By Tommy Rush

It’s hard to believe that we are only a week away from Thanksgiving. After such a long and difficult year, hopefully we are more grateful for the blessings of life. 2020 has definitely taught us how unpredictable life can be. It’s amazing how quickly life can change. For me personally, the difficulties and problems of 2020 has given me a deeper appreciation for my blessings. It’s interesting how it often takes problems and storms in life to remind us or wake us up to our many blessings! I have a feeling there will be a lot more thankfulness in Thanksgiving this year.
The first Thanksgiving came about after the Pilgrims lived through a harsh winter and a terrible season of disease and death.

One writer said: “The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts.” And yet they set aside a day to give thanks because the Pilgrims knew there is power in giving thanks! Giving thanks has a way of making us look up rather than down. It restores our hope when no answer is in sight, when we are running on empty or when we’re discouraged.

When we look at our life, our family, even our community through “Thanksgiving Eyes,” it not only renews our spirit, but it draws us closer to God. I’ve always enjoyed family talks around the dinner table. Often we share stories of where we experienced God’s blessings during the day. He’s all over your day – if you’re looking for Him. Sometimes it’s in the beauty of a sunrise, sometimes an encouraging text message from an old friend, or a child’s hug. God loves to reveal His presence and bless those who love Him. Of course, His goodness and grace is best experienced when He speaks through His Word, the Bible.

Yes, Thanksgiving has a way of helping us to see through our problems and refocus on our blessings. Remember the key to a grateful heart is to look up before looking around. It’s best to interpret circumstances by the love of Christ, instead of interpreting Christ’s love by your circumstances. I would encourage you to live a faith-led life, rather than a fear-fed life. It is a blessing to know that God can take the bad and get good out of it, no matter how tough the bad has been. If you need proof, just remember the greatest blessing given to world took place on an old rugged cross. That’s where we see God’s great love for us. Where we remember that we are worth far more than silver and gold and where all who believe realize the struggles of this world don’t compare to the goodness and grace of God!


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