A Rare Treat in Natchitoches – Snow!

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Natchitoches residents were in for an unusual sight in Louisiana Sunday evening and Monday morning as several inches of snow fell over the area. NSU and area schools were closed and many businesses either closed or opened late. The Natchitoches Parish Journal got up with the sunlight, grabbed the camera and started shooting. The gallery contains views from the American Cemetery, NSU, Fort Jean St. Baptiste, downtown and some backyard shots.

Children and families were out enjoying the rare snowfall, some of the youngsters for the first time. Cardboard boxes were pressed into service as sleds and snowballs flew through the air as families joined in the fun. Natchitoches may never be a ski resort destination, but snow related tourism was a thing for the city of lights Sunday and Monday. The Journal met several families from Lafayette who braved the snowfall Sunday evening in order to spend the evening and following day in our winter wonderland. We welcome them to our city and wish them many returns.

One of the happiest residents of Natchitoches was Jaydon Poole, son of Jesse Poole and NPJ editor Corey Poole who got exactly what he wanted for his tenth birthday. It is hard to beat 4 inches of snow on your birthday!

The album is unlocked and the families are welcome to their shots.

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3 thoughts on “A Rare Treat in Natchitoches – Snow!

  1. Really nice. Remember the really big snow in 2010? I think we had 7 inches that year. It’s so peaceful, clean, and quite during and after a snow. I wish we had one like this every year. (Without ice and power outages of course.) 🙂

  2. Wonderful photos! Brought back lots of fond memories of many years ago and piqued my curiosity over some areas and things I had never seen before. After so many years, I hope to get back to my hometown to visit all my old haunts and see all the new developments.

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