Pardon Of Gen. Flynn Ends A Grievous Abuse Of Justice

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

This has all been so dishonest. So false, damaging, and harmful. Such a lie. And all due to the irrational hatred of President Trump—which is ultimately not about the president at all but about the disdain of the elites for his supporters and our American values.

The FBI is supposed to investigate crimes, not fabricate them. The FBI is not supposed to target an American citizen—a highly decorated military officer at that—and then hatch a plan and create a crime. Gen. Flynn was set up, ambushed, and essentially framed.

Robert Mueller knew the truth about the Russia collusion witch-hunt but continued his fraudulent probe anyway. The FBI knew in early 2017 that its investigation was unjustified for several reasons, not least because it had already established that the Steele dossier was fake. James Comey, as sanctimonious as he is disingenuous, then leaked classified information to falsely create the appearance of a need for a special counsel. Mueller then grabbed on to the fateful interview—entrapment if I’ve ever seen it—of Gen. Flynn at which agents tried to both trap him in a lie and threaten to prosecute his son if he didn’t plead guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI. Facing bankruptcy, Flynn agreed to this abuse of power to protect his son.
Recall the facts:

1) evidence that would have exonerated Gen. Flynn was never provided to his defense counsel, a cardinal constitutional and statutory violation that makes clear investigators were targeting him.
2) The FBI had already conducted a counterintelligence investigation of Gen. Flynn that resulted in it concluding there was an “absence of any derogatory information” to justify investigating any further and the case was set to be closed.
3). However, before the case was closed with, again, no evidence of wrongdoing, the FBI began a criminal investigation. Why? What basis was there to interview Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017? (an action DOJ has conceded had no “legitimate investigative basis”).
Why question him about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador when the FBI, as is its practice, already had a verbatim transcript of the call? And, in a highly illegal and unethical action, FBI agents actually discussed whether the goal of the interview with Gen. Flynn was to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

4). Further, one of those FBI officials advised Gen. Flynn he did not need an attorney with him—which is inappropriate and dangerous, not least because Flynn was apparently still the subject of an investigation; they also did not provide him the standard warning that lying is a crime, nor refresh his recollection by use of recordings or a transcript; He was also encouraged not to report the FBI’s desire to speak with him to either the DOJ or to the White House—including the White House Counsel Office (either or both of which would very likely have advised him not to take the meeting or, at a minimum, have an attorney with him when he did);

5) After the interview, with agents not having gotten what they needed to successfully execute the perjury trap they were trying to set, there were multiple “edits” made of the official report of the Flynn interview. This, notwithstanding that one of the interviewing agents concluded that Gen. Flynn “did not intentionally lie”; however, that agent’s impression seems later to have “changed.”

I’m not minimizing his guilty plea but consider the circumstances. All accounts are that this ordeal was very hard on him and his family and his legal defense cost him millions of dollars he didn’t have. So, there are personal reasons he may have wanted it to end and a false plea was the way to do so. But that’s not really the issue. The issue is the abuse and fraud committed by federal officials. That’s why DOJ dropped the case after concluding Gen. Flynn’s rights were egregiously violated.

We should find it chilling that this official abuse could be inflicted on any American. These core due process violations are damaging to all of us and will continue to have ramifications long after Pres. Trump is gone.
Mueller, Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Brandon Van Grack, who dishonestly signed his name to the plea agreement; These people, to name a few, deserve the nation’s scorn and a criminal prosecution of their own actions which, unfortunately, is unlikely. However, as American citizens we should never forget this abuse occurred. If it can happen to someone of Gen. Flynn’s stature and position, it can happen to any of us.

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36 thoughts on “Pardon Of Gen. Flynn Ends A Grievous Abuse Of Justice

  1. Oh, Royal. You called people like me an elite. What type of elite am I?

    And for the record, I don’t hate my country. I love it. I just wish it would turn back from the insanity that began long before 2016. Away from children killing each other in schools. Away from white-supremacist domestic terrorism. Away from being a nation so divided that family members cannot discuss current events at the dinner table without name-calling, shouting, and tears.

    And if shock and disgust for a man who stated on camera that he “grabs women by the p****”, and that he could walk down 5th Avenue in New York, shoot someone, and still not loose any votes — if my shock and disgust for the massive ego of a man who then has the gall to hold up the Bible in front of a church for a photo op — if all of my personal disdain for someone who should embody attributes of a God-fearing, Christian man mean I hate him, then so be it.

    Or was everything I just said too elitist for you?

    • I don’t hate my country, but…. You and Michelle Obama have a lot in common. Yeah he said he grabs women by the pu&$#. It was a private conversation between two men joking. At least he’s not fighting his pedophile tendencies and sniffing little girls like Biden. Everything you said is just your opinion. Has no bearing on the world at all. None. And as far as not being able to discuss events at your dinner table, that’s your personal issue with your family. My family are all conservative’s and we have no issue talking about politics or current issues. Maybe y’all should seek counseling. You seriously allow politics to separate your family says a lot about you and your state of mind.

      • There is no talking to people that are former Repubs. They don’t seem to want to talk. All so many want to do is shut their ears and shout. Dems are just trying to figure out what happened to normally sane individuals. Seems you folks started searching for anything to cling to. First it was the TEA party now its Trumpism. Whoever can get your foreign or alien agenda passed. We do not understand you and that is another part of what makes conversing with you so difficult. It has been extremely painful for some to watch family members or close friends be eaten up with hate, lies and conspiracy theories. I hope one day you folks can come back to reason and learn again to care about others and the world beyond you. Happy holidays. Please stay well.

        • Same thing we’ve been thinking about democratics and the whining left from day one of Donald Trump’s administration! Instead of working with him from day 1 the democratics and bias news outlets work on try to bring him and the country down. Unemployment lowest it’s ever been, unemployment for blacks and latinos lowest it’s ever been and the stock market breaking records almost every day. And the left still pouting. Now joe the old sniffer is going to be president and you will see how good we had it under President Trump! The economy, unemployment, stock market and Trumpers will remind you everyday!

          • I think Ernestine will have a conniption over the number of times I’ve posted today, and will continue to post as I read the garbage posted by the lefties. I would say that I cannot believe Vicki thinks we, the conservative and wiser party, are filled with hate and lies. We sat back, no hate, just disgust that the only thing the dems wanted was to do no work on the problems of the country, but only wanted to impeach President Trump. For four years we watched Pelosi, Schumer and the other “been there too long’ Washington slugs waste time, and still get the big bucks. We watched as the leftists burned, looted, and murdered innocent people, all in the name of peaceful protests, yet we could do nothing as a nation because their mayors didn’t want any help. They wanted to support the wishes of these people who were destroying and threatening everyone and everything in their path. It was sickening when we watched and knew there were riots in the streets of cities, but not one Democrat Senator was brave enough to stand up and call it what it was. RIOTS. RIOTS and MURDER. And then what do we read on a certain woman’s tweet, “Would my supporters please donate to bail out the people arrested for burning, looting and murder. They are in jail, and we need them out to get our word out to the people who need to vote, they all need to vote, vote, vote..” Yes I know it was not those exact words, but that was her message. And who am I talking about, none other but your alleged VP elect, Kameltoe Harris. What a way for the presumed VP to act. Forget the policemen who were murdered in cold blood, but get those thugs out of jail.

            But, Vicki, we will not come to where you are, it’s a place we are ashamed to even have in our beautiful nation. You are the cruel ones, and proved it when you allowed thugs to burn businesses, to murder children and innocent people, and to loot businesses. Your lefties caused people great harm, and great loss. So DO NOT look at us and say we were filled with hate. As usual you have it backwards, and I find it so hard to believe that people who murder babies in the womb, burn, loot, kill think we are the mean, hateful ones. It is plain as the nose on your face who those people are, but I guess you have your mirror turned to the wall, so you don’t have to see yourself and see who and what you are. It is a pity, because until you can admit it, you can’t change. May your hardened heart someday be made more loving and understanding, I will pray for you.

        • Wow, just wow. That is a diluted obstructed way to see things. You are exactly what’s wrong with this country. Yes I pointed the finger at you. Once again, my conservative religious family will continue to sit and talk about current events and world news peacefully and like adults. Notice what I did there? Yeah, no Democrats are present so we can have an intellectual conversation that’s doesn’t go down the path of “Yo mama” insults. Children get frustrated and have to act out. You ma’am have contributed to the decline of our nation. SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Lol I love watching these left wingers flip flop their opinions on what they see as right and wrong! It’s like do as I say not as I do. Like that rolling left idiot professor here with his opinion piece s few weeks ago. And Randy Stelly with his normal delusional ramblings. Just glad we are on a site that will allow the right to speak it’s piece without being censored and blocked by places like facebook and twitter. Thank you NPJ!

      • Lady Jade, here are some names and insults from the left to their fellow Americans:
        Not worthy of their Social Security checks
        Members of a cult (that is the latest jewel)
        Priviledged white people
        And again, why are we fascists?
        If you want to read an informative book, try: Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antiva Activist:, by Gabriel Nadalas. He tells us as an inside witness what Antifa’s goal is and that is to take down America from within, by High School and college Faculty and Administrators who are the incubators at the center of these rising riots and violence against republicans.. Like what I cited about one faculty at NSU. Now you say you love America. Yet you chose a political party that associates itself with these radical activists to take down America. And this does not include BLM who is also doing it’s part to destroy this country all under the falsehood that they are peacefully protesting (lie).The plight of conservative college students is so demeaning it is painful. These student do not deserve this. So you see, when you stir up the insults against us, it emboldens the radical left to think that anything they do to a conservative and Christian is justified. Please open your mind to what we are feeling and saying. It hurts your fellow Ameriicans

  3. If you would put Royal Alexander brains in a woodpecker it would fly backwards, upside down, and peck on steel and concrete! He must think that everyone who read his comments is either ignorant or have drunk Trump’s Kool Aid!

  4. Why’s Royal Alexander so eager to lie to defend convicted felon Mike Flynn?

    Because Flynn is part of the inner circle of Trump’s henchmen who were collaborating with the Russians before the 2016 election to get Putin’s help to defeat Hillary Clinton with false propaganda spewed across the Atlantic from Putin’s troll farm in St. Petersburg.

    The other key traitors working for Trump were Paul Manafort, who gave detailed information from GOP research to a Russian agent to tell him which counties to target in swing states through his trolls’ lies under false identities. Manafort had done Putin’s dirty work in Ukraine for years, and was paid millions for it which he never reported in the US as income. He’s still in prison, but under “”house arrest” because the poor man was at risk of catching COVID in the slammer. Unsurprisingly, other white collar criminals of his age didn’t get the same special treatment. Maybe Royal will defend Manafort in his next screed in the NPJ.

    Then there are Roger Stone (felony conviction already commuted by Trump) and Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks (currently under arrest in London.). The two of them were Trump’s “cut outs” who directly communicated with the Russians after their IT agents, AT TRUMP’S TELEVISED REQUEST, illegally hacked and stole Clinton’s emails, which contained absolutely nothing criminal, of course. But Trump didn’t care about that, because he just need something vague to hang his smear campaign on, knowing that people like Royal Alexander would spread it as gospel to the rubes in the red states.

    Watch for Trump to pardon these traitors to American democracy on his way out the door of the White House on January 20. Then pardon Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. What a damning, sorry spectacle for the world to behold.

    Vicki, a previous poster, said it best with her rhetorical question to Royal: “Who pardon’s ‘innocent’ people?”

    The answer: nobody does.

    Who makes excuses for guilty people? Royal Alexander does–in every column he writes.

    Rodney Allen

    • Rodney. Please explain how the trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the 20016 election. I have read a book about “the collusion”, watched all the insane testimony at the hearing with Mueller. I witnessed Mueller”s testimony on TV: it was like watching a man who was disoriented and confused, saying “I don’t know” as his answer to many of the questions. No evidence was found or reported that there was any guilt of “collusion” at that time. Why do you people still beat that drum???

      • One more time Randy. Please explain to me “: where did you get the information concerning that defamatory investigation? Mike Casey has also asked for clarification here. If you going to state this as a fact, then you should be man enough to document your sources.

        • I don’t argue with people who have been fooled! Even when they know that they are wrong they will not admit it! Peace and Merry Christmas!

          • Randy, if you can’t tell us where you get your ridiculous accusations, they are nothing but rumors, much like those in books that are written about presidents and celebrities. And why in the world would you call it an argument, it’s merely an exchange of beliefs and ideas, isn’t it. You have insulted so many people on here by insinuating that they are not as smart as you think you are, and that seems to be all you are interested in doing. Let’s have a civilized conversation without you insulting us. When we think there is voter fraud, that illegal votes were counted because they came in past the legal deadline, that signatures were not verified, that people came in to vote and were told that they had already voted and they said they had not, and there were people voting who were born in 1900, which would be at the ate of 120 years, and many other things things along those lines.

            Now that the President has pardoned Flynn, you say he is wrong in doing that. WHY? That is something that a president can do, legally! Giving pardons at the end of their term is something all presidents do. Suddenly, to you people, Flynn is a convicted felon, no matter that the FBI railroaded him, and we all know the FBI was in turmoil at that time, or don’t you believe that either.

            So in your own words except for a minor change, EVEN WHEN HE KNOWS HE IS WRONG, HE WILL NOT ADMIT IT. No not Mr. Stelly, he was a newspaper publisher, so he can’t possibly be wrong. He has stated that when one person thinks, speaks or writes, he weakens civilization. Well, Randy, you are one who divides. You behave as a bully, with your hateful, hurtful words. You really are a piece of work.

    • Rodney, thank you for your comments! General Flynn should thankful that he was pardoned for his crimes against our country by a president completely lacking in morals. It is sad that there are so many people who choose not to use their God-given intelligence and brain power to form their views. Instead, they follow whomever makes the most noise even if the noise is morally bankrupt and illegal,

      • If you want look at someone who should be thankful, try looking at John Kerry. He was never tried for violating the Logan Act. He was no longer a member of any cabinet, nor was he an advisor when he took it upon himself to meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister and also called European officials. He was a private citizen just like you and I. It was AFTER Obama left office, and President Trump was sitting in the Oval Office as President of the USA. Kerry was trying to preserve the Obama Iran Nuclear deal as President Trump was getting ready to withdraw from the deal. Now, can you HONESTLY tell me that what Kerry did was not far worse that Flynn did. Remember that all Flynn was prosecuted for was having lied to the FBI, and that was after a lot of harassment. He was not tried for anything else. Kerry met with the Iranian Foreign Minister, and he had NO RIGHT to interfere, and he undermined US foreign policy. Kerry’s actions were far worse that Flynn’s, and he got away with it. I think they should have tried him and hopefully he would have gone to prison for what he did. It was wrong!!!

        Now we have the new alleged President elect, Old Joe’s son, cavorting around with all sorts of questionable people, and others have even witnessed his actions. The WIFE of the mayor of Moscow gave him MILLIONS of dollars and personally I have to wonder what he did to get that much money from the mayor’s wife. Sounds a little suspicious to me. Plus the millions he made on the board of an energy company in Ukraine. Hmmmm. And he got money from the country who gave the world COVID or the China virus, which I think is a much better name for it. They are now investigating Hunter for income tax evasion, but I wonder if Old Joe will pardon his son, even though he says now that Justice will take its course, and he will stay out of it. HA

    • But yet none of you have a problem with the trash and Chelsea Manning obama let off! Lol sick people you libs are!

  5. Who pardons “innocent” people? Who pardons someone that pleads guilty.. twice? For the time being certain felons are walking free. On the other hand, Individual 1 may or may not be able to give himself a pardon. By wording in our Constitution, I don’t see how he can. Maybe Royal doesn’t know this or maybe he does and chooses to ignore this fact too. You can’t grant something to yourself. Even if this worm wriggles off this hook, there are plenty of state charges he will have to face. Maybe we can find an orange colored jump suit that won’t clash with the other oranges he uses. Happy holidays folks. Wear a mask. Stay well.

    • Go ask one of the 1927 felons your king obama let walk!. He let out more felons then the previous 13 presidents combined! DID YOU WHINE ABOUT THAT?

      • Obama didn’t need to pardon any friends or cohorts. He didnt need to pardon any friends that were foreign agents helping him to win elections and performing other misdeeds. He’s handing out pardons so his felonious friends won’t testify against him. Oops, what’s he worried about if he’s done nothing wrong? By the way if any are interested, there is a new book out called Bagman about Spiro Agnew and his corruption. It also sounds a lot like this Offender in Chief.

          • And your point is..? Not a cohort of Obama. Not working with Obama for any reason. Not working with Obama to win an election. She was released after serving 7 years, for a hardship I believe it was called. Not because she might get covid or because she would’ve testified for a crooked office holder. Big difference. You folks can continue to believe people that have continually lied to you. On Jan 20 at noon America will once again try to right all the wrongs and failures imposed on our country by another failed Republican badministration.
            Happy holidays. Stay well.

      • Lady if you can’t see the difference with Manning no amount of argument will! You are indeed in need of help!

    • If you think all the people receiving pardons are guilty, you are wrong. It’s like implying that all people in prison are guilty as charged. Obviously you don’t read of the many people who are found guilty, but are innocent. Errors are made in courtrooms just as mistakes just mistakes are made in life. So YES, there are possibly some innocent people in prison and they possibly could receive a pardon.

      You said, “Who pardons “innocent” people? Any observant and caring president will do it. Any other questions that make sense?

  6. Mr. Alexander, even editorials should have a basic ground of fact. The government officials you nearly libel in your piece were properly performing their work. However, the “grievous abuse of justice” isn’t likely to end before Jan. 20, 2021.

  7. “all due to the irrational hate of the president:” Also, the irrational hate of this country. . I just think it is time to just give it to these hate mongers because I am so tired of all the insults, slander, name calling, and the devious plotting to destroy people. Maybe it will end, Maybe it will escalate to an all out war on this country’s soil. Let’s watch and see!!

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