Goodness Gracious

By Tommy Rush

Snow flurries Sunday afternoon turned into snowflakes Sunday night and a snow day on Monday. Snow Days in Louisiana are pretty rare but when we get one, it brings out the kid in most of us. Sunday night my grandkids and their dad stood on the back porch for hours watching the snow fall. As I listened to them make plans for their snow day, I could see they were as excited as they were before going to bed on Christmas Eve.
Inside most of us is this kid who looks out the window at falling snow and hopes like crazy that school will be canceled. You may have graduated from school years ago, but I saw a lot of snowmen on my street this week. I also saw several adults having as much fun as their children sliding down the hill behind First Baptist on cardboard boxes and pool floats Monday afternoon.

In the Bible there are numerous scriptures that make reference to snow. In Job 38:22 God asked Job, “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of hail?” Basically God was asking Job if he had considered the storehouse of wonders in something as simple as a snowfall. There’s actually some great lessons to learn. I think that was actually what the poet Robert Frost was getting at when he wrote the poem, “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.” The poem describes the thoughts of a lone traveler who paused his journey as night was falling to observe and think about the beauty of snow falling in the woods.

When we stop long enough to take in the beauty of a snow covered landscape, it can remind us that God is an awesome Creator. Few scenes make for a better picture than an old home place or countryside blanketed in snow. Do you remember the wonder you felt when you first learned that no two snowflakes are ever alike? In spite of the millions of snowflakes that cover the ground, not one of them are exactly like any other! What a beautiful reminder of how God loves to create beauty in diversity. Of the more than 7 billion people now living, not one of them is exactly like another! Every person is created in God’s image and yet each one is as unique as a single snowflake and just as amazing.

It is also interesting how fresh fallen snow makes everything look so clean and pure. Throughout scripture we are told that one of mankind’s greatest needs is forgiveness. Deep down we all long to have a clean and pure heart. Isaiah 1:18 tells us that though our sins are as scarlet, if we turn to God for forgiveness He will make our hearts whiter than snow. God’s forgiveness cannot be earned only received as a gift. It changes everything just like the snow that comes down from heaven!

I hope you took some time last Monday to build a snowman or throw a snowball, but if not, I hope you looked out the window and at least considered the awesome beauty of God’s snow.

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