Access to sporting events and any after school activity at NCHS requires the attendee to wear a mask. Recent guidance from Governor Edwards and NPSB requires the attendee to continue wearing their mask throughout the entire event. By purchasing a ticket and entering an NCHS sporting event or after school activity fans agree to wear their mask at all times. The consequence for non-compliance will be removal from the event.

The seating compacity for an NCHS basketball game is limited to the first 265 tickets purchased.

The Lady Chiefs and Chiefs will play tonight at home against Bolton High School. The Lady Chiefs play at 6:00 and the Chiefs play at 7:30. Come see exciting basketball tonight.



  1. At this point, doesn’t matter what a study says!!! Just wear the mask!! It is what it is and if we want to continue to have high school sports, we have to do what we think is in the best interest of everyone!!! No one likes it, but again, does not matter what anyone thinks. Officials that make these decisions have said that mask are required. Just like the Nike slogan…..just do it!!!

    • Actually, yes. 90% and 74% depending on which masks you used. That is for stopping the aerosol spraying of coughing, talking, sneezing, etc. Wear a mask. Stay well.

      • Well apparently you didn’t because the study is based on a group that wore masks as recommended and one that didn’t, the rate of infection between the two was as they said “statistically insignificant”. I will not cite my source because anyone that is paying attention would have read it and apparently too many of you are too damned lazy to do any real research concerning your own health and prefer to be led around by government.

        First it was two weeks to flatten the curve and now it’s going on eight months. How do you like being told what to do by politicians that don’t abide by their own rules?

      • Vicki dear, you may want to research masks a little more. The N95 mask is the absolute worst for protecting others in that it vents, unfiltered, the wearer’s breath. It is designed to filter incoming particles but doesnt filter outgoing. Of course, we knew this all along but the koolaid drinkers ran screaming, ‘The sky is falling,’ and all reason got trampled. Your numbers are absurd. We have just now had time to study the efficacy of mask wearing, as it relates to COVID, and the stats are in. 1.8% of those in the controlled study tested positive and 2.1% of those who didnt wear masks at all tested positive.

        • The problem I see all over town is the way masks are worn. They need to cover mouth and nose. Those small cloth masks slip down a lot and then hands are on the outer mask pulling it up. . Doing this pulling up and sliding down over and over does more harm than good. When the cloth mask gets moist with saliva, etc, then microbes from your hands are allowed an open access into the upper respiratory system. Paper masks with the metal strip over the nose worked for me as a nurse. I never caught any infections when wearing these masks. .

        • I said nothing about N95 masks. I wear a thick cloth mask pulled over my nose and mouth or a respirator mask. The gator masks do not work. They only break moisture into smaller droplets and they are too thin.

          • Good for you Vicki. Masks that are not used properly can do more harm than good, as well as masks that do not work.

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