Hypocrisy and the Rise of the Cancel Culture

Royal Alexander/Opinion

It has become clearer recently that the Left is not nearly as concerned with hate speech as it is with speech it hates.

There is no consistency; no evenly applied standard. No matter how violent or hate-filled it may be, speech is allowed—if not celebrated—if it comports with the Left’s false narrative of Americans as racist, sexist, bigoted, provincial, and stupid. It is generally not allowed or mocked if it inspires millions of Americans toward a faith in God, love of country and love of family.

For recent examples, recall the orgy of violence, rioting, looting, murder and hate speech last year by Antifa and BLM that was merely deemed “peaceful protesting.” Recall the damage and destruction of hundreds of historic monuments and statues across the country; or the Church in D.C. that was nearly destroyed—the attack itself was not criticized, only that President Trump stood in front of the Church and held up a Bible. Was any of this other than the president ever denounced? No.

We are told that the rushed, unsupported 2nd impeachment of President Trump was warranted because he supposedly “incited” an insurrection at the Capitol with inflammatory, hate speech. However, there are numerous reports that the Capitol Police and other law enforcement had already been notified that there could be a disruption at the rally. How did the president, who had not even finished his speech, incite the riot?

Please remember that the impeachment article claims that President Trump supposedly incited the riot by spreading false statements that there was election fraud. This is obviously well past asserting that his rhetoric itself was dangerous. Here, the article of impeachment asserts that merely questioning the result of an election is, itself, an act of incitement. This represents a very broad suppression of constitutionally protected speech.

However, while we are on the topic of inciteful, inflammatory, hate speech let’s recall some instances in which no one was censored or banned from social media:

“We need another John Wilkes Booth.” Actor Johnny Depp referring to the assassination of Pres. Trump; “I fantasize about standing over Donald Trump’s dead body.” Actor Tom Arnold; Holding up a bloody, decapitated head of Pres. Trump. Comedian Kathy Griffin. Shooting a likeness of Pres. Trump who is placed in a body bag. Snoop Dog; “Let’s blow up the White House.” Madonna; “I’d like to take him behind a barn and beat him.” Joe Biden.

“I dream of punching him in the face.” Corey Booker, U.S. Senator; “harass his staff and supporters in public and refuse to serve them.” Maxine Waters, congresswoman; “lock a ten-year old (Barron Trump) in a cage with child molesters.” Actor Peter Fonda referring to the president’s son. Major national media and social media either applaud or ignore statements like these. Can you imagine the outrage if these things had been said about Pres. Obama?

Let’s consider another example.

President Trump and numerous conservative figures of all kinds have now been either temporarily or permanently censored and banned from Twitter and Facebook. Many that haven’t been banned outright have had large numbers of their social media followers deleted. Apple, Google, and others are now also purging conservative speech and speakers from their platforms as well. [I understand that companies like these are nominally private companies but while they enjoy the enormous benefit of Section 230 legal liability protection under federal law (Communications Decency Act), they shouldn’t be allowed to selectively censor]. Many other social media platforms have rushed this past week to join this purge.

So, the President of the United States is banned from Twitter but the Ayatollah Khamenei, head of the murderous Iranian regime and responsible for the deaths of innumerable Americans—who constantly demands “death to America and Israel” remains on Twitter. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a world class violator of civil and human rights, remains on Twitter. Porn Hub, the largest host of child porn and rape videos in the world, remains on Twitter. Planned Parenthood, proudly responsible for most of the abortions in America, remains on Twitter.

Everyone is entitled to believe, support, and vote for what and whom they wish in this country but if the national Left thinks the American people don’t recognize this clear hypocrisy and the Cancel Culture that results from it, it is mistaken.

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14 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and the Rise of the Cancel Culture

  1. I would like to thank the Natchitoches Parish Journal for continuing to run these comedy pieces I find them extremely entertaining! And it’s nice to start the day off with a good laugh.

    • Yes, Royal Alexander is unconsciously hilarious to those of us not in the Trump cult.

      And what’s really hilarious is that even after his meal ticket had been kicked out of office–even before he tried to overthrow the American government on January 6–Alexander keeps on typing and typing and typing about how victimized Trump has been by liberals. Now that’s funny!

      Note to Royal: you bet on the wrong horse. He lost all the races. First he lost the Run for the House, then he lost the Senate Downs. Then he came in 7,500,000 lengths behind Biden in the Presidential Run for All the Roses. Then he contested the race. Then he lost again. Then he was caught trying to burn down the racetrack. Today, he flew off to pasture at Mirage-a-Lago stables in total disgrace.

      He’s been impeached twice. And wonder of wonders, Mitch is considering letting his Senators who aren’t insurrectionists convict Trump in his upcoming second Impeachment Trial. Why? Because Trump’s guilty as sin–so guilty McConnell might actually been driven–for the wrong reasons, of course–to do the right thing.

      Here’s the final nail in your old horse’s shoe: Mitch is still in power, while your dead horse Donnie is unemployed in South Florida.

      Stop beating your dead horse, Royal.

      Then we’ll stop laughing at you.

  2. Despite your best devious efforts, Royal, you’ve failed to politically resuscitate your cult leader.

    Joe Biden is now the duly elected President of the United States. And now that he’s taken the oath of office, he’ll keep it–for all of us.

    Free at last!

  3. Thanks for the article, as always well said. I hope the first amendment survives the next 4 years.
    the next congressional election will prove interesting and maybe a pulse of what is going to happen
    next. Hard to believe what is going on, the things some elected officials seem to be getting away with.

  4. Thank you for continuing to write the truth! And if Joe Biden reverses many of the positive achievements of President Trump’s administration, it will be a SAD day for our country. If he does that his statements about working for “unity” is laughable.

  5. Thanks for the truth, written so well. A lot of us agree but some will argue the truth even though they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. But we all know that talking to the ones who argue with what you are writing, is like talking to a fence post. What a shame that they can’t see what is happening in this country through eyes wide open and ears that hear the truth.

    Thank you and keep on writing the truth. I have seen a few turn from the lies of the left to the truth, so you do some good.

  6. The string of outrageous quotes were taken verbatim from an internet meme that did not actually directly quote the original sources, If you try to find the source of some of them, you’re pointed to the meme. Some were taken out of context, Some were changed entirely, Some of the celebs apologized. No matter. The meme as a defense against President Trump’s actions are false equivancy, Even if they were totally accurate, those quotes do not represent everyone on the other side.

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