The 2020 Turn on the Holidays Event Starts the Christmas Season in Natchitoches!

Kevin’s Gallery

The 2020 Christmas season began in grand style at the “Turn on the Holidays” event Saturday, November 21 at downtown Natchitoches. The downtown riverbank the place to be as thousands of visitors enjoyed a free concert and enjoyed a variety of food and snacks from vendors. Visitors also enjoyed shopping and dining along the iconic bricks of Front Street. NSU Cheerleaders manned the ticket booths.

The evening culminated with Miss Merry Christmas and the Christmas Belles flipping the switch as the audience counted down to zero and lit up Cane River with a myriad of lights. The turning on of the lights was followed by one of Natchitoches’ signature fireworks shows. The fireworks have been an integral part of the Natchitoches Christmas Festival for 84 of the show’s 94 years and are a perennial crowd favorite.

The Natchitoches Christmas Festival is in its 94th year of delivering holiday fun and building family memories. It has grown over the years from a local event into an internationally recognized festival. The Natchitoches Christmas Festival won the 2018 Southeastern Tourism Society’s “Shining Example Award” as a top twenty festival of the year. The Natchitoches Christmas Festival is the oldest, and in the Natchitoches Parish Journal’s opinion, far and away the finest, component of the multi-city “Trail of Lights” that recently won a “Louey” award for best festival/event of the year from the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association.

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With thousands of lights, fireworks, concerts and the festival day’s events, there is nothing quite like the Christmas season in Natchitoches!

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