Pilgrim’s to Invest $300,000 in Natchitoches to Support Local Community as Part of Hometown Strong Initiative

Building on its ongoing sustainability and social responsibility efforts, Pilgrim’s announced plans on Dec. 8 to invest $300,000 in Natchitoches, La., to support the community’s future. Pilgrim’s has been working with local leaders to identify where the funds can best help meet immediate and longer-term community needs in three key areas: food insecurity, community infrastructure and well-being, and COVID-19 emergency response and relief efforts.

One project has already been selected for funding. In partnership with the City of Natchitoches, Pilgrim’s is contributing $250,000 to continue developing and upgrading ParcNatchitoches. The Pilgrim’s investment will allow the city to move forward with expansion plans to include covered pavilions, a dog park, walking/biking trails and a kid’s discovery park.

“Through the Hometown Strong program, we are demonstrating our strong commitment to Natchitoches, and we’re excited for the opportunity to make a difference,” said Mark Haecker, Pilgrim’s Natchitoches complex manager. “Our investment in Parc Natchitoches will provide multiple recreation activities and improve the quality of life for members of our community.”

“Pilgrim’s has brought economic growth to the City of Natchitoches as well as a solid partnership over the years supporting our community’s needs,” said Natchitoches Mayor Ronnie Williams, Jr. “This investment in Parc Natchitoches is not only appreciated, but proves Pilgrim’s commitment to the city will continue to be beneficial and impactful for years to come.”

The Pilgrim’s Natchitoches production facility employs more than 600 people with an annual payroll of more than $21 million. The facility supports 62 growers, paying them more than $21 million per year for their livestock. Consistent with its long-term commitment to the local economy, Pilgrim’s Natchitoches has invested more than $24 million in capital improvements over the last five years.

Pilgrim’s anchors dozens of rural communities – operating more than 30 meat poultry and prepared foods facilities and employing 31,000-plus people in the United States. Nationally, the Hometown Strong initiative is a $20 million investment from Pilgrim’s, which is part of a $50 million nationwide contribution from JBS USA. 

11 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s to Invest $300,000 in Natchitoches to Support Local Community as Part of Hometown Strong Initiative

  1. Ok, here goes my idea on how we can help fix our roads. Please hear me out before you lamblast the idea. We have 4 main artery roads that come into our city. Hwy 6 east and west, and Hwy 1 north and south. All of these roads are traveled by locals, trucks, tourist, and people just passing through. I say we go and find a way to pass legislation for the state to put TOLL BOOTHS at all of these entrance points and we collect a small fee from every vehicle that passes these booths everyday. I say we offer a yearly pass to locals for a 10-20 dollar a year fee for unlimited access. We charge 1.00-1.50 to any large truck that passes the booths every day (since they are damaging the roads with the heavy loads), and we charge all of the other vehicles that are tourist or just passing through a .50 cent fee. The locals will figure out ways to bypass the booths as time goes along and that is okay, but the vehicles that are from out of the area will most likely have to pass the booths and contribute to maintaining the roads with toll fees like many of the nations HI ways have been doing for years. These booths will be unmanned and automated to reduce the cost of operations. I just feel that there is a way this could be done or maybe I am way off base, but the fact is we don’t really have a viable plan in place at the moment that will maintain the roads that are destroying our cars and other local commercial vehicles. The other way would be to open up our local gaming rooms again that once seemed to be a good stream of funds that was voted out many years ago. Again, I may be off base but we have got to get creative if we are going to save our infrastructure and this is the best I can think of.

  2. It looks like less of a donation than it does a political statement on the last mayors election to me. That being said how they spend their money is strictly up to them.

  3. I agree with Mr Kilcoyne that any investment is very much appreciated. While this is a substantial gift, after approximately 30 plus years of industrial tax exemptions it is really a small token. I would think at the very least it could be made annually, not only to the city, but to the Parish, where their chickens are grown on some worst roads we have.

    • 30 years of tax exemptions? How much does that amount to? Where would that tax money have gone? The parish or the state? I realize Louisiana, and Natchitoches in particular, desperately need the jobs that corporations bring in. But for 30 years? Oh, well, I guess if Pilgrim’s didn’t get tax breaks as an incentive, they would just close the plant and move to another parish.

      • Lady Jade, I agree with the exemptions as incentive for jobs but why after all this time does it have to be all or nothing? Maybe after 25 years something like 90% would be fair. It is complicated and has a lot of legislative ties, but its worth starting the discussion. Between the industrial exemptions and the homestead exemptions funding our roads and infrastructure in any meaningful way is going to be near impossible. Nothing should be off the table.

  4. Put it to the roads! Not only do all of their employees drive on the roads but so do their trucks. Very few people in Natchitoches will use a dog park. Everyone uses the roads.

  5. Anytime anyone makes an investment in our community it is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you Pilgrim’s for this and for all you do for Natchitoches.

    And, I call on Pilgrim’s and other corporations who make a home here in our parish to look at other areas where their support is needed and would be very much appreciated. I see Pilgrim’s is funding a dog park out at Parc Natchitoches. Thanks. But, please also consider donating to our two local animal rescue organizations. About $5,000 to each would do a lot of good for the suffering animals they work so hard to provide for.

    And…our parish roads. I ask all corporations who reside in our parish to please help with our roads. It is true trucks from these companies, or contractors who service these companies, use parish roads. It’s no secret our roads could use a little help…okay, a lot of help! Believe me, the parish government is ready to sit down with anyone who will INVEST in our parish roads.

    Overall, thank you for your contributions to Natchitoches. It’s not often said, and often resident companies
    are taken for granted, but you are greatly appreciated.

    • You’re on point as always, Jim. I personally appreciate the way you’re keeping us informed of what’s going on. Not many of our elected officials do that anymore. And kudos for your point on donating money to the local animal rescue organizations.

  6. That $300,000 sure would have made a difference on the parish roads their trucks drive on daily. But that’s just my opinion.

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