High School Softball Player signs letter of intent with Memphis University

Linsey Hargis signed her letter of intent to play softball for Memphis University on Nov. 12 in Natchitoches Central High School’s library. Her parents Lynn and Gary Hargis, siblings Jake and Shaylynn Hargis and her niece Harley Brown were there to celebrate the occasion. Head Softball Coach at Natchitoches Central, Ronnie Abels, said Linsey has been a member of the softball team and a district player for all four years.

Linsey’s love of the game began at an early age. She grew up watching her brother play baseball and her sister play softball. This inevitably led to a lot of involvement for Linsey. Linsey’s father shared a fond memory of when both his girls played ball at Central for one year as a senior and a freshman.

Linsey even tried out and made the Louisiana Voodoo team in New Orleans when she was 13-years-old. This has led to weekly trips down South during the season and much more travel for competitions like the Jr. Olympics in St. Louis, MO and the upcoming Gold Nationals in Plano, TX.

Linsey chose Memphis University after being spotted by recruiters at one of the tournaments she was playing in. She liked their coaches and the overall atmosphere on the school campus when she visited for a tour.

Gary describes his daughter as dedicated, saying she’s had no trouble maintaining a 4.0 or higher GPA throughout high school.

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  1. Awesome job. I played ball at Cal State Fullerton. You will have the best time of your life. Enjoy of second of it. CONGRATS!!!!

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