Spiritual Expressionist paints Louisiana’s landscapes and cultures

In a career that spans six decades, Chestee Harrington has created an extraordinary body of work that captures Louisiana’s landscapes and cultures, its people and their stories. She describes her genre as “Spiritual Expressionism.”

As a spiritual expressionist, Chestee draws her inspiration from within, she looks to spirit for truth to guide her hand.

In addition, growing up Chestee found inspiration in the work of Walt Disney, in the goings-ons within the walls of the neighborhood benevolent society, where meetings were lit by kerosene lamps and in the religious icons enshrined in gothic churches.

Today, watching masked people running to and fro, standing on their heads supporting each other and performing life threatening tricks has brought back the memories of the old time circuses and so inspired this piece.

With personal life threatening events (over the last twenty years) there were three compassionate medical doctors. I owe the reason I am alive: Dr. Wade Hollinsworth, Dr. Cecelia Cuntz, and Dr. Phillip Barksdale at Woman’s in Baton Rouge, with added support from my spiritual friends. I thank you all.

Now, being here in Natchitoches in a much smaller medical community, I hope this small act can be part of the healing process. I encourage everyone to practice social distancing but not isolation; try to find the tranquility above the circus. Look to spirit, and above all else, help each other through each act that life throws at us.

Thank you to all of the wonderful healthcare professionals. Knowing that my gift is my art, it was given to me and I give it back.

There is a noticeable difference in the kindness and compassion shown in the people of this community. The City of Lights means more than just Christmas. In Natchitoches it feels like the true message of Christmas shines year round. “Love one another.”