By order of the Mayor of the City of Natchitoches, Monday, December 7th, all access to city buildings will be restricted to the public for the safety of the employees and citizens until further notice. This restriction on access to City buildings includes the Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center and the Utility Service Center where customers make utility payments.

It has been determined the Youth Basketball League for the City of Natchitoches will be postponed until further notice. For further information or questions regarding the Youth Basketball League, please contact the Recreation Department at (318)357-3892.

The lobby of the Utility Service Center as mentioned above will close to the public, however, our employees are still available to assist in collecting payments, new service connections, disconnections, and transfers.

The first two lanes of the drive thru are open for utility payments. The third lane of the drive thru is set up to assist those customers needing new service connection, disconnection or a transfer.

For faster service during this time, utility payments can be made in the following ways:

Credit card payments can be made via telephone (VISA and MasterCard ONLY)
Check payments can be put in the drop box located in the last drive thru lane
As always, the City offers online bill pay for our utility customers 24/7.

To sign up for online bill pay, visit

For further information or questions regarding utility payments, please contact the Utility Service Center at (318)357-3830.


  1. NOLA has canceled Mardi Gras 2021. I hate to see it not happen but better that than have the super spreader celebration like this year. It’s a shame Natchitoches didnt decide to try to protect the public this year by canceling our Festival. Wear a mask. Hope you all will have Happy Holidays at home.

    • The very sad thing is that their doing it in remembrance of a person that has passed. Do you think she would really want a festival in remembrance of her that has spreader the plague and probably killing half the population off dued to ignorance. That’s the way you really puts someone name on something for remember. But this is what the world has came to and there is no turn back all straight down hill from here on out until we hit rock bottom. CAN’T FIX IGNORANCE!!!!

    • Vicki, stop looking to the government to keep you safe. Stop making it someone else’s responsibility. Stay home, have your groceries delivered, wear you mask inside, watch CNN, and enjoy your koolaid. You’ll be just fine.

  2. Let see if I get this straight.

    I can’t go into a city building to conduct business, or any other reason, but I can gather in crowds on Front Street and the Riverbank the first Saturday in December???
    Sounds legit to me.

    • Alan, Agreed, and masks suggested even though we are STILL under a state mask mandate even though most people photographed here and in the paper are arm in arm – no masks. Wonder why the cases and deaths are rising here??

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