Join the club: Lincoln Parish Library System faces budget cuts in 2021

Voters’ malcontent for paying taxes seems to be spreading through our State as evidenced by Lincoln Parish losing support for its Library tax.

In an effort to ensure that enough funds would be available to pay off construction bonds for the library, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury delayed raising the millage for the library system from 0.55 mills to 1.03 mills until its October 13 meeting.  All other millages for the Police Jury were voted on apart from the library millage at its meeting held a month earlier.

For reasons still in dispute between Lincoln Parish’s Tax Assessor, Billy McBride, and members of the Police Jury, the increase in the Library millage did not get reported to the software company that prints the tax notices. The error will result in an estimated $233,000 shortfall for the library’s budget. To cover the shortfall, LPPJ may draw from the library’s sinking fund millage.

The Library was dealt another financial blow in the election held on December 5 when voters defeated its 5.85 mill renewal. The revenue from the tax was estimated at $2,808,000 annually. With less than 17% of registered voters turning out for the election in Lincoln Parish, the tax was defeated with a vote of 57% against and only 43% in favor of the tax.

In accordance with State law, LPPJ will have to wait at least 6 months from the December 5 election before it can put another tax proposition for the library on a ballot.