Painter from Mexico comes to Natchitoches to pursue Master’s of Visual Arts NSU

The Natchitoches Parish Journal stumbled upon some beautiful photos on Facebook that were taken by Fran Carvajal Toloza. The photos were of an artist doing a live painting along the banks of Chaplin’s Lake. The Journal reached out to find out what the story was behind Mexican artist Edgar Cano and the scholarship that brought him to Natchitoches

Painting, illustrating and lithography are used by Edgar Cano as a means to express his ideas. He uses varied resources in order to construct his work. At times, models and actors participate in the realization of his visual compositions, giving his work a theatrical touch. Edgar Cano is currently developing a practical-artistic research within the postgraduate program at NSU. He was awarded a scholarship that will allow him to earn a Master’s of Visual Arts at Northwestern State University.

Cano came to Natchitoches to study in the Master’s program at NSU. He was also driven by the desire to temporarily relocate to a place outside of Mexico, in order to experience different spaces and environments, as well as to create a new version of his artistic work. He visited Natchitoches for the first time in 2012 and he discovered its unique beauty. Natchitoches’ traditions, food, and architecture certainly caught his attention. He believes that in Natchitoches, without a doubt, there are a great number of scenes and ideas to be displayed in his canvas, particularly those locales that seem untouched by time. Little by little, he has understood the social dynamic of the place and its people. Traditions and life in the South of the US are very attractive and interesting to Cano. The artist has been able to understand and discover both simple and complex spaces in order to depict them and make them last in his linen.

Edgar Cano started his journey in art through college theatre, where he contributed illustrating and creating sets for plays, while studying at the Arts Faculty of Xalapa, in Veracruz, Mexico. Throughout his 15 years of uninterrupted work, he has received several awards within his home country as well as overseas. He has displayed his work in 15 individual exhibitions throughout his career and has participated in over 45 collective ones in various cities within Mexico and abroad. He has shown his work in Argentina, England, Italy, Canada, the United States, Japan, Sweden and Serbia, where he did an artistic residence in 2007.

Edgar Cano: Painter, illustrator and lithographer. Veracruz, Mexico (1977)