What was the Sheriff’s Office doing earlier on Cane River near Pratt’s Bridge?

Wednesday morning, Jan. 6, shortly after 10 am, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies were notified by the Cane River Waterway Commission of a reported possible submerged vehicle in Cane River just north of Pratt’s Bridge south of Natchitoches according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

A fisherman reported he allegedly spotted a submerged vehicle this past weekend and reported it to authorities.

The NPSO was notified this morning.

Sheriff Stuart Wright along with deputies assigned to the NPSO Search and Rescue Team responded to the area with a boat and sonar equipment.

Deputies searched the river just north and south of Pratt’s Bridge for approximately 2 hours with sonar equipment but received no hits on any submerged items in the area at this time.

The fisherman is expected to meet with deputies soon to give additional details on what he observed.

Deputies also checked the area for any evidence of a vehicle leaving the road in the area and did not find any crash evidence.