Natchitoches Central High School: Testing Letter


LEAP 2025 state-mandated tests are currently being administered at Natchitoches Central High School. These tests are given at the end of English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, and US History. The tests serve 2 purposes. These tests serve as the final exam for these courses and are calculated as 15 % of the entire course grade. Passing LEAP 2025 test scores are also required to earn a high school diploma. Each test has 3 sessions, and each session is timed, taking a considerable amount of time.

Students that have not tested must come to NCHS on Monday 1/25/21 at 7:40 to take required test. All students will need to come to the attendance office and then be directed to their testing room.

The testing window closes on Tuesday, January 26th. Teachers have already given information about the LEAP 2025 tests to their students.