It’s Not Over Till Supreme Court Says It Is

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. Joseph Stalin

It’s been interesting to watch virtually all major media declare that former VP Biden “won” the election. It’s humorous to see Biden standing in front of the “Office of the President Elect” banner because there is no such office or position. It’s a positive development to see the General Services Administration (GSA) not release federal funds for the so-called “Biden Transition” to begin given no winner of the election has been ascertained.

The hatred for Pres. Trump is so great that every imaginable form of distraction and confusion that can be enlisted to obscure the fact that no winner has been certified is being employed. As an attorney, I succeed or fail based upon the strength of the evidence I present in court. Period. Not feelings, opinions, or innuendo. Just evidence. So, if the Trump Campaign is not able to gather and produce for the courts adequate, reliable evidence that widespread fraud has occurred, Pres. Trump will lose the argument and the race. But not until.

What do we know? We know that hundreds of individuals—alleging 1000s of instances of fraud—in a position to know have signed affidavits that they have personal knowledge of fraud. Affidavits are evidence and used in courts daily across the country. An affidavit is a written statement, under oath, that is sworn to be true. Signing an affidavit that contains false information can subject the individual to criminal penalties.

Are all these people lying? Very unlikely. Further, the more we learn about this Dominion computer software the more stunning it becomes. This software was written for the sole purpose of switching votes electronically, in real time—for cheating. We also know that as many as 30 states use this same software to administer elections. This is a major problem.

All of this is to say nothing of allegations that in Philadelphia, contrary to Pennsylvania state law, election observers were denied the right to monitor the counting of approximately 120,000 ballots because they were forced to stand back and away, for a 20-hour period, from where the counting was taking place. As a result, observers could not tell whether the ballots were correctly postmarked, addressed, signed, and sealed as required by law. There are also allegations that ballots were backdated to appear timely.
In Wisconsin, allegations that after election observers had gone home—sometime between 3-4 am—over 100,000 ballots “appeared” and were counted and, in a statistically improbable way, all the ballots appeared to have voted for one candidate. In Milwaukee, the county moved quickly to alter its website registration portal, so the pro-Biden vote tally did not appear so statistically improbable.

In Michigan, allegations that observers were also denied access, again contrary to state law, to counting locations from which to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process. One woman who identified herself as an election volunteer in Clark County stated she had found a box of 500 ballots outside of the vote counting facility inscribed with the names of individuals who were not on the County’s voter rolls. In Detroit, windows were boarded up preventing poll watchers from viewing the counting of ballots.

Our sacred right to vote is a fundamental right and held inviolate for American citizens including the 73 million who voted for President Trump.
If former VP Biden becomes president under these circumstances he would delegitimize and lame-duck his presidency at its very beginning. Win at all costs has costs. People can accept losing if they lose fairly and squarely and the contest was conducted honestly. We’re a long way from knowing that.

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36 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Till Supreme Court Says It Is

  1. I once stood up for Royal saying he is entitled to his “Opinion”. And that people just needed to take his opinion with a grain of salt. I’m now baffled at his misinformation campaign. He’s not interested in getting America back to anything other than “Us against Them”. As a retired cop who spent 30 years of my career being called names. I wanted nothing more than to get the heck out of my busy city. I moved to this small town because I loved it here while visiting my grandmother every summer. I loved the “Family” feel that all residents of Natchitoches showed me. From the lady who gave me lemonade when I knocked on her door saying I was thirsty. Or the man who got off his porch and helped me fix my bicycle when the tire fell off. I wanted to raise my adopted son in this town. I’m happy in this town and I’m now known by every kid I coached softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer as “Coach”. My last statement goes to the Journal. Is Royal a resident of Natchitoches? If not, why does his opinions even matter to us? Lets find someone interested in Our Community! Love this town!

    • Coach?? Maybe it matters because it’s the truth. Maybe it matters because it tells something different than what we have to listen to every single day from the lefties in the news business. Wait, did I say news business. I forgot there is not much of that any longer. It’s all opinion and Trump bashing. I think you people can’t stand that he has straightened out some things Obama and Biden, oh and Hillary, screwed up. At least he has brought US citizens who were wrongly imprisoned in foreign countries home to their families. That is really far from those in the Obama administration sitting in a room, telling troops to stand down, troops who were ready to rescue those who were slaughtered in Benghazi. For that alone, you should be angry at what those three people did. They were responsible for the death of those brave Americans. And they watched it happen on their little tv set in the White House. I wonder if they felt sorrow and pain for what those men went through. Probably not, since it seems to be more or less swept under the rug by the lefties.

    • Did you vote for Biden…as for this us against them stuff, just what planet have you been on the last four years.

  2. While Covid-19 is at an all time high, Trump has not even looked at it in 5 months, enjoying golf is much better…Our great country has never been in the shape that it is now in. Trump likes to grab women, not pay taxes, is a sorry Loser, hates black people, cares about no one but his own self…plus he is a Moron!! He will go down in history as the worst president and one that refused to give his throne up after being soundly defeated! Poor little trumpy, this time the voters can say “Trump, You are Fired!”……And all you feed back, how do you really feel about having to pay your own taxes, when the President of the United States, don’t even pay his own???

    • Tell It Like It Is (???????)
      Where have you been the last 4 years. Obviously not in reality. You don’t know that the vaccine for COVID has been pushed for by President Trump and people will begin getting shots in January, 2021. These new vaccines usually take much much longer, sometimes even years. Yesterday some of the media admitted that “Trump was right.” You appear to be totally uninformed and your pseudonym, “Tell It Like It Is” is totally misleading. This is a comment that only contains hate, no truth. I actually feel pity for someone whose heart and soul is so filled with hate.

  3. Mr. Alexander,

    Keep on educating, I think many do not know the U.S. constitution, this kind of election has happened
    before and there is law to address it. I wish the High courts would rule on election officials and lower courts changing rules in midstream. The state laws are supposed to be followed not bent. All I want is
    laws to be followed on what votes are allowed, and election poll watchers are allowed to do their job.
    Then count the votes and may the chips fall where ever, I will accept it, just do the counting by the laws
    set ahead of time. IF that cannout be done then throw out the questionable votes and do as the constitution says and let the U.S. House choose the President. IF we do not get this right we have no
    constitution or Republic, we are done as the U.S.A. God help us.

  4. I hesitate to comment because it only encourages NPJ to print more of Mr. Alexander’s misinformation, but I want readers in Natchitoches to know that there are some people in our so far lovely and gracious city who vehemently disagree with him. Trump’s lawyers cannot produce evidence in court and the cases are thrown out. I love my country and my God and I voted for Joe Biden.

    • There is NOTHING about Biden that shows he loves AMERICA OR AMERICANS. He has shown over and over. Take off your blinders. The only thing that can save AMERICA is for Republicans to keep the Senate. And just so you know affidavits are a form of evidence and there are thousands of affidavits showing the cheating.

      • Oops, I replied to the wrong comment. “C”, show me the evidence because nobody has produced it in the courts. You might make history if you come up with some REAL evidence.

    • Lady Blue Dog, the Dems must be afraid about something because the Trump lawyers are being harrassed and threatened. Some are under police protection because of that.

  5. Steve Johnson, reading and commenting on Royal’s columns are very interesting. That is the way we can see how people think, and sometimes why they think the way they do. We love commenting on Royal’s opinions. We love commenting on other comments left by people who are so far left they are all out in left field and can’t comprehend what is going on here. Why I see that Silence Dogood even calls Royal a facist and a failed politician, both signs of a Democrat who finally stoops to name calling. Argue the facts. There are lawsuits filed that claim fraud, and there seems to be plenty of evidence of it. Look at Georgia right now. They want people to go into Georgia to claim to live there, register to vote, vote for the Democrat candidates on the ballot, then turn around and go home. Some people don’t seem to see this as fraud, but I do, and I’m very interested in what they call it. The AG of Georgia said that if he sees this being done, the people will be prosecuted. The fine is VERY high, and the stay is prison would take more than a couple of years off your social calendar.

    We have had information for years that the Democrats have had dead people voting, people voting that cross state lines and vote twice, and now they want people who are not citizens to vote. What will that do to the USA. We don’t know for sure, but if they are not citizens of the USA, they are NOT eligible to vote. PERIOD. So know, if we read something that is not so, rest assured that we will speak out against it. That is what should have been done long ago instead of just letting it go. I’m glad we have a man in the White House who will fight it. He had seen a lot of this heading our way long before the elections, and told us what was going to happen. I don’t know if he would win or lose if the voting was done fair and legally, but fair and legal voting is the only thing I will accept now or in the future. I am not there, so there is not much I can physically do, but I can speak out against it whenever I see it. If it’s Republican, I will speak out about that too. However, we rarely see that if I remember correctly. I see in voting history that the conservative people are mostly going to vote honestly, and the far left liberals want to win and will do whatever it takes. I’m not talking about the normal liberals, I am talking far far left, the ones like the owners of Google, FaceBook, George Soros, the Clintons, and a lot of the Silicon Valley rich.

    Anyone who doesn’t want to see the comments and responses to them, don’t scroll down to read them. But I think most on here will read the comments, it’s what we do and why we respond to comments. Anyone who calls this a legitimate election is living in a dream world, or has their head buried in the sand. Royal’s article is spot on, not is a lie, and the liberals will deny every word he wrote, then start calling him names. Standard Operating Procedure for them. They can’t argue the points, so they just call names. Shame, shame people.

    Write on Royal. We like what you are doing, and please, don’t mind the gossips.

  6. Silence doggood: You mentioned fascist muck: Please give evidence of how fascism exists in the USA. I am tired of that accusation. And do you think socialism is better? Please explain. Here we go again folks. The left watches news from the liberal media. Royal, MEWHP, Mike Casey, SuSu, etc realize the mainstream media is an extremely biased, and twisted source of news. They constantly spew hate for Trump. They constantly uphold the democrats. Very poor excuse for news. They exclude the evils of the radical left, like the riots, violence of BLM and Antifa. There is a new book out by Gabriel Nadalas: Behind the Black Mask: He will tell you he was a victim of the brainwashing that radical University professors and High School faculty use. He explains these were lies directing students to believe the USA is basically evil and needs to be taken down. For goodness sakes people read something from an actual witness. Do you remember the post by MEWHP where she described all that Trump accomplished? I saw this exact same thing from the Fb page “The Catholic News Agency”, This site also tells you of the destruction that is happening with the riots and churches all across the country. The Bishops tell you of these violent attacks because they occur in their parishes. Do any of you for the left see the destruction of the churches with grafitti saying “Biden 2020”, a swastika and other hate messages? Your party elects people who are barely American, and Omar and AOC will tell you how they feel about America. Just think of all the soldiers that gave up so much for our freedom, yet fail to see the enemy of our freedom is from within- Look at the warzone in Portland and so many other major democratic led cities for heaven’s sake. . So go ahead Royal, keep trying tp tell them. I don’t believe Biden is an honest person. Did the liberal news tell how he flunked a class in law school because of plagerism and that in the election of 2008 he plagerized his speeches (one speech was from Kennedy).If Biden will cheat by stealing other peoples works for his own gain, then he is likely to cheat at anything for his own gain. Then the mess with Hunter Biden: These articles have been on Fox and other news sources. You liberal are in the dark

  7. I agree that proof is of utmost importance and that a win at all costs attitude has consequences for our democracy. I further note that, to date, Trump’s lawsuits regarding this matter have met with no success and that a number of the law firms he hired have withdrawn from the engagement without explanation. Perhaps, a lack of proof? The ballots that “appeared” in Wisconsin were due to a data entry error that was corrected within the hour of mistake (I refer here NPR). I further note that today Trump fired the bureaucrat that stated that the election was the most secure in history. Hmmm, who has the win at all cost attitude?

  8. Once again I thank you for your articles. I have lived a good many years and I have never seen the hate in our country like it has been the last four years. Because Trump was elected and the left would have sworn that they had Hillary as a sure thing. Trump has not divided this country, the left and the media has. And guess what, Biden and Harris, if they do go in, are not going to bring it together. There is already fighting among the left. If the election is called for Biden and Harris, God help this country.

  9. So Silence Dogood I see why you voted for Biden because you want to take away freedom of speech. Hmmm sounds like communism to me.

  10. I totally agree and thank you for trying to educate those who blindly follow Biden even to the detriment of our country and our voting system.

  11. This is shameful and abhorrent! There was a legitimate election and this failed politician from a secondary city in Louisiana continues to spew his fascist muck. NPJ I am sincerely disappointed that you continue to publish his “MY OPINION” column. That red blurb post article is not enough because this man is stirring up discord and feeding into a series of false charges.

    • “Stirring up discord and feeding into a series of false charges”…kind of like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, should I go on? They post articles like this because NPJ will have 50 triggered libs whining about it, and 50 conservatives telling them how dumb they are. It’s called clicks, and it works on these stories. Don’t comment and they will go away.

    • I agree with you whole heartily on this guy propaganda and it resonates In the worldoufly. When Hilary Clinton votes was counted and she had more than Him, the cry was, ” was get over it” he got the most College Electoral vote and that cancelled out the popular vote and she graciously concede, with class and you Republicans was ecstatic, now Joe Biden got both and you all are crying foul!!! You trusted the system then and you fell in love with hater because he gave you permission to show your underlying hate publicly, because the real real reason you upset is because he chose a black person as his running mate and Heaven forbid, SHE’S BLACK!!! Prove me wrong if this isn’t the REAL REASON for these racial innuendos. You got a black Mayor and that was a pill to swallow and now, a black VP???? Get used to change because it’s here. Just like you, this my opinion.

      • This is not an opinion, this is a list of week old allegations that have been disproven. Example, No evidence could be found in Clark county, and the the board of electors that are 50% republican has certified the election. As usual Mr Alexander’s comments have no factual value, except to spread discord

        • There are THOUSANDS of affidavits from people that worked at polling booths, voting booths. ,there is also Video proof of Democrats at polling sites breaking the law. There are thousands of votes being found now even more today that are somehow just being found and most are Trumps. Theses are just a few PROVEN ways showing cheating. Doesnt even count the possible millions of votes switched from TRUMP to Biden because of software that is proven to have been used in other countries for cheating . But hey keep listening to the fake news and only knowing what they want you to know

      • Most people of any color could care less what color our mayor ,president, vice president or any other elected officials are. We care about politicians saying what they are about saying what they will do and doing what they said. Unlike Biden that changes his goals depending who he talks to . Biden is simply a two faced liar. And just so you know black is a color very few are actually black. And white is a color very few are albinos. Most people dont care about a persons race its all about people giving and treating you with respect and you do the same..

      • I am so sorry Ms Armstrong that you cannot see the difference in the two elections. The Electoral College votes have always been the votes that counted, not the popular vote. In the elections of 2016, the Republicans did not try to cheat in any way to get President Trump elected. No fraudulent votes, no fake mail in votes, no cheating while counting the votes and the poll watchers were invited in with no one trying to keep them out. Plus the Republications didn’t have anyone involved with the company that produced computer programs that switched votes. As we know now, the Clintons (Democrats) are involved in the computer company that produced that program. Now Joe Biden has said that he will appoint Peter Neffenger, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Smartmatic, which is the company responsible for the construction and implementation of our electronic voting system. In other words, the company responsible for the changing of votes from Trump to Biden. Just a little more than suspicious in my eyes.

        I hate that you see things that aren’t there also. No one has mentioned not liking Harris because she is black. Why she she is even married to a white man, and has an Indian mother, so she to me as neutral in color as anyone. I don’t see black and white, I see actions. I see the heart of a person. I don’t care for Ms Harris for several reasons. First, she is a socialist. I’m not going to ask if you know what that means, because I just want to ask you a question. Do you know why all the Cubans left Cuba? Do you know why they voted for President Trump? They lived under a Socialist government, and it was so bad, that they risked their lives to get away from it. They had nothing. It was horrible. Ms. Harris is a Socialist, even though she says she is a Democrat, she believes as a socialist and I don’t want her anywhere near the White House, nor do I want to give her any chance at becoming President of our country. Read how she got her start in politics. It was not because of what she knew, it was because she slept with a married man who would give her the right job. Now tell me you think sleeping with a married man is right, I don’t care what color a person is.

        But if you think President Trump is racist, I see that you don’t listen to the black folks that tell you over and over that he is not. Did you know that he once dated a black girl. Now, sorry, Ms Armstrong, that does not sound racist. But have you seen or read or heard about Joe Biden’s background. I want to give you some information, it may not make you change your mind, as you seem to have it made up, no matter what. One individual, in particular, that Biden praised repeatedly throughout his early congressional career was the late Alabama governor George Wallace, and I’m sure that you know that Wallace was a segregationist. Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Biden was seen as one of the Senate’s leading opponents of busing to desegregate public schools. A quote from Mr. Biden, “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point,” And the relationship with his VP choice has not always been good. He had this rude comment several years ago. ” In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent,” Biden said. “I’m not joking.” It sounds as though he might be talking about Kamala’s people, her mother’s people. Joe has been a racist. Do you believe people can change, that Joe is no longer a racist? My question then is if you hate Trump for something he has done in the past, don’t you think he can change?

        You say that after the 2106 election, Mrs Clinton conceded gracefully. But the fact that she conceded does not alter the fact that the Democrats have tried from Day 1 to oust the President from office. They thought he colluded with the Russians, let’s impeach Trump. The truth was it was not Trump, it was Hillary and the Dems. You seem to hate the president. Does it not matter to you that he brought companies back to the US, that there were more jobs for black people. There was a lower unemployment rate across the board than there had ever been, yet people can’t see that. It is a shame that something has happened in this country, it has caused so much hate, when we should all be rejoicing that there are jobs, plenty of them, before COVID. Though them Dems try to blame Trump, he stopped planes from China early on, and they laughed at him. Nancy was dancing in China Town saying bring all you friends and let’s party. And Trump got the blame for COVID being so bad. It is a funny world. Good people are blinded by lies, they absolutely don’t see the truth, a stubborn, hard-headed refusal. It is all right there in front of them, but they see something other than the truth. I really am shocked at the fact that there are so many lies. It’s painful to watch. I expect if from some, but not from others.

        • You have many words that doesn’t mean a thing, you are long winded and opinionated toward anyone who calls out The man that curses on news threads, that calls people stupid, grab women by their. Genitals, lies about everything and as long as he keep this nation divided. USA is in trouble and when it comes to your door, who you gon call, GHOST BUSTER????? As I said in my post, also as your heading says, my opinion is my opinion on the way this administration has done business is like no one who calls themselves Americans has ever seen and if Obama had done a smidgen of what he has gotten away with, he would be in jail. And what you fail to acknowledge, his drama ain’t over yet!!!! WAIT ON IT, WAIT ON IT.

          • First thing Obama SHOULD be in jail! Now as far as your comments about President Trump they are all personal opinions of yours. Things that will NEVER affect you or anyone one else in anyway. But like the democratics and the bias media news never mention all the accomplishments he has had, things that DO affect you everyday!

          • Ms Armstrong, I beg to differ. First, are you calling me out. Then I say to you, go ahead, start the insults, typical democratic move. Then support the true racist. Obviously you don’t read what I write, or you would know about the old sniffers reputation. He has supported segregation, until Obama, the president who watched our men die in Benghazi, tagged him for VP. Have you seen your hero put his hands on a woman’s shoulders and whisper in her ear. Have you ever heard thar the old sniffer made young girls very uncomfortable because he put his hands on them and arms around them. Girls much to young to deal with the old pervert. And he said he liked to do that because he liked the way they smelled. Look at the truth and don’t try to fool the rest of us that you watch anything but the liberal news broadcasts. It just surprises me that you hate a man so much, and he has done more for people of color than Obama & Biden ever thought about doing. I really pity people who just refuse to see what is in front of them. By the way, I heard today that some of the liberal newspapers actually said, “Trump was right.” We may not win the election, but we didn’t cheat to do it. To me, President Trump didn’t lose, the Democrats perfected their lies and cheating. Now if you can’t answer me with facts, you should know insults don’t count with me. All it shows is that you don’t have a decent argument.

      • The quack quack news tells you every chance it can about any thing a white person does that is racial. Think a minute: What would the outcome be, if the news changed its focus on all the remarkable, loving things whites did for blacks? instead of showing a few police that are too brutal, and handling these atrocities by punishing only the guilty ones. What if, instead all you heard about was the lives of black people that police saved? If everyone shared stories of white to black love, it would be more truthful. There is a preacher in this parish who adopted 4 children in need. two were black and 2 were white. The oldest black child was in a lot of trouble and this man went out of his way to help this young man. Even though this young man rejected this preacher, the preacher still keeps in touch and cares. This could be the wave of the future if truth were given a chance.

    • Dogwood been on this site a long time never remember you on here whining when the bias left was crying THE RUSSIANS DID IT!
      Didn’t see your disappointment when cnn trash a sitting president living up to all he promised and more for four years! Lol your just another liberal lapdog!

    • 30 court cases and not one had any evidence to convince a judge the cases had any merit. 30–. And where I come from (law enforcement) we always say, “No evidence, No crime!”

      • You are wrong! Not all have been thrown out, and in fact some are still pending, and some are just now being presented as evidence comes in. If Old Joe wins, I will say congratulations and act a lot better that a lot of left wingers have acted over the past 4 years. But basically the lies need to stop and let things go through the proper channels. I know there are courts that won’t even listen, just as I know there are liberal judges who behave very much like Nancy Pelosi. She has done NOTHING for 4 years except try to get President Trump out of the oval office. Why did she not try to take care of the nation’s business and get stimulus checks out to people who need them. Because others would not bow down to her and give money to her pet projects. But if you think there is no evidence, you are blind, and foolish. But when witnesses are threatened and their families are threatened and even children are mentioned in a threat, would you say, seeing as you came from law enforcement, that there might be cause for an investigation, as a witness was threatened and intimated, and therefore refused to testify. Come on, if you really are law enforcement, you know that should be investigated. Well unless you are a left winger. OH YES! Aren’t those lefties for doing away with police departments, and wouldn’t that mean you would be without a job? Hmmm, interesting.

      • Well, Coach, when Trump was elected, from the very beginning, the left began accusations that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. There was NO evidence, NO proof, just a weak rumor, And then this investigation went on for years. After Mueller testified that there was no evidence of collusion, people still believe and slander him for lying , being a traitor and who knows what else. He never colluded with the Russians to fix the election.. Can you imagine what the cost of this sham was? And of course Coach there was no crime. The media showed the same ignorance over and over during those years. So false propaganda was and has been allowed to destroy someone and others like Carter Page and General(ret) Flynn. So now what? Watch the show begin in which America will be torn down now that you have your President. May God help us all!!!!! Read: “Cost” by Maria Bartiloma.

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