If Our Sacred Vote is Lost, America Will Fail

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

Yes, it is that serious. The hallmark of a legitimately functioning democracy in a free society is the honest exercise of the voting franchise by its citizens. Period. If people become convinced that their vote—the most powerful tool they possess to express themselves, their policy preferences, and to participate in our civic life—is not valued and protected, the rule of law will crumble. And when the rule of law is gone what results is chaos, anarchy, and the law of the jungle. Many people in this country already feel powerless and disconnected and if the hope and faith they place in their vote—their voice—is corrupted and destroyed, our nation cannot endure.

That is why what we have and are learning about the presidential election is so deeply disturbing. If even a fraction of the sworn affidavit testimony and other allegations that have surfaced since Election Day are true, this is the largest, most well-organized, and destructive fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Win at all costs has costs and if this “election” is not challenged, fixed, and reversed we will have irreparably damaged our country. Americans may be disappointed with an outcome but if they feel the contest was conducted freely and fairly, they will accept it. But not if they believe it was rigged and stolen. Election officials are public officials, and they owe an honest accounting to the citizens they serve that their work was done according to law and with proper safeguards.

Perhaps the most upsetting thing is that we don’t know where to turn for justice. We now know most national media is highly partisan and no longer primarily concerned with pursuing objective, verifiable truth. In the past we would have relied on the FBI, but that agency’s leadership and moral authority have been compromised in the eyes of many Americans. The Department of Justice? Do we really have faith the DOJ would put America’s interests—and we the people—first, or is it also irredeemably politicized? Are there any federal agencies left that unquestionably put America’s interest first? Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court will restore the constitutional order.

Jefferson wrote powerfully in the Declaration of Independence that government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed” and when government no longer serves its essential purpose in protecting and preserving the freedoms and liberties of our citizens—our unalienable rights—it must be “altered or abolished.” In fact, it is our right and duty to “throw off such government…”

If this apparent theft of a national election is allowed to stand, it may spark the second American revolution. The great Silent Majority in this country, including the 73 million Americans who voted for President Trump, are simply not going to tolerate this. We should continue to pray for our nation and speak out demanding that justice be done—which includes continuing this investigation until every legal vote is counted, correctly and transparently.

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40 thoughts on “If Our Sacred Vote is Lost, America Will Fail

  1. It’s funny how you libs want to ‘vote’ on whether this columnist is allowed his free speech rights to say what he believes. He asks for a confidence in honest elections and you want to shut him up. Typical. Whether you like this writer, whether you like the current president, whether you are liberal or conservative, you should want fairness in the election process. Once we lose that we are Venezuela. Put down your koolaid long enough to let the process work out.

  2. Why do you continue to publish his opinion?
    Who ever he is. Always putting out misinformation and who cares about his opinion.
    Please publish articles that are informative and factual. NOT OPINION PIECES

    • L Wayne, why don’t you write about your opinion. Oh wait, you just did. A few notes on your opinion, it’s really short, would you have the ability to write a longer article? You said “Who ever he is.” First ‘whoever’ is one word, so please use your education or at least spell check in the longer opinions you want to write. You see his name, so what else do you need. By the way, you should use your full name on the opinion pieces, just as he does, and then take the verbal abuse Mr. Alexander does from people who don’t agree with you. Finally, for your information, a newspaper publishes informative and factual articles, opinion pieces and even ads for businesses. You really do need to know what a newspaper does.

      I enjoy reading the Journal. True, it is not a great big newspaper, but it is one paper, well not really paper, but a computer screen, where everyone can make comments on articles written, even the people who know not of which they speak. I look forward to hearing more from you L Wayne. It sometimes takes a while to write an opinion piece, so I advise finding out what day your opinion will be published, have a good photo taken and get on that writing. I wish you well.

  3. Thank you for your article Mr Alexander and thank you NPJ for publishing it. The local Demo Socialists want to censor any voice other than their own views.

  4. All talk, no evidence. No attorney has ever presented these claims to a judge in court. They’d have to provide proof, none. It would be testified to under oath with assured perjury charges. As to the claim of “no proof ” of wrongdoing by Individual 1, laughable. Since Mueller wasn’t allowed access to certain materials, namely THE tax returns, we cant get to that much needed info. Obviously there is plenty there or he wouldnt be so eager to hide them. Certain Repubs continue to push these and other conspiracy theories in the hope folks wont investigate on their own. Follow the money. I ask that you dont listen to what they say, watch what they do. Stay well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Well stated Vicki. Now the DOJ came out and said there is “No evidence to support any fraud in our election!” I guess Barr will be fired next. Smdh.

  5. The Supreme Court loaded with republicans has spoken and denied the unfounded irrational pathetic arguments of this case and Trump is a looser just like Royal. Your words Royal, remember? When they decide it is decided! Although that was also incorrect as the voters decide. But now you’ve changed your tune, distrusting the institution that you work under, you no longer need proof or facts just a lot of BS jargon put out to the commoners who will follow like sheep.

    • Jrl, you should know of which you speak before you look foolish in front of the readers in the NPJ. THIS HAS NOT EVEN GONE TO THE SUPREME COURT SO HOW CAN IT BE DENIED!!! One lawsuit was upheld in PA with two still pending. Michigan has one pending. Arizona has one pending. Nevada had one upheld and two pending. These are as of November 23, and is not from FOX, but from a more left leaning USA Today, and not all have even been filed. So, for those who think this has been thrown out by the Supreme Court, you are wrong. You are so full of hate, you will not even check all the facts, you just go by MSNBC or CNN, the far left liberals who can’t handle the fact that President has done a wonderful job in the four years he has served as our president. Personally, if things are all above board and honest, WHY do you have so many objections to an honest recount by a mix of Republicans and Democrats, being watched over by poll watchers, people from within the legal community who are not affiliated with any candidate, and cameras watching every table. Too many QUESTIONS, videos showing suspicious activities, ballots with no dates coming in 3 or 4 days late and with no postmarks, thousands of ballots coming in with no postmark and only one name checked, that of Joe Biden, people going to vote and being told that they have already voted and they say they haven’t, signatures not being verified, poll watchers not being allowed close to counters or the machines, a computer program that switched votes and was used in so many states, and the CEO being in the Biden camp and Clinton owning part of the company, the PIZZA BOXES taped over the windows, and testimony of people who were there in person, who saw the suspicious activity. One person who witnessed fraud withdrew his statement or affidavit because his job was threatened, his family was threatened, and his child was threatened. That is low and stinks of illegal activity by someone who doesn’t want Trump to win. You can be sure that if the vote had gone the other way, you would be screaming for a recount and verification of signatures. In fact, in 2016, Democrats screamed collusion with the Russians and that is why President Trump won. So what did we find out when all the investigation was completed. It was all Hillary’s team. Total hoax, fraud, and they were caught. IF THERE IS NO FRAUD GOING ON, WHY ARE THE DEMOCRATS SO AFRAID OF AN INVESTIGATION?? I didn’t object to an investigation in 2016, so I would just like to know what your problem is. What causes the fear of a recount, and there is so much uproar that it smells like fear. Let a recount be done, and signatures be verified, and all the laws be followed as to which mail-in ballot are actually legal. If they don’t have a postmark, and they were late, a judge instructed that those ballots be put in a separate pile, and they were not. Fraud?? Maybe. Reminds me of the duck saying, looks, walks, quacks! Yep, this does.

      • Boy you are always so long winded in your response. What you got to say about Barr now? Lets have it. Under 500 words this time. LMAO.

        • Go ahead and say LMAO. Will you be saying that when gas prices go up, when the economy tanks, when unemployment goes sky high, when we start sending more young men back into wars, and we have millions of illegals, including gangs and cartel members as US citizens and fewer police to help protect us. Go ahead have your moment of LMAO. Oh yes, no guns available to defend your home. Under 500. Happy Now?

          • You never addressed my question. Keep up the scare tactics, that’s all you got. Ain’t no one taking my guns! If the Dems are asking for common sense gun control, they aren’t asking a retired cop to turn in her handguns, hunting rifle, or shotguns… nope they are not talking about people like me. Next!!! Waiting on a Barr response.

          • Replying to coach dodd, I realize I didn’t reply to your question, cupcake. I considered the entire comment rude and totally uncalled for, as I never addressed any of your comments up to that point. As is typical of the lefties, you immediately started your rude comments toward me as to my long winded responses, and I chose to address that. But, since you still want to know what my answer to your question is, I will tell you that the lefties are doing what they usually do, taking one line out of an article and using it as the absolute truth. Here is the entire truth of Barr’s statement. Read it and weep, Sunshine.

            “The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a statement on Tuesday in response to the backlash from an article by The Associated Press which quoted Attorney General William Barr saying that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

            “Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the DOJ has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated,” a DOJ spokesperson said, according to CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge.

            “The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

            For further info on Biden’s plans, go check out his website. Of course, the way he changes his future policies depending on who he is speaking to, it might have changed by now. If it has, sorry you should have been quicker on the draw

        • Where does it say that a writer needs to use 500 words or less? I didn’t know the publisher had placed a limit on the number of words used in comments. Could you please direct to the area where the information is given so I can see other restrictions that there might be? Or as a retired cop, is this your directive to people making comments. I always thought this was a freedom that we enjoy in America. In listening to you, I think you are a retired liberal straight from California. I found this to be much the way some people thought in that area. Remember that you are in Louisiana now, and we do practice our freedoms here, whether you are a fan or not. I have found that it’s best that you get used to it.

  6. When a Democrat says Republicans are suppressing the vote what they really mean is that anything that requires a voter to prove who they are or any basic fraud prevention or that are they legally entitled to vote as citizen with a legal residence, only vote once and they are a real person who is also not dead is voter suppression

  7. Mr. Alexander is repeating dangerous falsehoods. Even though NPJ has placed a disclaimer stating they don’t necessarily share these opinions, they should maintain a higher level of journalistic integrity by not amplifying them by publishing them in their journal. I am perfectly happy to consider an opinion that is based on verifiable facts and not information that has proven to be fabricated. Read the court transcripts and you will see that absolutely no fraud has been alleged in any of the lawsuits. You can make whatever outlandish claim you want to on Twitter but when you take a case to trial you have to actually present a case that actually has some evidence to back up the claim. None of Trump’s lawyers are willing to risk disbarment by falsely claiming in court that any fraud actually took place, because they know it isn’t true.

    • Mr. Cunningham, if you have ever looked at various newspapers, you know that articles by someone other than an employee of the newspaper has the disclaimer following it. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t agree, they are doing their best to stay unbiased or not be sued because someone might have inadvertently written an untruth. May I ask, have you really read all the court transcripts? Are you in the legal profession? Have you kept up with what is going on and do you know that there are cases still pending in some state courts? I don’t know what has been alleged in the courts, because I have not read all the transcripts and I would not be able to understand all the legalese in there anyway. But be careful what you call outlandish, for they obviously have some evidence to back up claims as cases are pending. Some things have not even been filed. Some things were withdrawn at the request of the witness because he and his family received threats and was in fear of harm.

      You stated ” I am perfectly happy to consider an opinion that is based on verifiable facts and not information that has proven to be fabricated.” Based on the FACTS presented online and in news outlets and newspapers such as USA Today (not a conservative paper by any stretch), there are cases pending in state courts. No matter how many transcripts you claimed to have read, YOU ARE WRONG! So start considering, as you said you would do. Enjoy your reading, and thanks for looking at the other side for a change.

    • Yes, let us censor the media. Sounds like a grand idea, idiot. Socialism starts by suppressing the opposition’s voice.

    • Thank you Ed. No one wants to hear the truth. As a retired detective, I’d be thrown out of court if I tried to present a case with no evidence! Just because Trump claims there was wide spread fraud doesn’t make it true. He lost, the people spoke. This article seems to be more of a “prep for civil war if the election isn’t reversed”. And to me, that’s VERY DANGEROUS!

          • Didn’t assume a thing,all I did was read your post and you clearly think Trump and his supporters should give up the fight. BUT there wasn’t a problem with 4 years of witch hunts costing millions and finding out the only connections to Russia were the democratics and Biden!
            Merry Christmas to you!

    • And that’s what he’s trying to do. Make you AFRAID. It’s how wars start. It’s how neighborhoods get red lined, It’s how politicians get elected, it’s how we end up with terms like “war on crime” or “stop and frisk”. Don’t be afraid. Nothing is going to happen by Trump leaving the WH. Shit, he can run again in 2024. Concentrate on his re-election… God bless us all.

  8. Mr. Alexander,
    I could not agree more. IF, the folks who do not think the election had some phoney votes, Really, want a
    fair election they should be asking for an investigation to make sure it was done correctly. instead they
    say its sour grapes. We must have an election we can trust. As I have said before, if after a reasonable
    investigation into the possible problem spots, the election still goes to Biden I have no issue. I wont like
    it, but I will accept it.

  9. The President indicated that if he lost the election was rigged. The republicans have sought to suppress the vote before the election and to circumvent the results after the fact. Their repeated attempts have failed because they have no evidence of the problems that they broadcast outside of a court of law. Oh, by the way, if you had the ability to rig an election would you have narrowed the democrat’s majority in the house and left the senate in republican control? Come on now.

    • Did you whine about the Russians when Trump was elected? That went on for 4 years! The democratics whined for 4 years with nothing and did nothing for the country the entire time! So now just weeks after the election republicans are wrong for questioning the results?

      • Mike Casey- notice how coach and others on the left refuse to address what you are posting. The collusion claim was investigated and there was no evidence, or FACTS. None at the beginning of the false claims and none after the investigation. This was one of the worst false federal investigations, and it occurred with the highest levels of government and the FBI. All fueled by hate and being poor losers.

  10. Must fulfill some inner need to continually defend a thief, liar,coward, cheater, is there some relationship between those two?? We know how this “Royal” and Trump think!!

  11. Let’s talk about fraud – 12.7 million infected with and over 260k dead from COVID-19. A virus we were told wasn’t a big deal. Blood is on Trump’s hands.

    Y’all are fighting for something that isn’t there. States have recounted, suits have been thrown out in court, and votes are certified by state boards, and yet y’all can’t handle the truth. Democracy did work. The people spoke. Loudly. Biden received nearly 80m votes and Trump nearly 74m. Biden has a mandate to clean up Trump’s mess.

    I wish the Journal would stop giving you a platform.

    • We need an honest election to vote on this columnist from Shreveport. Can’t you find someone local to fill this space? I would be interested reading a conservative voice and a liberal voice, but I’m ever so tired of this guy parroting Donald Trump. Plenty places to read that.

  12. Another example of a bumbling idiot who can’t believe the people have spoken. Votes have been counted, Trump lost! Thank God! People had enough of that narcissist & his self serving ways.

    • Another example of hate filled people who cannot admit that their side lost in 2016, and the man that actually beat their high priestess at her crooked game has actually done some good for the country, until a virus from China crippled the entire world. They say “Thank God” but wait until gas prices hit $4.00 or more per gallon. Wait until the unemployment rate goes to higher and stays there, and not just because the government is closing businesses down. Wait until the USA starts paying the way for WHO again because other countries refuse to pay their fair share. Wait until jobs start going overseas again because of cheap labor. Wait until our population increases by millions, and there are no jobs and we have many on welfare. Wait until your taxes go sky high and no tax breaks for child care. Wait until they come for your guns. Wait until socialized medicine hits us. Wait for the Supreme Court to be packed. Wait for it folks, Wait for it. Wait until all courts in all the states speak on all the issues. Wait for it. Until then, what we are waiting for you to do is stop with the hate talk, we have had enough of that. That narcissist served this country for four years with no pay, so please explain if you can how that was self serving. You people have called him every name in the book, but never saw the evil in Hillary. She keeps sticking her head out and spouts her advice to Joe. As in, “Joe, whatever you do, don’t concede the election. Do not concede.” So I ask, why would it be ok for Joe, but not President Trump?

      • Get over 2016- Trump won and Hilary lost. Who cares about that???? No one but you. You will see in the coming days Trump is a con man. He NEVER showed his taxes. He never cared about Americans dying from Covid. Who talks about pardoning themselves and his entire family before leaving office? Who does that? Not and innocent man. And who in the hell is behind the “pay to be pardoned scam?” America messed up by picking Trump as our President. If any other Republican had been selected, I have no doubt that person would win another 4 years in office. HANDS DOWN! Trumps failed response to Covid is what got him out of office. And the 74 million that voted for him, voted for party and we’re single issue voters (Abortion). They will suck it up come January 20th and support their president. The rest, well… they will get a ton of grey hairs in the next 4 years.

        • HA, you say I’m the only one who cares about the 2016 election, then tell me why then, pelosi and her band of thieves spent the entire 4 years of Trump’s presidency trying to get him out of the oval office. Sounds like they cared about it much more than I. They didn’t do much work at all for our country, because they were so intent on impeachment and having him gone. If they had worked a little more for the USA, maybe, just maybe, we would have had even more advancements during the past 4 years. I pelosi and her band of thieves had not blocked a stimulus payment, there are people who could afford Christmas for their family, could afford a Christmas dinner, and could afford to stay in their home longer. In my eyes, your Democrat leading the House is not a person doing anything for the people of America. I don’t see how you think America messed up, except you are so full of hate for a man who won the office of the presidency, you refuse see even the successes of a man who did so much for the citizens of the USA. Bringing companies home from foreign countries, didn’t matter much to the retired cop drawing a good pension, but meant a lot to people who seriously wanted and needed jobs. Working to bring home men imprisoned in foreign countries, and based on what you say it means nothing to you as sit free in the USA, but I know it meant a lot to those men to finally be free, as you are sitting in your nice home, and their families were overjoyed. He is the first president in years not to have sent young men into a war somewhere, and I guess that didn’t impress you at all, you are free, but mothers all over the USA are so thankful that their child didn’t have to go to a foreign country and possibly be killed. He was criticized loudly for meeting with foreign leaders, and the rumor was spread that he was in cahoots with the enemy, and I’m sure you thought he was up to no good, but think back, no country has threatened us in about 4 years, not one threat to send missiles our way. He is the first president in recent history to bring Arab countries to the table to sign a piece accord, and my thought is that he will not ever be recognized for that, for in your mind it’s probably all fake. And will you ever recognize that he received 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations for the work he has done to bring peace to countries in our world. No, I imagine that a heart and head filled with hate has no room for recognizing any good that President Trump has done.

          You say we voted for him because we just voted for party, but if that is so, why did so many march peacefully in DC and other cities across the country in support of the man, carrying signs that said “We Love Trump” and they showed a lot of support.. You are basically saying that the people who support Trump don’t have enough sense to do anything else buy vote along party lines. You are wrong there, we recognize someone who had thick skin, who could take the mess of lies thrown at him, and still do good things for this country. You say you are single issue voters (abortion) and I have to say that I have questions about your love for little children. You see, those babies, who could have been born alive, breathing, with a heartbeat, and could have lived a long healthy life. But you, one who says that little children love you and you love them, you voted to have babies murdered in the womb, and those are babies who would grow up to be little children, who would play, love, learn and someday be someone with knowledge and be an asset in this world. Now they are dead, they have no chance. But to you it’s ok because a mother has a choice. How about she make the choice not to get pregnant, and if she does, grin and bear that child. Why should a child die because a woman made a mistake.

          I know this is over 500 words, but you made some comments which were not true, and I wanted to address each one, since I was told last time it didn’t answer your questions. I do have the right to address the lies told on this forum, and I will. I will tell you that if there is a verification of signatures on ballots that appeared to come after the lawful cutoff time, I will be quiet about that. If the computer programs that showed to have major glitches, like switching votes from Trump to Biden are ALL checked out, I will no longer have problems with that. You guys went after President Trump for four freaking years, yet you yell and scream at us for wanting investigations into ballots and the counting of ballots for all of 4 weeks. So why don’t you chill for a minute, let some things be done, and maybe we will see that voting was fair for the most part, and we will accept Biden. We will not get gray hair, remember we dealt with Obama for 8 years, and no burning of cities, looking, murder or anything like that. Now I’m way over 500 words, but I don’t care how you and some others feel about it. You make false claims, I’m going to address them. So get used to it.

        • Hey Dodd, you ask ” Who talks about pardoning themselves and his entire family before leaving office?” I don’t know for sure who started all the pardon stuff, but the only ones I’ve heard discuss it are the lefties. I wonder if Harris will get Biden to pardon all the thugs who were doing the looting, burning, murdering, just as she tried to get her supporters to bail them out of jail. And she will be the VP. Great choice. I wonder if Willie Brown will leave the country like he said he would have to. She has real class. I think they will have Biden out of office even before he gets the office chair in the Oval Office molded to fit his butt. and Harris will be in that seat. She was described as the most far left leaning liberal in the House, and that’s pretty far if she beats Bernie. Nancy is cooking up a way to get a president out of the oval if they consider his health to be too bad. Will they say Old Joe doesn’t have the mental stability to run the country, so Harris can take over the oval, and God forbid, Nancy Pelosi will get her dream job. She will be VP of the USA. Who wants that for our country.

          Oh and no gray hair for us. Another bonus for the country, we won’t get thugs to burn, loot and murder like antifa did for the lefties. Some people have always turned to that, but there are rarely any conservative folks that will do that to hard working people. That a LIB trick.

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