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On October 9, 2020, Charm Kennedy, a 5-year-old girl from Natchitoches, was visiting family in Texas. While playing at a local park with her older brother and sister, Charm went into cardiac arrest. She was transported to Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas and then to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas where she was diagnosed with a heart aneurysm and a traumatic brain injury. Charm was unresponsive for 50 minutes causing her brain to be deprived of oxygen. She is now experiencing Neurostorming, which is a nervous system disorder that effects some people who sustain a severe traumatic brain injury.

Tragically, this was only the beginning of the nightmare for the Kennedy family. Upon learning that something was wrong with his daughter, Charm’s father Ronald Kennedy, Sr. jumped into his vehicle to rush to his daughter’s aid. While driving to be with his daughter, Mr. Kennedy suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. Mr. Kennedy was a 28-year employee of the City of Natchitoches.

Elizabeth Howard Kennedy, Charm’s mother, has not left her daughter’s side. Charm requires 24-hour care and cannot be left alone. Elizabeth’s mother and sister-in-law have been helping with Charm’s siblings. Prior to these life changing incidents, Elizabeth was a stay at home mom that cared for Ronald and their children.

Charm is fighting for her life and needs a heart transplant. However, in order to get on the transplant list Charm’s neurological function must first improve. Charm’s doctors have recommended she undergo a cutting-edge treatment program offered in New Orleans.

Our hopes are this Go Fund Me account can ease the burden of current and future medical expenses on the Kennedy Family. There are many more test ahead and they are in the hospital for the foreseeable future. As you can imagine the financial burden for such things as their mortgage, food, gas, and transportation, on top of medical cost, has been overwhelming. Because Charm was out of state when she became ill, she is currently being treated at an out-of-network hospital. This has greatly increased the cost of her medical care.

First and foremost, Charm needs our Prayers. From the bottom of our hearts we also ask that you give any amount you can afford to help Charm and her family.

Charm is a beautiful, fun, and entertaining little girl. She enjoys cooking, cheer, school, singing and dancing on Tiktok and YouTube. She dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. Our hope is that through Prayers and financial support from our community, Charm can recover and fulfill her dreams.

Please consider a Go Fund Me Donation for Charm: 

GoFundMe – Charm Kennedy

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Thank you for your support and may God bless you all!!

Jared and Danielle Dunahoe

If you would like to send a donation directly to the Kennedy Family, you may do so at the follow address:

Elizabeth Howard Kennedy
1408 Caruth Drive
Garland, TX 75040

Photos: Family Provided

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7 thoughts on “Charm Kennedy – #CharmKennedyStrong

  1. Wonderful to see that $15,000 has already been raised for the precious child’s life. If there have been 15,000 prayers to go with that, then God is with Charm.. Please Lord, comfort the family and friends and pour out your healing grace. And special thanks to the Dunohoe’s.

  2. To the Kennedy family, we love u guys an u will constantly b in our prayers . I kno this is a really trying time with everything that happened but always , always keep God involved . Don’t let doubt creep in because then Satan will creep in with it . I love you guys .

  3. It is so sad when we hear of a child going through something like this, and the fear the parents have that they might possibly lose their child. Every prayer I pray will include Charm, and will her doctors, her parents, and her friends. She is one of God’s children, and is such a beautiful child.

  4. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 For the family. Praying for complete recovery for this little Angel God’s got her and is now taking care of her father. To God be the Glory

  5. Prayers for healing, and her family strength. Sooo sorry to hear. What happened to Charm, was beyond her control; no fault or intentionally going to be treated; out of state, “out of network”. In this case, her medical expenses should be covered, whether they’re insured with BCBS, Humana, Ochsner (although only in LA) just as if, “in network”. I’m a retired city worker; still covered, and the same situation/conditions apply. The hospital knows what to do, in these cases.

    • Amen don’t let them railroad you !!! If y’all need support in contacting people plz don’t hesitate to contact me . Not mentioning my name but Ron Jr. U knw who this is every1s “Nanny” !!!

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