McAlister’s Deli pulls permit, construction will begin adjacent to Hobby Lobby

Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Natchitoches confirmed that a permit listed on the report for December is for McAlister’s Deli, which will be built on the outparcel in front of Hobby Lobby on Keyser Avenue. The new commercial construction permit, in the amount of $780,500, was applied for by subcontractors HL Natch, LLC and Siti, LLC. The permit also included line items for electric, gas, vac and plumbing.

Full Permit Report HERE:

5 thoughts on “McAlister’s Deli pulls permit, construction will begin adjacent to Hobby Lobby

  1. Sadly another good business not locating at I-49 so that the city can take advantage of the room to grow and increased tax revenue available from citizens in west Natchitoches Parish and travelers on the interstate.

    Fifty years ago there were only a few businesses on I-20 about 2 miles from downtown Ruston, now the area is expanding east and west along the interstate and there is a plethora of businesses there with easy access for I-20 travelers, citizens and visitors. Ruston embraced the idea of expansion towards the interstate and its possibilities while Natchitoches continues to “expand” away from an obvious economic engine.

    Ruston is one close example, there are other towns that have shown how to embrace change and truly grow and now we continue with the short sighted development of Keyser Avenue.

    I applaud the installation of new businesses however my enthusiasm is tempered with the continued refusal of our leaders to move the city towards transportation assets and a real area for growth.

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