Mayor Ronnie Williams, Jr. would like to announce he will give a State of the City Address on Monday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Natchitoches Council Chambers, located at 716 Second Street.

The purpose of the State of the City Address is to connect with our constituents and inform them of the City’s policy agenda for the year 2021. Mayor Williams will address his projections for economic development, capital outlay, and infrastructure improvements for the City of Natchitoches.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the venue for the State of the City Address will be reserved for the media and will not be open to the public. The address will be available on the City’s website at and via facebook @CityofNatchitoches.

For more information contact the Mayor’s Office at (318) 352-2772.


  1. Like MEWHP, we are high risk. My hubby hasn’t been in a store since March. We started making calls everywhere to find a list to get on. We were fortunate in south Louisiana to get our names on a list early and got our 1st dose. Second one is due in 2 weeks now.
    What happened to the national stockpile of vaccines?

  2. I was very proud of the mayor and the great job he did when Hurricane Laura came through Natchitoches. However, with a much more dangerous killer in our midst right now, I’m disappointed in his actions. The government in DC left plans for disbursement of the COVID vaccine to the individual states. The governor can’t make plans for the individual cities as to when and where these vaccines will be given. It is my opinion that mayors should communicate with the governor’s office to secure the vaccine and know when it will be available. Then the mayor should make arrangements to let the PEOPLE OF THE CITY know when and where the shots will be given, and should make every effort to get the information on any and every media outlet available. We found out well into January that Walgreen’s was giving the shots, so we called. We were told they were out, and don’t bother to call back in February as they already had people signed up for then. Then we heard that the shots would be at Super 1 Foods and Walmart and to call them to sign up. We did, but were told we couldn’t sign up, they would call us when there was a spot available. It was really frustrating, as I am high risk and have been inside for months.

    Last week, I was talking with a friend who told me they were working the Event’s Center. I asked what for and was told for COVID shots. I asked when could one sign up. They said, I’ll call you at 8 in the morning and let you know, it’s possible there are openings then. So, I guess by God’s grace, because it sure wasn’t our city government, we got the much needed vaccine. I thank our friends for letting us know the shots were given at the Event’s Center, otherwise if we had waited on the mayor’s office, who knows when we would have found out anything. In fact they had so many shots available, they asked me to call others over 70 who wanted to take a shot that day. To have that many openings, and nobody in city government putting the word out. There was no wait at all.

    I’ve not heard much on what the mayor is doing these days in the ways of governing our fair city, but on this important issue, I’m very disappointed in his actions. Will we hear an apology, or a blame it on someone else.

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