By Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr./Opinion

Vice President Pence, who heads up the Nation’s Corona Virus Task force, decided that it was time for some fun time and decided that he was going to vacation time in sunny Florida. However, his vacation was called off and plans were scrapped due to an approaching hurricane named Eta. Amid virus numbers climbing as never before, Pence would find time to take a vacation as Americans are dying in record numbers. Republican Governors like Mike Dewine, of Ohio, Larry Hogan of Maryland, are calling on citizens to control their personal lives by wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings at funerals, football games, social events, and practicing good health hygrine. Wearing a mask and taking responsibility for what citizens do in their own personal lives is key for the nation to conquer this virus. Someone commented that “we are fighting a common enemy and it is not Republicans, Democrats or Independents, it is COVID 19”.

It is now past time for President Trump to accept defeat and allow the county to move forward. Political experts and commentators are warning that President Trump’s behavior is putting the nation’s security at risk His only concern seems to be what he WANTS, not what is good for the country,

While President Elect Biden garnered more popular votes and currently has 279 Electoral votes, President Trump is contending that the Democrats stole the election from him, and without any plausible evidence has inundated the courts with frivolous and baseless claims of voter fraud in the red states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, states headed by Republican Governors. From all indication, President Trump has mesmerized his base to the extent that they will do almost anything to support him. I am informed that many Republicans do not want to become engulfed in a political spat with Trump and his base that could impact their election chances in the future. They believe that Trump’s base, which consists of over 70 million voters, could bury them alive, politically.

We are witnessing one of the most shameful and embarrassing moments in the history of the nation all while there is a legion of crises facing the nation. It is hoped and citizens are praying that President Trump will come to his senses and for the sake of our democracy, accept his loss and rejection by the American people and do what is right and best for the country, not what is right for Donald Trump. This ugly fabricated crisis by President Trump must give way to the Biden elect administration which hopefully signals a new beginning for greatness in all peoples.

Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr. is an associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Grambling State University, former President, Grambling State University Faculty Senate and former Chair, Department of Consumer Education and Resource Management, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

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12 thoughts on “CRISIS IN AMERICA Part II

  1. Woohoo! Only the best… oops… under investigation, indicted, in prison, out of prison… Now pardons for “innocent people”. Really? Who ever heard such horse hockey. Total corruption from this badministration. A real cesspool. Someone call ServPro. Clean up with disinfectant on aisle 45. Hope you all stay well. Happy Holidays.

  2. A statement made by the author of the above article, “We are witnessing one of the most shameful and embarrassing moments in the history of the nation all while there is a legion of crises facing the nation.”

    If he thinks wanting a true and accurate accounting of votes done, and done without bending or breaking the law is one of the most shameful and embarrassing moment in the history of the nation, he must not have been here as mayors of primarily left wing cities stood by and let antifa and let some BLM members, loot, burn, and murder citizens in their cities. I wonder where he could have been when all of that happened in our nation, and we had to sit and watch it. Then as hearings started, watch as not one Democratic Senator would acknowledge that those were riots going on and not merely protests. Then they want to defund police. The destruction of national monuments is embarrassing and in my opinion against the law. Threatening people in their homes is shameful, yet it happened and happened often by these rioting groups.

    That, Mr. Simmons, was the most shameful and embarrassing moment in recent history. It reminds me of the lynch mobs back in the old west. Making sure that all votes are legal is what we should always be allowed to do as a nation.

  3. All of you four are sadly misguided. This man is responding to the myriad of incorrect statements made by Richard “ROYAL” Alexander and his quest to say Trump is a hero. I weep for Natchitoches Parish because you all are voters.

  4. Mr. Simmons, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Shame on you, Mr. Johnson. There are so many things about your comments that irk me, but the most offensive is the hubris you display with your comment “may God have mercy on your soul.”

    • Yeah Mike Casey. Just so much hate. I feel like he is coming back at my comment about Pence being the head of the covid task force. How deep did this man dig to find that scrap of propaganda? And listen: you will probably hear this echo over and over again. How can anyone trash VP Pence?

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