DOTD looks back on 2020 accomplishments

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) looks back on its accomplishments from 2020. Between January 1 and November 30, a total of 212 projects consisting of 740 miles were let around the state, equaling an investment of $668 million. By the end of the year, those numbers are expected to increase to 263 projects, 894 miles, and $684 million.

“Reflecting on 2020, it’s been an extremely difficult year for everybody due to COVID-19. Louisiana was also directly hit by a tropical storm and four hurricanes, a record for our state,” said DOTD Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D. “Storm recovery efforts, while they continue, were significant accomplishments this past year. Despite the weather and the pandemic, we have continued to invest in infrastructure to improve our state and to use innovative funding methods in order to get much-needed projects off the ground. I’m proud of not only each and every person in the DOTD family for their accomplishments, but also every citizen of Louisiana for their proven resilience in the face of disaster. I believe the projects we have completed and started will facilitate a safer, faster, and higher quality travel experience.”

Major projects let include:

• I-10 widening between the Texas state line and Coone Gully in Calcasieu Parish
• I-12 widening between LA 21 and U.S. 190 in St. Tammany Parish
• College Drive flyover ramp on I-10 and I-12 in Baton Rouge
• I-10 drainage canal bridge replacement in New Orleans East
• Replacement of the Bayou Chevreuil Bridge near Vacherie
• Replacement of the Union Pacific Railroad overpass on U.S. 84 in LaSalle Parish
• Rehabilitation of ramps along I-20 in Lincoln and Ouachita parishes
• Segment 1 of the LA 124 extension in Catahoula Parish
• Replacement of the U.S. 80 overpass at the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks in Lincoln Parish
• Replacement of the Linton Road bridge over Black Bayou Reservoir in Bossier Parish

Major projects completed:

• I-10 widening between Highland Road and LA 73 in East Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes
• J-turns, a roundabout, and other improvements at the intersection of LA 22 and LA 70 in Sorrento
• Judson Walsh Bridge replacement in Opelousas
• I-20/Tarbutton Road interchange in Ruston
• I-10 widening between LA 347 and the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in Henderson
• I-20 patching, milling, and overlay in Bossier, Webster and Bienville parishes
• Roundabout at the intersection of Edgewood Drive (LA 3144) and Susek Drive in Pineville
• Roundabout at the intersection of Jackson Street (LA 1208-3) and Horseshoe Drive in Alexandria
• Improvements to the intersection of LA 30 at Brightside Lane and Lee Drive
• Installation of cable barriers on I-49 in north Caddo Parish to the Arkansas state line

Routine maintenance projects statewide in 2020 include:

• Bridges
o 6,219 inspections
o 5 repairs
o 7 replacements

• Mowing
o 360,000 acres
o $18 million (contract, agreements, and in-house)

• Litter picked up
o 50,000 cubic yards
o $9.5 million (contract, agreements, and in-house)

• Herbicide
o 100,000 acres
o $3.5 million (in-house)

• Ditch cleaning
o 440 miles
o $6.8 million (in-house)

2 thoughts on “DOTD looks back on 2020 accomplishments

  1. More than half a billion dollars and these are real accomplisments? Pathetic in the amount spent, what is considered a major project and the usual “Covid excuses”. The spiral continues.

    • Here on Hwy 478 we are reeling from the debacle of repairing a road that didn’t need repairing. We are surrounded by other roads that are far more in need of repair..
      Just who authorized this?
      The construction causes many delays up to 30 minutes at a time: we have to wait for the pilot car to escort us past the workers.
      My son got stuck trying to come home after working a night shift. Now who knows what is left now after the rains last night.
      We will get through this. One way or another. I see this is not listed above. I guess that loss of funds will be added next year.

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