A Great Deal of Ruin

By Kevin Shannahan/Opinion

“There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” I have always found that quote from Adam Smith to a friend who was distraught over the American victory at Saratoga during the American Revolution to be comforting. As I grow older, I have seen the ups and downs of our, and our nation’s lives. Age provides perspective. As a child, I saw helicopters evacuating the US embassy in Saigon. As a high school senior, I saw the abject failure of the Iranian rescue mission. As a young Air Force officer, I witnessed the incredible victory of Desert Storm and the fall of the Soviet Union. As a middle-aged veteran, I see the emergence of China and the return of Russia added to a seemingly endless series of wars in the Middle East. From the dark days of the Civil War to WWII, the Great Depression and any number of trials and tribulations, the nation has endured and grown.

I will have to admit to being more concerned recently than in any other time in my life. While Adam Smith’s quote is indeed true, there is a limit to the damage, especially self-inflicted, a society, even ours, can sustain. We cannot go on like this. Our posterity will hold us accursed.

When I went to work today, it was a normal day. The Congress was to meet at the Capitol to certify the Electoral College results. I expected a few senators and congressmen to object. There would be some considerable posturing that would delay the vote, but no more than that. Former Senator Joseph Biden would formally become the President-Elect to be sworn in a few weeks hence along with Senator Kamala Harris as Vice-President.

As the world now knows, that is not quite what happened. It does not take much to transform a crowd into a mob and that is exactly what happened as the crowd went from the White House to the Capitol building. For the first time since the War of 1812 when the British Army burned the Capitol, the seat of American democracy was overrun. There can be no other way to describe what happened. The Vice-President of the United States was evacuated by the secret service from a rampaging mob as he was presiding over what should have been, and has been up to this disgraceful day, an orderly transition of power. This did not happen in 1860 or 1864 when the nation was first about to embark on the Civil War or later when it was still raging. One hundred and fifty years later, rioters carrying Confederate battle flags rampage through the United States Capitol. Our nation’s enemies laugh.

The mob desecrated the Capitol of the United States of America. The rostrum where Winston Churchill spoke to a Joint Session of Congress during WWII, where President Roosevelt asked for a declaration of war after Pearl Harbor, where almost every president of the United States has spoken was sullied by a number of rioters mugging for selfies. In a scene at once silly and indicative of the barbarism shown that day, one of the rioters was half naked, dressed in furs and a horned helmet with his face painted blue.

This is the United States of America, not some Banana Republic where coups are the order of the day. Make no mistake. That is exactly what that mob was attempting. Spare me the excuses I am sure will populate the comments section. The president has yet to achieve a single legal victory, to include a 9-0 rejection by the Supreme Court. Contrary to that despicable tweet, one of many from the White House, Vice-President Pence was doing his duty under the Constitution that day. I have already read comments about a “mostly peaceful crowd”. Perhaps those commentators missed the sight of hundreds of people rushing the thin blue line protecting the Capitol and storming in while others climbed the walls and broke windows and doors. The symbolism of the scaffold erected outside cannot have a peaceful explanation. Rioters, they stopped being protesters when they took the first step past the police line, vandalized offices and brought weapons and at least one explosive device into the Capitol.

This is the United States of America. We are still the shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope to the world. We had better start acting like it.

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  1. After reading all these comments, I’m not sure I’ve ever been prouder of being a Libertarian. Democrats AND Republicans have lost their minds. You people are all mentally warped.

  2. Mr. Rodney Allen,
    You sound like the sicko psycho to me. MEWHP’s house may be burned down and he might be murdered….
    It appears you wasted quite a bit of your time on that soliloquy. I hope you get adequate adoration for your words.

    • Miss, Mrs. or Ms. Sue Ellen,

      I wasn’t addressing you, but since you have addressed me, I’ll reply. But only once. I give you my full permission to have the last word.

      Much more pleasing to me than “adoration for my words” are clumsy attempts to heckle me from the peanut gallery by Trump stooges like you.

        • I’m not really addressing this to you Mike Casey, but perhaps just give me your opinion. Someone keeps using this littte phrase, “this will be my final reply to you. I give you full permission to have the last word.” Now I have never cared if anyone gave me permission to have the last word, unless it was my mama or dad. Do you care if you have his permission? I’m just wondering. What about you, Mrs Old RN, or you, Ms. Sue Ellen. You know, I don’t give a flying flip if he gives me permission for the last word or tells me to SHUT UP, because as they say, he ain’t nothing to me now, wasn’t nothing to me yesterday or day before, and won’t ever be nothing to me. That is unless he wants to date my daughter, then she will have to know he ain’t nothin but a mean old wild boar, making a lot of noise, messing up nice places and pestering good people half to death cause he thinks he’s smarter than everybody else. Why he ain’t got no more sense than that old ugly hog either..

          • He posted some what of a challenge for people to post their opinion then their name so people knew basically they were the bad people living in Natchitoches. Lol I threw him back a challenge and he folded like a typical liberal put a spin on it and gave me the last word spill. So my opinion of him lol just another liberal showing his true colors.

  3. Gotta say one thing about Individual 1. He can change the subject of the year.. covid19…4000 died today alone. He started a deadly riot including some (thankfully) unexploded pipe bombs and molotov cocktails. Now if we can keep his fingers off the nuclear button.

  4. You blame me for the riot too? That is a grave accusation. Then you expect my trust for you Rodney Allen, et al..

    Why are you pushing this name thing anyway. WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU? You expect me to trust a person who thinks it is ok to hate, and hurt with no moral fiber of any wrong doing on your part.
    I cannot believe that you want my name for any other reason except to exact your hate and revenge. You and all other radical left are like coiled cobras.

    Just to explain When I said “call off your dogs” I am not referring to the young people of all races that are doing this destruction in the cities. The “dogs are the ones sitting in chairs in the bowels of universities who encourage this hate of America on the basis of the lie that we are facists and therefore need to be punished. We need someone to call them down on this abuse of academic freedom. Imagine you just spent $100,000 for your childs’ education and your child is running around city streets in lawlessness, persecuting law enforcement, and assaults. These are faculty whom you should trust, but continue to commit a grave abuses of their teaching responsibilities. The dogs are anyone who encourage teens and young adults to be part of destroying our cities’ safety and security. And the leaders of BLM who SHOULD show that black lives matter by encouraging goodness and respect ,for the innate worth of these people. Try thinking about giving financial assistance to help them with all the donations your organization receives. I would be more than happy to donate if this was an institution that cared for their well being..

    Please, encourage the words and loving wisdom of MLK.

    Please show some remorse. Then I will be able to trust you.

    • OLD RN, this will be my final reply to you. I give you full permission to have the last word.

      No, I didn’t blame the mob attack on our nation’s Capitol on you. While those people obviously had a big influence on you, you had absolutely no influence on them. And it’s a lie for you to claim I said you did.

      Why do I want to know your name? I don’t. I simply invited posters here to give their actual names to what they say here, as I have. I told you in my previous post, I realize you have every right not to give your name. I have no desire to know your name, and certainly have no desire to be in your physical presence at any time, or in any place.

      When people hide behind screen names, they often feel free to engage in bad behavior online without having to suffer any social approbation from people in their communities for any lies, groundless personal attacks, preposterous conspiracy theories, threats, or other such shameful remarks they may make.

      You will of course charge me with being guilty of all the bad online behaviors listed above in my posts here. But if you do claim that, you will be lying. While I may be mistaken about something, I don’t lie online. While I may address some people personally by screen name or real name if they provide it, I don’t make groundless personal attacks against them. I’m responding to what they said in a post, not to who I imagine them to be. And I stand by everything I say by putting my real name to it.

      I’m not who you imagine me to be, OLD RN. I’m a peaceful, live-and-let-live kind of guy–except when it comes to people who have literally tried to destroy our democracy. People like the literal psychopath Trump or the mob he goaded into attacking and defiling the figurative temple of world democracy. As Merle Haggard put it, when anybody does that, “you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.”

      Peace and good luck, OLD RN.


    • I was the one that hold you and others like you partially responsible for the insurgence at the Capital. You say drop it drop it while standing next to a person holding a match next to gasoline. Well the gasoline was lit and we all saw what happened. What did you expect when they did drop that match? Thankfully one lone Capital guard was able to coax these traitors away from the Senate chambers where so many of our leaders were hiding. And you have zero blame? Yes. You. Do. You and others have willingly spread the lies that flamed the gasoline fire and what’s worse, you all continue. How can you compare storming, defiling one of our government institutions and our American flag with anything normal? They even left human waste. That’s par for the course of this badministration and your Dear Leader. There are no words to condone it. There are no words in defense of their actions.

      • And people like you have been pouring the gas for 4 years and you’re still pouring but piss and moan when it blows up in your face. You and people like you are just as much responsible for what took place then the people that did it. The country burned all summer and President Trump ask for help from the Democratic governors and got nothing and was told to stay out. This was nothing compared to what could happen when you push people to far. Keep pouring that gas.

  5. It is very heartbreaking to see so much hate. The left drips hate out of their mouth as though it is ok and even a good thing to do. We on the right are tired of it. So sorry people were driven to do what they did yesterday.

    Hey people, since spring, BLM and antifa have been assaulting democrat cities and police officers who are not guilty of any crime. Being punished by association. Police have had bricks and other hard objects thrown at them, three policemen have been blinded by laser attacks to their eyes. 2 police were sitting in their car when they were shot. These police were then taken to the ER at a local hospital when the entrance was blocked by people holding BLM signs, and shouting “I hope you die”.

    And so much more.

    The cites under attack are devastated and police are leaving their jobs in a mass exit. Looting. property damage as well as assaults on Catholic churches and so much damage to people who own businesses There have been attacks on Federal buildings and police buildings, fires, and attacks on civilians. . The stupid notion of :”defund the police” has done a great deal of damage to our country. A truly worrisome time as crime is rampant and getting out of control.

    And not to mention all the false accusations that we had concerning Russian collusion with the 2016 election. All because Democrats wanted to overthrow the election (a coup?). All out of pure jealous hate. It was never proven, yet you still make accusations that we are tied to Putin.

    Please stop it!!!

    I want Biden et al, to stop insulting republicans over and over. ENOUGH!!!

    So what now? Why do you think you can do anything you want and it is OK? Sure it is OK to hate for you. So, don’t you think it is time to “call the dogs off” and begin to make restitutions for all the harrassment and damage that your party has done??????? Do you people think you are above the law? You certainly act like it and I am sick of what you have done to our safety and security in our cities. We are also sick of the hideous ideas of your future plans. We don’t want socialism. We don’t want abortion till birth. We want America unharmed.

    So you stop your hate, and I firmly believe the republicans will stop theirs. You started it so the “ball is in your court” Call off your dogs!!!! Apologize to the police and restore order in this country yourselves.

    Oh yes, turn to real news for a change. And look at yourselves first for who you are.

    • “Old RN,” I’ve invited all regular pro-Trump posters here at the NPJ to identify themselves by first and last name and say whether or not they still believe the election was “stolen” and whether Trump–who incited the monstrous attack by his mob on August 6th on our nation’s Capitol Building–is a fine man whom you are still proud to support.

      I got one response: only Mike Casey answered both questions. He answered “yes” to both..

      Will you follow his example and “stand up” for what you profess to believe under your full name?

      I’m someone who has for my whole adult life, in your words, “looked at my self for who I really am.”
      I’m a liberal Democrat. I’ve known for four years now that Trump is a depraved psychopath who’s been a cancer on our democracy. My name is Rodney Allen.

      • Now Rodney a couple questions for you! When the old sniffer and the rest of the Washington mafia take totall control in DC are you going to denounce the democrats and their liberal agenda when things begin to crash and they have no one to blame or investigate under your real name?

        • Beyond offering you and others who post here the chance to reaffirm your allegiance to Trump under your full names–AFTER Trump sent his mob to invade the Capitol Building in an attempt to overthrow our democracy–I have no further business with you, Mr. Casey.

      • I do not have freedom of speech. It is unsafe for me to identify myself when i can’t trust people who hate. There is no conscious what democrats do to furiously hate a president and everyone who sees what good he has done. ..

        The issue here is: all people who break the law and hurt others are wrong on both sides. Those who stormed the capital were as guilty and as horrible as those who trashed our police and cities. That is the issue. So go ahead, be proud of yourself for who you are.

        The cancer in our democracy is the hate. and you support it.

        My name is OLD RN

        • OLD RN, of course you have freedom of speech. You just exercised it at 11.01 am. You will never lose that right as long America remains a democracy. And I will do everything in my modest power for the rest of my life to help make sure that happens.

          You chose to exercise your freedom of speech without revealing your name. Which is also your right. I have no quarrel with your exercise of it.

          Despite your repeated assertions that you somehow know that I hate you, nothing could be further from the truth.

  6. Thanks for your words. I only question that we are still the shining light on the hill. That light is very diminished today.

  7. Mr. Shannahan,

    By your post you have done a great service the all readers of the NPJ, and to the United States of America.

    After the mob attack on our National Capital yesterday by people carrying Trump and Confederate flags– an insurrection directly urged on by the Traitor Donald Trump to this mob for two hours in front of the Washington Monument– America has witnessed the depths of depravity of this psychopath who would literally do anything to stay in power. Even try to overthrow our democratic republic.

    I challenge those who still believe Trump was cheated out of being reelected and still believe this would-be-dictator is a great man should post here and brag about that. And put their names to their posts, as I will will to mine.

    Then we can be sure who the insurrectionists are in this town.

    Rodney Allen

    • Trump said a LOT of crazy stuff in his tweets the past four years… Let’s examine them:
      He said: My offices are bugged. He was right.
      He said: The FBI, CIA, DOJ and the Obama administration were plotting against him. He was right.
      He said: The media both liberal and social are liars . He labeled them FAKE NEWS. He was right.
      He said: Russian collusion was a hoax. He was right.
      He said: He could bring manufacturing back. He was right.
      He said: If we build a wall and manage immigration it will create jobs. He was right.
      He said: Joe and Hunter got rich off of shady corrupt deals with the Ukraine and China. He was right.
      He said: new trade deals would be better for the people. He was right.
      He said: Moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be the right decision. He was right
      He said: getting us out of un-winnable wars would create peace. He was right.
      He said the Clintons were corrupt. He was right. And they still are!
      He said: locking up minority’s for decades for non violent offenses was wrong so he changed it. He was right.
      He said: Jobs are worth way more than welfare so he gave the people jobs.
      He was right.
      He said: our government is filled with corrupt people and he will fight to drain the swamp and right the wrongs. He is right.
      President Trump has been right on just about everything he said. So when he says the election was rigged I’ll bet my life on him being right. 74 million strong Sir, we got your back.
      Copy and share…I did

      • Mr. Casey, you have listed quite a few things here. Please provide the evidence to back each one so that I may decide whether or not to accept it as truth. I know that this will take time on your part and I am willing to also put in the time to consider your claims.

        • It’s all out there, I’ve wasted the time providing sources too many times before to have people still question it.

  8. Go back and read your history…..FLAN terrorist and its leftist apologist pardoned by Clinton and Trump. Leftist Democrats fund and justify terrorist acts in American cities everyday including the current leadership in Congress and the future President and Vice President. Your outrage is disproportionate when compared to the actions of the terrorist left on our Democracy. Leftist assault the families, homes and attempt to murder Conservative Republicans and it barely makes the news…..go back to sleep with your virtue signaling.

    • The previous actions of the truly despicable Antifa thugs are totally irrelevant. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And as disgusting as the Antifa mobs were, the Trump people, directly stirred up by the President, invaded the Capitol of the United States and wanted to overthrow the government. Now, the latest postings indicate the Trump people are blaming this on Antifa, saying Antifa infiltrated the crowd and they did this just to make the Trump people look bad. Of course, there’s no evidence for this nonsense. Reminds me of when the Nazis blamed the Reichstag fire on the Communists. This is the worst moment in this country’s history, bar none. This is not Guatemala or Libya. But by the actions of the Trump mob, you’d never know it.

      • I don’t think anyone could actually blame Antifa for what happened at the Capitol, as there has been no proof. I think what was said mostly was that the Dems sat by and said what BLM and Antifa did was only peaceful protests when they stormed cities to burn, loot, kill innocents, but they were not riots, just peaceful protests. Then when the horror at the capital happened, I am not like the democrats and say well it was just innocent protests. It was a riot by some of the thousands who were there. I am a conservative, I voted for President Trump, in 2016 and 2020. Was I wrong in voting for him? No I was not. Was I responsible for the riot at the Capitol. No, I was not, no I was not, I don’t believe in riots to solve problems. It was a riot, there I can say that, too bad the dems could never admit that BLM and Antifa were rioting when they burned cities, took over parts of those cities, looted things from stores before burning them, and shooting poor innocent people in the street. And you say the actions of the dem supporters were totally irrelevant! What a crock. People had to sit by and watch Antifa and BLM burning our country to the ground. They were trying to destroy our nation, yet they were described as peaceful protestors, and people in Congress would not even acknowledge what was happening. What I saw at the capital by the members of a group I can’t in reality call conservatives, but white supremacists. Those people came there for a fight, not because of Trump, but because of the past 4 years, and because they are as full of hate as Antifa. So please don’t say the previous actions of the truly despicable Antifa thugs are totally irrelevant.

        They are both evil in my opinion. You could tell the difference in the way the people looked. There were the older conservative supporters of the President who believe the election was was a fraud and was stolen from Trump. There were too many videos, too many people who testified at what they saw, too many poll watchers who were not allowed to get close to the people counting, instances where more absentee votes came in than those who signed up to vote absentee.

        This whole horrid mess was a combination of so many things. Hate was the primary thing, on both sides. One side said to have cheated, but refused to have a recount or verify signatures. The other side saying enough, we want a recount or there’s gonna be trouble. Both sides were wrong, and you are right when you say two wrongs don’t make a right. But I still have to wonder why there was such a huge refusal to have the votes recounted and signatures. If there was no cheating, I woujld have said, Let them count. So things just look very suspicious to me. But don’t blame the storming of the Capitol on the conservatives of the Republican party, because that would be a lie. That would be something the dems would pull out of thin air. I hated those actions as much as anyone.

        • I don’t have time to read a long recitation of snooze news commentary. You and others have pushed the idiocracy, conspiracy theories and lies of a twice popular vote loser and an impeached Individual 1. You all are as much to blame for the riots that left a Capital officer dead. I use my real name. Vicki Locatto.

          • If I were you Vicki Locatto, I wouldn’t do that. When people meet you and learn your name, they realize you are the one in need of medical/mental help. The reason I don’t use my real name is because I’m not a democrat, and I don’t want to be a victim, with my house burned, my furniture stolen, and possibly one of us murdered. You do remember the riots, don’t you. You feel safe using your name because you know that real conservatives are not angry destructive people. I think most of us are a bit tired of your ridiculous comments, but we let you keep mouthing off, because every time you do, it gives us a clue as to your stupidity. Saying that I am as much to blame for the riots, is so far off the mark it makes you look like a child blaming someone else for your meanness. I am sorry that there was an officer who was killed. I am also sorry for the lady who was shot by an officer, reason yet to be determined as several stories have been told. I am sorry for the entire day, the actions, the people caught up in the riots. I am angry at the men and women who did damage at the Capitol and I hope and pray that they are all arrested.

            As for blame, aren’t you to blame for the previous riots, looting, burning of cities, murders of innocents as you had a lot to say about the fact that it was everyone else’s fault that the BLM and Antifa rioted, looted, burned, and shot in cold blood,citizens and a police chief trying to protect a friends business. You blamed the police and wanted to see the police defunded. You see the difference between us Vicki, I see the guilty ones at the capitol and I want to see them punished. I would turn in the ones who did wrong, you would hide them to keep them safe.

            You are a fake and phony, and know nothing and are a typical democrat, except worse than most. Bless your heart, and your poor husband, bless his soul.

          • Pay no attention to MEWHP, Vicki.

            He’s a man who’s fearful that while he lives in one of the Reddest states in America, if he reveals his real name here in the NPJ his house is likely to be burned down and he might be murdered.

            If anything, pity him. His mind is full of imaginary monsters of his own creation.

          • Reply to the big man who calls himself Rodney Allen, last name, maybe Rippy. You need to be corrected on something, so maybe you should know your government a little more than you actually do. Louisiana is not one of the reddest states in America. If you knew anything about it, South Louisiana is so blue and has been for years. Only the people of North and some Central Louisiana are red, more conservative, and the only hot headed ones are the skinheads, who are not really red or conservative. They just have not place to put themselves, they don’t fit anywhere. It’s not a good fit like Antifa and democrats, who fit like hand in glove.

            I would imagine that the people who owned property in Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis and Portland didn’t think their homes and businesses would be burned to the ground either. So you are a fool if you think a person should give a name and feel safe that some evil fool around here would not damage their homes, vehicles, animals, or anything else that would hurt the conservatives that dared speak out against the evil ways of some.

            You think your words can make conservatives feel guilty for the Capitol invasion. Do you feel guilty for the burning of the cities mentioned above? Maybe you should. Everything Donald Trump has done right, the left has had bad things to say. I would venture guess Nancy, Chuck and some of the most arrogant and evil of the DC crowd are your favorites. So enjoy the 4 years of Biden and Harris. Let’s see what you think of Biden when China becomes his best friend and people realize how much money he and Hunter have taken from them. They will play into China’s hands, and we will become puppets, the low class of the far East. I guess I’ll see you riding your bike down the road when you can no longer afford gasoline. Don’t come looking to take my bike, I gave it away.

            Oh, by the way, I know and you know that your were rude and hateful to our favorite nurse. I don’t worry about her because she has plenty of smarts, and she can show you up any day of the week. She does know what is going on in this country.

            Have a good weekend, and thank goodness you are one of them, so your house is safe. I have to say, you and vicki are two of a kind.

        • MEWHP,

          I’m replying to your comical post of a few minutes ago. I say comical because that masterful and absolutely original (satire alert for the tone deaf)Trumpian nickname you gave me–Rodney Allen Rippy–made me laugh and laugh and laugh! Thanks for making my day!

          But sadly for you, as for your disgraced cult leader and traitor Trump, nicknames do not an argument make. Even if you were man enough to give your real name here, I’d never make the childish mistake of thinking I could really score some points by making up some zingers about it like “Liddle Marco” or “Crazy Nancy” or “Shifty Shift,”

          Here’s the bottom line, MEWHP: you’re a dead-ender. You haven’t gotten the news. The man you defend every day is a traitor. And he’s so much less. He’s a coward who promised the mob he exhorted to storm the Capitol “I’ll be there with you!” But was he? Of course not. He fled in his limo to the safety and comforts of the White House to watch his tin-pot revolution on TV. Perhaps he ordered a “hamberder,” People died while he watched with glee. Multiple sources inside the White House say his staff was appalled because he didn’t understand why they weren’t enjoying the show the way he was.

          Then he fled to Camp David, where EVEN HE got the news: his lawyers told him he could be facing charges for inciting a riot, and much, much, much worse. They urged him to do some personal unaccustomed damage control.

          So what did your hero do? He panicked. He folded like a cheap suit. He made a “liddle” video in which he admitted there would now be “a peaceful, seamless transfer on power” on January 20. Right wing maniacs like Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones immediately labeled Trump a traitor for making that video. White Supremacists Groups like the Proud Boys are split over the issue. Trump’s now poison to former ass-kisser McConnell, who led the Senate to vote down the idea that the election was stolen by 93 to 6. Miss Lindsey voted with the majority. Dozens of resignations by Trump’s people have affirmed they’re gotten the message to try and saved their disgraced hides at the last possible moment. Twitter has permanently banned Trump for lying and for trying to over throw the government–for Trump, probably the unkindest cut of all. At least until he’s put into a steel cage.

          So it’s over for Trump, and almost everybody on planet earth has gotten the news. But not you, MEWHP. Not you.

          If you want some more of me, I hate to disappoint you. You’re not worth any more of my time. You have my full permission to have the last word.

          I can’t wait for you to embarrass yourself again and again and again.


          • You are mistakenly enamored over your intelligence, you have missed most of what I had to say. I said the ones who rioted and stormed the Capitol were wrong, but that they were a small number of the total who were there on the 6th to show support for President Trump. No, you don’t remember reading that as your hate pushes all good sense out of your head. What I did say also, was that you leftists were calling that group as rioting, and if you were going to do that, then why weren’t the thugs, BLM and Antifa who stormed cities in several states, dems refused to call them anything but peaceful protestors. As they rioted, burning parts of the cities to the ground, looting those businesses before they were destroyed, wandering streets shooting wildly, murdering innocent children. Let me ask you, how would you have felt if your child had been murdered by one of these thugs. They even murdered a black police chief who was trying to protect a friend’s pawn shop. They destroyed many peoples lives.From the way you are arguing with me and telling me over and over your opinion of me, which is obviously not very high. Let me give you a little secret, I honestly don’t care what a person like you thinks of me.

            President Trump did some great things for this country. I know you don’t believe it, but I doubt you had any investments anyway. You probably don’t care that the jobless rate for blacks was the lowest it had been in years and years. Did it affect you at all that he brought jobs back to the USA, probably not since you had a job, and I wonder if anyone else mattered to you.

            Yes, President Trump lost, but Biden didn’t win. There was too much going on for me to believe anything except this election costs someone a whole of money. It was bought and paid for. Now those who sought the truth about voter fraud, will have to live through the same hell that you and those like you brought on with with your self righteous know-it-all attitude.

            You keep calling Trump a traitor. Tiny Tim’s Miss Vicki does the same thing. But no one has ever told us what crimes he committed to make him a traitor. . Now if you want to talk Biden family, we can tell you plenty about son Hunter, and Big Guy that would possibly put them on the list as traitors. What do you suppose Hunter does for the Moscow mayor’s wife that makes him worth so much much money.

            Anyone want to place a little wager as to whether or not he is going to take that last word for himself?

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