Mr. Alexander had bothered to check, reliable news sources have debunked the Wisconsin 100,000 votes conspiracy theory. Attacks on the news media for following facts and the math, rather than giving blind allegiance to the Dear Leader, are not worthy of being given a forum. What really bothers me, though, is the last sentence, “This kind of cheating and abuse is how violent unrest is sparked by Americans who simply are not going to tolerate having their vote, and this election, stolen from them.” It makes no sense to me except as a thinly veiled call for violence. It could be a reference to a long history of violent unrest over being denied the right to vote, except that there is no such history. Please take this article down.

    • “Not worthy of being given a forum.” “Take this article down.” It’s an OPINION piece. Reasoned disagreement and debate are hallmarks of American society. The proposed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is a sign that we are on a dangerous path as a country.

    • What sparked the fear in people to make them board up their businesses because what would happen if President Trump would have won on election night? No I don’t believe they were worried about a riot or looting from the right for a win it was fear of a loss and the violence coming from the left! Your left liberal bias news media is spreading the fear. The only the right is scared of is the truth! No don’t take down the piece it’s your right to speak the truth! Hurt their feelings are not it’s your right! If they don’t like oh well life’s hard sometimes! And about to get harder due to their own hand!n

      • Thank you NPJ for publishing an article that fires up the locals. Hang in there Royal and keep yanking their chains!

        • We are all entitled to our “Opinions”. And the NPJ should allow everyone to have a voice. I worked as a poll watcher this year and so did many of my retired police officer friends in Calif, Nevada, and Florida. We took our jobs very seriously. I would like to think every person responsible for putting on an election did the same. In my humbled opinion, Trump lost because he told his base not to vote by mail. Huge mistake in my “Opinion”. And now the country is once again in a Covid crisis because of all the in person voting on Nov 3rd- Another “Opinion” of mine. God bless America in these coming months.

          • DMD, I wish you were right, but I’m think you are wrong. The reason, not everyone who does this is as honest as you and your friends may be. Have you not wondered why some of the actions taken by the poll watchers in some cities put up pizza boxes over the windows, put up barriers to keep poll watchers back so they could not see what was going on as they counted, why some put the polling machines at the back behind them so that watchers could not check them out, and some poll watchers who were Republican were not even allowed in the area where votes were counted. Plus the mail issues. Ballots were rewritten, ballots were counted that were brought in days after voting and they had no postmark, ballots that had no signature were counted or in some cities the people were called to come sign the ballot. All of this is illegal. People born in 1900 voted, and I saw a list on one of the videos shown. There were too many questions about what went on. When you get a room of all one party, there is a possibility of cheating, and it is something that has happened in the past, and people have even been prosecuted for it.

            So my theory is that there are way to many red flags to believe you are right in your thinking. There is a sea of red flags across this nation, including the software used that changed votes. Guess who is involved in that company, why it’s the Clintons. They sure do have a reputation for doing things they shouldn’t be doing as far as computers are concerned. It was proven before the election that the company had problems dating back several years, but they were contracted anyway.

            Politicians should be the most trustworthy people around. For shame, they are the most crooked and greedy, at least a lot of them are. We need more Trey Gowdy types in DC taking care of our government. Strong and honest. Sorry that is not Biden, not strong, not honest. He has mental issues, which I’m very sorry about, it is a difficult thing to see a loved one loose their mental capacity. Honest, I have too many questions that have not been asked enough and never answered about his involvement in the money schemes of Hunter Biden, and was Joe the “Big Guy” I don’t trust either one on the Dem ticket.

    • Mr. Burkman, when you say reliable news sources, I hate to tell you this, but those things are few and far between. Might I ask the ones where you get your information. I truly would like to check them out. Thank you.

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