By Tommy Rush

I have always loved short stories, especially the ones that teach a good lesson. Like the story of the two flies buzzing around a messy kitchen counter that had the remains of a recently prepared bologna sandwich. The knife that was used to slice the bologna was covered with little particles of meat. The two flies started at the tip of the knife and ate their way to the end of the handle. They flew away only to become dizzy and fall to the floor – dead! The moral of the story: Don’t fly off the handle when your full of bologna.

I’ve shared that goofy little story a thousand times with people who were angry and upset. I like sharing it because it tends to break the tension and put a smile into the situation. You know we all get angry at times, but not everyone handles their anger in the same way. It’s been said that when your anger gets the best of you, people see the worst in you!

Another reason I enjoy sharing the story is because my Dad was a bologna salesman for 58 years. He worked for Ziegler Meats his entire life. He began with the company at age 17 working in the stock yards and retired at 75 after being the head of Customer Relations. The majority of his years, he worked as a salesman or sales manager for the company.

My Dad loved talking to people! He not only sold a lot of bologna, but he made tons of friends. He never met a stranger. It always amazed me how he could get into a conversation with anyone about anything. He loved to introduce me to people by saying, “This is my son, he’s a preacher of God’s Word. I just talk bologna.”

My Dad passed away six years ago right after Thanksgiving. The last time I sat at the dinner table with him was Thanksgiving Day 2014. Even though the dinner table was in the cafeteria of a Nursing Home, I’m grateful to God for the memory. I’m thankful for the blessing of a father who taught me how to love God and love people. I’m also grateful for the many years he faithfully went to work and provided for his family. I always eat a little bologna with a grateful heart on Thanksgiving!

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