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By Reba Phelps

Did you know that the Village of Goldonna is the home of three churches all within a stone’s throw from each other? City folks might would say that they’re all located on the same city block but we know there are no city blocks in Goldonna.

Once you cross the welcoming railroad tracks downtown you will run into River of Life Church. The church was founded in the 1980’s and is Non Denominational. They have church services every Sunday morning beginning at 10:30 am.The church even offers a Children’s Church during the regular service as well. They also have Wednesday night services that begin at 7 pm. The church was heavily damaged almost two years ago by a tornado but recovered very well with the help of the community. The church is Pastored by Rev. George Procell who has been there since 1987 and Rev. Marty Cheatwood is the Assistant Pastor. Church services will resume on November 22.

If you travel with me straight past River of Life then turn left onto Ash Street you will find Goldonna Baptist Church once you top the hill. If you happen to visit with them on Sunday November 22 services start at 11 am you can enjoy the service from your car. They are having their first ever Drive In Worship Service. You will have the opportunity to sing hymns together, listen and respond to a sermon from Revelations. Due to the recent COVID concerns in Goldonna, they are choosing to participate in this type of service and limit the number of people in the sanctuary. The Pastor of the church is Brother Jason Womack who accepted this calling in 2011. The church offers Sunday School at 10 am, worship service at 11 am. They offer Sunday evening services, beginning at 5 pm with Youth and Adult classes, and a worship service at 6 pm. Wednesday night services begin at 6 pm.

If you leave the parking lot of First Baptist and turn onto Tally Street you will find the Goldonna Assembly of God Church. This church is pastored by Brother Timmy Harris and has been known to be one of the leaders who will host the Community Church Services that they offer on occasion. Sunday morning services begin at 9:45 am and Sunday evening services at 5 pm. Tuesday night they offer a Bible Study at 6 pm. Wednesday night services begin at 6 pm and there is a Thursday night prayer service at 7 pm.

The Village of Goldonna is a small community who has had their own share of COVID related illnesses. Church times and days are subject to change due to community wellness. The village is home to three churches who, prior to COVID, gathered quarterly to worship as a collective family. All of the churches have Facebook pages with up to date information as well. With the variety of times, classes and denominations you could certainly find a church home anywhere on the Village block!

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