“Voices 4 Autism” Children Receive Christmas From Local Doctors

The Family Doctors of Natchitoches partners, Dr. John Hogg and Dr. Jack Fair, provided Christmas presents for 13 children associated with the “Voices 4 Autism” organization. Each child made a wish list of presents with the most popular requests being bicycles, LOL dolls, video games, blocks, puzzles, and books. The age range of the children was nine months to 14-years-old.

“Voices 4 Autism” is a Natchitoches parish non-profit that was founded in early 2019 by its president, Ms. Lela Harvey. Ms. Harvey is a fierce advocate for autism awareness and acceptance due to her own personal story with the disorder. Both her son, Johnathan, and her granddaughter, Palmar, have autism.

Johnathan, who is 35, was diagnosed with autism in 1987 at a time when little was known it. He is completely non-verbal and also suffers from a severe seizure disorder. Ms. Harvey is his primary caregiver and has been advocating on his behalf for fair education and medical treatment over the past three decades. She started “Voices 4 Autism” to continue to be a real voice for both children and adults who suffer from the spectrum disorder, and to lend support to their parents and caregivers.

If you are interested in becoming involved with or providing support for the “Voices 4 Autism” organization, please call (318)529-0638, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram.

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