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Many Americans were under the belief and impression that the 2020 Presidential election was behind them following the November 3rd election. After days of sitting on the edge of their seats watching and waiting with great anticipation, the political pundits and major news media networks called the election for President Elect Joe Biden. We learned shortly thereafter that acceptance of such was not so with the Trump administration. In fact, as one of the headlines of my weekly articles was entitled Its Finally Over, Biden Wins Presidential Election, I unfortunately, I fell prey and subscribed to pronouncements of the national pollsters in calling the election for Biden. We had no idea that events and disinformation such as we are receiving and experiencing from the Trump administration would surface. With all the political rancor, wrangling and false claims of voter fraud alleged and promoted by President Trump and right wing supporters claiming that Biden was wrongfully declared the winner, Trump is fighting desperately using baseless claims and innuendoes to hang on to power, and refuses to concede the election to Biden. Yes, many missed the call on the outcome of the 2020 election, thinking that the call was final, oh how wrong we were!

President Trump has gone so far as to deny President Elect Biden access to the daily classified intelligence briefings. The head of the General Services Administration has been ordered by Trump to stand down and not certify the election outcome which would allow access to and release of resources to the Biden transition team. Trump is unwilling to provide for a smooth transition of power which no doubt will have serious consequences regarding the security of the nation. Those close to Trump have no political courage and under no circumstance will urge or tell Trump that it is time to get out of the way and allow a smooth transfer of power because his action is putting our democracy at risk and too much is at stake. What a message is being sent to the rest of the world!

As a result of Trump’s refusal to accept reality, the nation now finds itself embroiled in a political crisis in addition to having to face the historic and surging numbers of COVID 19 infections and deaths from the Virus,( on November 12th there were over 184 thousand new cases, (the highest number that has ever been reported in a single day), with hundreds of thousands new cases being admitted to hospitals in a single day, and soaring daily death rates. Over 245 thousand Americans (mothers, fathers, spouses, children, grandparents, nurses, doctors, caregivers and first responders) have lost their lives to COVID 19. It is predicted that by February 2021 the nation could see over 400 thousand new cases of infections per day. Wow! The nation is in a crisis that includes record unemployment, racial tensions, and unrest throughout the nation. Another lingering crisis is that of global warming which is producing more and more hurricanes, more flooding and destruction throughout the nation.

What is The Trump Administration doing to address these crises? Apparently, nothing. Recently, he has been cooped up in the White House, or spotted on the golf course while states are running out of hospital beds, makeshift morgues with refrigerated containers are springing up and being used at hospitals throughout the nation. The nation’s health pandemic has worsened to such a degree that Doctors Without Borders, a world-renown health provider is now lending aid and assistance to one of the world’s COVID hot spots, the United States of America. Although there is hope and the promise of a forthcoming vaccine, the nation is imperiled and is enduring a period in its history that citizens will long remember. We must get this pandemic under control now for it is holding the nation hostage.

What is needed most is really committed and effective leadership at the national and state levels and a coordinated national strategy for defeating this virus. We note and extend our thanks to some of the governors ,who feel they can no longer look to the national government for solutions, and are stepping up to the plate to guide their states through safety measures during this pandemic, given the silence at the White House. Governors are sounding the alarm in their states advising and encouraging citizens to following the CDC’s national guidelines of simply wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and limiting attendance of large social events and gatherings. Governors are admitting that we are running out of time as ICU units are being filled. These governors are tightening up on restrictions, just short of imposing a state lockdown. They are threating to close bars, fitness centers and are on the verge of implementing a stay at home mandate as a last-ditch effort to get the virus under control.

Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr. is an associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Grambling State University, former President, Grambling State University Faculty Senate and former Chair, Department of Consumer Education and Resource Management, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

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28 thoughts on “CRISIS IN AMERICA

  1. Geez, some of you folks are sooo long winded. I don’t have time to read lies, I report truths. Guess you get paid for putting up fox snooze.
    News alert…. Barr just said No Widespread Voter Fraud. Even your own home grown liars can find truth in the facts Dems report…finally. I hope others will too. What Dems have been saying all along is true.

  2. MrSimmons you say racial tensions need to be controlled. Democrats like you are the ones that keep racial tensions ongoing.

  3. Where has the guy been for the last 4 years? What he’s whining about the democratics have been doing for 4 years! He’s a joke!

  4. I am no fan of Trump, the most obnoxious, egomaniacal leader we have ever had. And I also think Biden legitimately won the election, although I expect he will be a disaster also, just in a different way. But I think credit must be given where due. As Mr. Brown said, the administration has pushed Operation Warp Speed, which through an extraordinary effort has come up with what looks to be an effective vaccine. This is the most important thing Trump could have done to counter the disease and the vaccine will be the main weapon in our battle against C19. For this accomplishment, Trump has been given no credit at all by the media. No other nation on our planet has been able to accomplish this feat of superb medical research and development.

    • Joe Darby: Thank you for giving credit for what Trump did with the vaccine. I can’t believe what these democrats do when discussing issues. They say the same things, like well trained parrots, and you absolutely cannot show them there is evidence they are so wrong, they are off in left-field. Two examples of complete stupidity: Trump killed 200,000 + people with the coronavirus. He tried to shut down flights from China. Nancy Pelosi went to China Town and was dancing, telling people this was overreaction and needed to be stopped. Then China had most of the PPE and held on to importing the equipment to punish us. So Trump went warp speed getting manufacturers to hurry making the supplies (hospitals didn’t have enough). and to make more ventilators. Then the economy shuts down, and we are in a real crises economically. Criticisms then pour forth that no one should be told to wear a mask and stay home- mostly that it was just a political move by Trump to try to win the election. So he backed off because the joblessness was such a crisis. So when he was aggressive, you left wingers were so critical. And now, this is #2, “he is playing golf when he should be taking care of this”. That is the latest echo I am hearing over and over now. Aren’t you so smart??? You found another way to trash him. Remember (I know it is hard) Mike Pence was HEAD of the covid task force. Pence has been handling this in cooperation with the governors, What in the world is wrong with handling this state by state?? Pence is a wonderful, caring and committed man. He can do this!!!!I
      It is so hard to see so many people who are unable to think for themselves. Hate can really blind people.

  5. More left-wing spew! Mr. Simmons were you part of the hunt for four years to take down the president by any means? Did you cry russia russia russia for four years? Mr.Simmons did you support 4 Years not investigation instead of legislation? Naw I’m sure you never complained about any of that?

  6. It is so refreshing to read an op ed from someone other than Royal Alexander. Thank you NPJ for finally presenting the other side.

    • Refreshing? I am always amazed at how some refuse to see through the show being put on and instead would rather believe lies.AMAZING

  7. President Trump has a right to pursue righting what he believes is wrong — the 2020 presidential election results. Rather than destroying our Democracy as some claim, it is the essence of freedom. Regarding COVID 19, what has been accomplished by the Operation Warp Speed program is nothing short of miraculous. Due to President Trump’s efforts, COVID 19 will soon be under control in America and around the world. We will survive this! Let’s all take politics out of it and view our current problems through the lens of reality. Most of all let us keep the main thing the main thing — something that should be clear especially during this wonderful time of year: GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!
    And to all of you, have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!
    Ron Brown

  8. Hooray!!! We have a senile old man that likes to inappropriately touch women and girls instead of an a-hole for President. What a time to be alive!

  9. Vicki, just for once I wish you would be mature to say “the President:” or “President Trump and his administration”. Suppose I learn from you and your way of addressing President Trump, and I just call Biden “the old sniffer” or some other nonsense. You are rude and you sputter on lie after lie after lie that you have heard the lefties spout for the past 4 years. If they failed to show him telling lies in the past 4 years of the misinformation and torture of Pelosi and Schumer along with the squad in the House, and the HUGE and EXPENSIVE investigation the Sociocrats claimed that Mueller would find, where are the lies. All in your head. There has been no PROOF, NO REAL PROOF, so I would think you could learn something from the supposed intelligence of the people investigating the president. You went on and on about the Russians, until it was proven that he had nothing to do with that. Mueller’s investigation was pretty thorough, and he had a lot of hard nose attorneys and investigators. They found nothing. Now it has been revealed that it was not President Trump doing the colluding, but the high priestess of the lefties and her lackeys.

    A lot of us have questions about the validity of the votes that were counted in this election. People who know the constitution and laws have said that some states not only bent the rules, they broke them, completely. So why should we not be concerned. Votes by mail are to be counted in a certain time frame, yet they were still accepting them days past that time frame. Signatures on mail-in ballots were not verified in some states, and that is wrong any way you want to look at it. The strange thing to me is, why are you LIBERALS so afraid of verification, recounting, checking out voting machines being done. After all it is only an honest request, and President is echoing our thoughts.

    Before the election, Hillary advised Biden to not concede the election if he didn’t win the vote. She said do not concede under any circumstances. That was fine with the libs. Now that the President will not concede, every one of you is up in arms over it, your blood is boiling. But when the conservatives among us want these votes checked, those with no postmarks, coming in days late, obviously weren’t mailed, so were they filled out in some back room and taken to the polling places. Too many questions, not enough real answers!

      • If he’d ever have acted Presidential, maybe I’d treat him with some respect. Show respect, get respect. The truth will be coming out in years to come, a lot has already been told. Prepare yourself.. not that you will believe it. You do realize that some of the first things an autocrat does is turn people against all the norms. Namely the media, the justice system, even our elections. Boy oh boy, sounds familiar doesnt it. I’ve never been taken in by a huckster. This one is no different. There are questions about him, you are correct MEWHP, but there are also plenty of answers about him too. A lot was proven before he was ever installed. Stay well folks.

        • Vicki, there are plenty of photos floating around of the old sniffer putting his arm around young girls, some not even teens yet. There is one that shows him putting his arm around a man’s wife while on a platform in front of people and he is nuzzling her ear, and she is kind of grinning, but also looking very uncomfortable. He talks of how children love to sit on his lap, and he loves to smell their hair. So I guess that since he is not showing respect to the people that he is making very uncomfortable that I should not show him respect. I’m so glad you clarified that for me.

          Now you also say that what an autocrat does is turn people against all the norms, namely the media. WHAT? Haven’t you heard that the media has given the President trouble every step of the way, from the day he announced he was running for president in 2015. They gave him 4 years of pure hell. Then in this election, they were totally unfair in their questioning in debates and interviews. You have never been taken in by a huckster. My, my, but maybe you should be sitting in the Oval Office, even though most people on here get a good laugh at your posts. I think that most of us, if we are honest, have been fooled by someone. But not you, I guess we should be impressed, but somehow I’m n… oh never mind.

          Maybe a lot was proven before he was ever installed. Like yes, he had affairs, but is he a racist? No, one of those affairs was with a black woman. So that little supposition of him being a racist is a crock. Did he build big expensive buildings that didn’t make any money and he lost them? Yep, happens to a lot of big builders. Probably even happened in that other place you call home, now where was your second home located? I know it’s down in South Louisiana. Never mind, I really don’t care, just want to make sure that you didn’t vote in both places.

          Oh, and you are mistaken, (sigh) again. I didn’t say there were questions about him, meaning President Trump. I said I had questions about the validity of the votes cast in this election. Bless your heart, if this is how you read our comments, no wonder you are always confused. I don’t know what to do to help you, except tell you that you should take a comprehensive reading class. Best wishes in the future.

          • Oh Wait! I get you now Vicki. You meant that he turned us against the media. Nah! You are wrong. I have always been a strong believer that news people should report the news, and keep their personal feelings and beliefs out of it. THEY DON”T, haven’t you noticed. The justice system. Are you talking the courts and liberal judges. Have you noticed how many people they let out of jail, to terrorize the innocent people of this country. Check it out. maybe even here in Natchitoches. Let’s just say I know a guy with 5 attempted murder charges against him, and a judge is letting him walk the streets. Be careful, someday he might be right behind you.

            As for the elections, dadgum straight, I’m against what went on this last election. Now they are even telling people to go to Georgia, register to vote and get two dem senators into office, then they can go back to their home state. If they are going to cheat there, they cheated in the presidential election. Wow, evidence right in front of your nose and your pure hate makes you not see. Choice, then you have the nerve to lecture the conservatives.

        • What do you think the other side is doing, creating unity? Yes I am talking about you precious Sniffy Joe. You don’t see the division from that side ? Go burn your neighbors house down if you get mad about something and that’s ok? They don’t preach unity, they are pushing division…. I see violence and separation being championed, and to say it is one sided…is foolish, uneducated and stupid, but go ahead….

    • Some people don’t want the truth…sheep must be led to the slaughter though right? We will just watch them go.

  10. On Monday, Nov 23d , the GSA declared Biden the President Elect. The incoming President’s transition cannot officially begin until the GSA administrator ascertains the “Apparent successful candidate” in the general election. Until that determination was made by the GSA, Biden was only the ‘Presumptive President Elect’ and therefore not entitled access to the daily classified briefings. The GSA makes this determination, not the print media or the TV networks.

    Biden was told by Hillary Clinton, “Do not concede, under any circumstances”. Why would this be OK for Biden but not for Trump?

    There are still lawsuits being filed concerning voting irregularities, so why should Trump concede prior to an official determination. My question is, Why would a person such as yourself want an individual such as Biden to be President, a man who has associated with known members of the KKK, enacted federal criminal justice policies to severely punish Black offenders and generally taken the Black vote for granted?

    Let us not forget the horror of Benghazi, the rescue troops being told to ‘Stand down’ and that Biden was the VP during this fiasco, watching to on TV as it went down.

  11. I am ready to give the same respect to the President elect-Biden’s administration as was given to President Trump’s administration over the last 4 years!

    • DBeth: I will do the same! And to think Biden said he would unite the country. We look real united here, don’t we? How can we unite when his party hates us so much? They will never realize how much these people have hurt us through these past 4 years. I took the abuse, but it is hard to stay quiet now. Bless you DBeth, and all who are writing opinions here. May God be merciful in His everlasting love and unite us. .

  12. Thank you Dr. Simmons. This really isn’t hard to understand. Individual 1 and his cohorts are working desperately to keep voter fraud front and center. He talked of it months ahead of the election. The only way he could lose would be voter fraud. Who in their right mind does that? Oh yeah… He is desperately trying to stay in power so that the lies he’s told for decades will not be shown for what they are..lies. What’s in his tax returns will be very telling. Everyone will finally see what Mueller was denied. And he knows what is facing him. Many, many lawsuits that he can never escape. Oh yes, the truth is soon to be proven. The facts we’ve shown for years will be proven. I hope it will soon be time for him to finally pay the piper. No one is above the law.

    • Taxes!!! Now here is another echo. “He didn’t pay his taxes”. See, no one who gets rich pays their fair share of taxes – I mean NO ONE! Obama said he was going to finance everything from obamacare, to alternate energy sources by taxing the rich. But now, remember he DID promised that., But, are the rich paying their fair share of taxes now? Biden now promises this lie, Why will it never come to pass that raising the taxes on everyone making over $400,000 /per year will save the economy and fund all the massive spending Biden has promised?? You see, there is such a thing as tax loopholes and tax attorneys who do nothing but find all the deductions they can find to keep their client’s taxes low, And remember, all the campaign contributions come from who(?). The very rich. So will the government ever do anything to close loopholes and deductions? If they did, this would surely result in both personal economic, and political suicide. Then Obama himself. Well according to Google, Obama had a net worth of approx $1,000,000 at the beginning of his tenure in the WH After 8 years, he has an 8,200 sp ft home in Martha’s Vinyard and his net worth is now approx $30,000,000. How did he do this? By paying his fair taxes and giving to the poor? Please people, let’s try to stop this bickkering. It hurts when you show your hate. So much, that I get hateful too. It isn’t worth it. It hurts when you make so many accusations against Trump, that you drag his supporters in with him too. Please realize, we repubs kept quiet for so long. After 3 1/2 years, I can’t take it anymore. It is not doing any one any good.

      • When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…..its time to cut the ties. Pointless even trying to reason with lunacy

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