It’s a Wonderfully Blessed Life

Even the most casual observer could easily recognize that December in Natchitoches is the most wonderful time of the year. The thousands of brightly hued lights, thousands of joyful visitors and fireworks every weekend is enough to make Ebenezer Scrooge himself rethink his position on the holidays.

Mayor Ronnie Williams and Mayoress Tiffany Williams hold December dear to their hearts for many other reasons as well. The Williams celebrated their wedding anniversary this month and their oldest son, Micah, was also born in December. Being a Pastor as well, Mayor Williams family is no stranger to taking in the beauty and significance of the Christmas season.

The Williams met at Natchitoches Central High School and dated off and on through the years, getting married while they were in college at Northwestern State University.  The Mayor worked his way through college and became an educator and she worked her way through scholars college and became an educator as well.

As Tiffany tells me, “ We are a natural team, we are hard workers who set goals and enjoy the journey.”

The journey led the young family to the Mayoral race during a year of a national pandemic, social unrest and was sworn in two days before one of two hurricanes that would hit the Natchitoches area.

When asked how well their children (Micah 8, Trae 5, Maesie 3) understand the historical significance of their dad becoming the first African American Mayor of the oldest town in Louisiana Mrs. Williams ever so eloquently replied, “ They have varying levels of understanding but they knew something special was going on because their daddy was very busy and very excited.”

Maesie, named after her Aunt Gloria May, loves to say, “My daddy is the Mayor”. Being the baby with two older brothers led me to ask if she was doted upon by her brothers or if she gets rough-housed often. Tiffany was quick to share the story of how each son loves to share their birthday with their baby sister. They wanted to make sure that she had a gift on their special day.

Being the Mayor and a Pastor, with a spouse who has a flourishing career as an Implementation Support Specialist for Great Minds, PBC, and three healthy and vibrant children at home you would think there was little time for fun and games. The Williams family loves to play games as a family, watch movies and take in the local sights in Natchitoches. Mrs. Williams even taught the Mayor how to play Chess. With his competitive nature he plays to win and will not easily give up or just let her win.

When asked who was the better cook, without hesitation Tiffany shared, “The Mayor tries to boil water on low, I am the cook and he is the dishwasher. He uses way too much dish soap and insists on washing by hand. Refuses to use a dishwasher” However, she did give him props for cooking a few things during this Pandemic.

To get to know our Mayor and family better we had a fun round of quick Christmas questions:

Prefer clear lights or colored lights: Definitely clearly lights (and she is OCD about her matching wrapping paper)

Favorite Christmas Movie – hers is a tie between movies inspired by the Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol” and the 2018 animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. His would be “Home Alone”

Who is the funniest in the household- Mayor Ronnie Williams, hands down, is known as a jokester.

Does their family have an Elf on the Shelf – Yes, they have “Sparkles” but she could not come this year due to quarantine. They are abiding by CDC Guidelines and limiting visitors. Sparkles did send her warmest regards to the children though.

After celebrating Christmas in Natchitoches every single year until Mayor Williams was elected, this year just felt different. According to Mayoress Williams, “We needed Christmas this year, we couldn’t let the worst year ever end without festival or fireworks”.

“Christmas has always been special to us, we always experience lots of joy and wonderment and seeing the City through the eyes of our children this year has been extraordinary. We are supposed to feel the joy of the season.”

While speaking with Tiffany about Christmas in Natchitoches I began to wonder when was the last time the Mayor had children living at home. To the best of her recollection she thought it was Mayor Joe Sampite. I reached out to my friend, Sheila Sampite, to find out how old her and her siblings were when Joe was elected and to see if she had any advice for the Williams children.

Sheila reminded me that Joe’s first year in office was 1980 and she was 10 years old. Her siblings were 15, 17 and 18 at the time.

Her best advice for the new Mayor’s children was, “To enjoy every minute you have with your dad! He will work long important hours, so find that special thing you like to do together. For me and my dad we loved to watch football and basketball. We watched and attended many games which included the Chiefs, Tigers, Demons, Cowboys and Saints! We went to church together on weekends and were able to attend many community events. Your dad will be invited to a lot of really cool things, take that opportunity to attend with him. I learned so much about state, local and city government during the years my dad served as Mayor, but most of all I learned what it means to serve others selflessly!”

Merry Christmas to our new Mayor’s family and thank you for bringing back the “I love Natchitoches” stickers. We do love Natchitoches.

“I can do all things who Christ who strengthens me”. – Philippians 4:13


25 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderfully Blessed Life

  1. This is good informative non biased human-interest story that should have nothing to do with politics. It would be good to see similar stories on all our elected city and parish leaders so we could get to know them better.

    There are plenty of forums to express political and other views. This is not one of them.

  2. NPJ, thank you for this up lifting article about the Williams Family. More article like this are needed.
    Peter Yacoe

  3. This isn’t the first time I have been attempted with blackmail! I don’t care what man know about me for GOD knows it all! Peace!

  4. Where did this story get off track? I enjoyed reading it and learned a few things about the new mayor and his family I didn’t know. So what if he hasn’t impressed Randy Stelly.Two days in office and the city is hit by a hurricane and I don’t see where he and the city could have reacted any better. Then there’s covid to deal with and this is new territory for everyone nothing to go by no play book go by. And the fact he is a minister is something that might work in all our favor. Lord knows we need some hopes and prayers in this day and times.
    Great article! Good luck Mayor Williams.

  5. Let me share this with y’all! Mahatma Ghandi the man that Dr. Martin Luther King copied his non violence movement after said “A politician can try to be a saint but a saint would never try to be a politician!” This is my last statement on this story! Peace!

    • Randy Stelly Evil hearts are experts at fooling others with their smooth speech and flattering words.

      But if you look at the fruit of their lives or the follow through of their words, you will find no real evidence of godly growth or change. It’s all smoke and mirrors. (Psalms 50:19; 52:2,3; 57:4; 59:7; 101:7; Proverbs 12:5; 26:23–26; 26:28; Job 20:12; Jeremiah 12:6; Matthew 26:59; Acts 6:11–13; Romans 16:17,18; 2 Corinthians 11:13,14; 2 Timothy 3:2–5; 3:13; Titus 1:10,16). Be Blessed

      • Linda Smith the truth need no defense! I have been told that the devil and his minions know the Bible better than most preachers! I had to look up those scriptures! They have a theme like you put a word in a computer and it spit out appropriate scriptures! A guilty conscience needs no accusers! Maybe you was being self descriptive!

    • Mook it’s not God I am worried about! It’s some of my fellow man he is listening too that bothers me! It’s better he gets a honest opinion than to be patronize! I will stack up my experiences with any body! I have paid my dues to ask questions about our collective leadership!

      • Randy Stelly. your experience at what? What is it that gives you an advantage. True, you ran a newspaper, but it was a liberal, and I guarantee you didn’t or your partners didn’t publish much of what any conservatives had to say. Believe it or not, conservatives are just as intelligent and have as many honest opinions as you. If we live here and pay taxes, we all have paid our dues, and earned the right to ask questions about and of our city and parish leaders. We also have the right to question anyone who is teaching us something if we don’t understand, because down another road, there is a professor at NSU teaching the young freshmen that what antifa is doing is needed in order to make our country right again. So, yes, there are many who would lead us down a garden path that leads us straight to the depths of hell. It is how satan operates. Maybe the mayor is listening to advisors, but how do you know they are advising him wrong? I understood that you don’t live here any longer. This is just a question, not an argument, because I just wonder how word gets around this town so dang fast, be it fact or gossip that isn’t true.

        • MEWHP there you go assuming you know about me! I deal with people on a need to know basis! I’m a consultant who operate in Louisiana, Texas, and California politics! I am Black Independent! I obviously believes in the First Amendment! I also believe that the Second Amendment was created to protect the First Amendment! I’m pro gun! I’m pro life! I’m pro law! I’m pro small effective government! What part of that makes me a liberal? Inquiring minds would like to know! Peace!

          • Randy Stelly , Do you remember you invited this teenage over to your house. I think Natchitoches Jounral will love this story soon. You still smoke weed .

          • Randy Stelly, I told you that it was not an argument, I merely wanted to know how how the news to who was advising the mayor got around so quickly. There was once a comment posted by someone that you didn’t even live here any longer, and you did not deny it, I guess I thought you no longer lived here.

            I guess my issue with you is your terrible habit of talking down to people, and bragging to make yourself look more important. Your remarks about someone’s intelligence are insulting, and they are normally directed at the people who are not liberal, so what would most people think of you other than that you are a liberal. You never have much to say, unless it is a remark that puts someone down, snarky short comments, but comments totally uncalled for.

            In fact, now that the comments by I’m telling and Anne6 have popped up, I guess I understand you a little better. Are you posting things while you are stoned? If you are, now are you going to tell us that you are smoking it for medical reasons. I think you are another one that I just need to ignore on the forum. No need to try to communicate with you, a stoned man making comments that people sometimes wonder about.

            You said you had paid your dues to ask questions. I said if we live here and pay our taxes and vote, we have all paid our dues. That is my belief. Now how are you going to talk down to me again. You are no more intelligent that the others who post here, it’s only the pot making you think you are, if the pot smoking comments are true………

  6. All this is a good feel good story! Just remember he is Mayor of Natchitoches not the pastor of Natchitoches! The point is as a politician can he governed effectively? He have not impressed me so far. Merry Christmas! Peace!

    • A lot of us feel it’s time for a feel good story. Maybe your year, the year of 2020, but most of us have not had a great year. In fact it’s been lousy for most of us, and if Nancy Pelosi had not dug her heels in and refused to help the people when she should have, we would have had a stimulus check and maybe those without jobs and those who needed help would be able to afford toys for their children. No, I don’t blame Trump, she wanted money for other things, and that bill for the stimulus to help people should have stood alone without a bunch of garbage tacked on to it. It was wrong to ever start that practice anyway.

    • Nobody is holding Randy Stelly in Natchitoches Parish, he is here doing what he does best , spread hypocrisy to draw you on his stupid rants about anybody that dont kiss up to him. Ignore him, he will go away.

  7. Merry Christmas to this family. It is so nice to hear of families who both pray and play together.. What an inspiration to all residents of Natchitoches this Christmas!!! Looking forward to great leadership in 2021.

  8. Thanks, NPJ, for such an informative article. I knew Mayor Williams is a pastor, but didn’t know that he and Tiffany are both educators.Their kids sound like sweet, loving young men and lady. I am very proud to call them our city’s First Family. And the photo of Mr. and Mrs. W. is lovely.

  9. Mayoress is a word I’ve heard, so thanks for the education today. It is an old British term meaning the wife of a mayor or a female mayor. It is a word not used much today. Personally I like the First Lady of Natchitoches in describing the mayor’s wife. I’m wondering how many around here had an education this morning in the term Mayoress.

    • While Mayoress is an archaic term, it seems to imply she is acting in a mayoral capacity. We all know spouses have input into their SOs career, but the term First Lady signifies a position in and of itself. Not a point of contention, just an observation. The Mayor has many more problems than what his wife is called. Problems like he has no experience whatsoever, his advisors are questionable, and the fact that he has tried to push positions/salaries through the city council meetings without due diligence.

      • I would advise the mayor to do research, talk to many people, not just his cronies, and check personnel files before he starts firing, hiring, and raising salaries of the people who already make good money. There are those working for the city who do not make a salary that they can live on. Tread easily mayor, there are land mines out there, and doing favors for friends at the expense of long times employees will put you in a place you don’t want to be. I’ve heard rumors of a few, but I can’t get any verification of the info since I’m not in the inner circle. Step up, be honest, beware of cronyism and hiring friends. Sometimes political favors cost far more than they are worth. As mayor, you answer to all the people, not just your friends.

        I’m giving the mayor a chance to do good for the city, but I am watching.

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