Historic Day as Pfizer Vaccine Administered to Frontline Associates

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center has received its first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and will begin immediately vaccinating front-line Associates and Providers, who are caring for COVID-19 patients at NRMC. The first shipment contains 125 individual first-round doses. Associates receiving the vaccine today will receive their second and final dose in 21 days.

According to CDC guidelines, NRMC will receive and distribute the vaccine to Associates in a three-tier process. Within 60-to-90 days, all Associates will have an opportunity to take the vaccine.

“I want to recognize Dr. Phyllis Mason, Chief Medical Officer, and Sarah LaCour, Vice President of Quality, for their relentless work each day on our organization’s response, proactive actions, and patient care protocols for COVID-19,” noted Kirk Soileau, Chief Executive Officer. “In recent months, they have worked closely with the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in preparation for the release of a vaccine. Their leadership and commitment have resulted in many positive outcomes, including our vaccination process.”

“Today is truly a historic day” Soileau noted. “Since last spring, our Associates have done so much to care for those with COVID-19, putting their own health concerns aside in service to others. And while we took every precaution to keep our Associates safe, we looked forward to the day when there would be a vaccine for this virus. That someday is here, and I look forward to our Associates now having the opportunity to receive it,” Soileau said.


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    • Indeed! And thank you to all the nurses, doctors and hospital staff that have worked so hard to tend to these so very ill patients.

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