Lakeview FFA members raise hens as part of Supervised Agriculture Experience Project

The Lakeview Ag. Dept is currently raising laying hens as a Supervised Agricultural Experience for FFA members. Experiential and work-based learning in school based agricultural education allows agriculture education to extend beyond the classroom to develop our student’s industry and career-based competencies. The method for delivering high quality experiential learning is the Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).

The SAE is a required component of a total Agricultural Education program and intended for every student. Through their involvement in their SAE, students are exposed to multiple careers, learn expected workplace behavior, and develop specific skills within an industry, and are provided opportunities to apply academic and occupational skills in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment. Through these strategies, students learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom as they prepare to transition into the world of college and career opportunities. Raising hens was chosen as the SAE project because Poultry is the largest animal industry in the state of Louisiana. During the project, students will learn activities related to production and management, marketing and food safety and quality of poultry products.