Natchitoches man receives 140 year sentence for 2016 robbery of Southern Classic

Tenth Judicial District Court Judge Lala Sylvester rendered a 140 year criminal sentence on Jan. 26 for Deontay DeShun Hardy, 30 of Natchitoches. The consecutive sentence includes 95 years in prison for armed robbery and 45 years for attempted armed robbery.

Two unanimous jury convictions were announced on Oct. 16, 2020 as the result of a 2016 robbery of Southern Classic Fried Chicken in Natchitoches.

Hardy was convicted of robbing a father with his children in their vehicle in the restaurant’s parking lot. He proceeded inside and held a gun on an employee while demanding the safe be opened. Gunshots were fired inside the restaurant causing windows to shatter. Hardy fled the scene and was apprehended several blocks away by Natchitoches Police Department officers after a foot chase.

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  2. With all of the comments and speculation about how a District Judge could hand down a sentence totaling 140 years. I just had to take a research trip to the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court to find out what Public Records I could find on Deontay Hardy.

    Well, I obtained almost 250 pages of court records that are available to the public. After 20 plus hours of reading and charting the data I discovered that Deontay Hardy is a very Bad Actor!

    Deontay Hardy has a long criminal file in the Public Record. There is a juvenile record, but that is not available to the Public as Deontay Hardy was a minor child during those years.

    Ignoring the numerus Motions and Court Hearing for failure to pay probation fees and support. You quickly focus on the Criminal Charges. Long before the current court case, Mr. Deontay Hardy was charged with killing a human person and there was one eyewitness to this murder. The STATE was prepared to try Mr. Hardy for murder, but in August 2011, the only eyewitness to the murder was himself murdered, effectively killing the STATES case. That’s right, the only witness to needed to convict Deontay Hardy was dead.

    The State had to voluntarily dismissed the charge. Deontay Hardy walked out of the courtroom.
    The only witness to convict Mr. Deontay Hardy had been murdered by Deontay Hardy’s own SISTER – Tanesha Hardy.

    Tanesha Hardy was convicted by jury in August 2010 for the murder. The court sentenced Tanesha Hardy to LIFE IMPRISONMENT AT HARD LABOR with the LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS without BENEFIT OF PAROLE, PROBATION or SUSPENSION of SENTENCE.

    With the murder charges dropped against Deontay Hardy, the record shows that he went on to commit many crimes, including Armed Robbery, Attempted Armed Robbery, another Armed Robbery…etc.

    In 2016, Deontay Hardy was charged with Armed Robbery at the Southern Classic Chicken location. His bond was set at ONE MILLION DOLLARS and he remained in jail. After numerous hearings and court appearances, Deontay Hardy was sentenced by a very Honorable and Brave 10th Judicial District Judge to a 140-year criminal sentence – 95 years in prison for armed robbery and 45 years for attempted armed robbery.

    • I was going to say that I thought he must have had a long record and part of the sentence was for being a habitual offender. Sounds to me like he needed to be removed from society and the judge did a good job of that. Good for her.

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    • You just always have to go political, don’t you. You can never acknowledge that President Trump did a lot of good for this country. And after reading a bit of Joe Biden’s life story, and about his daughter’s diary, and knowing what his son has been up to, I would say that your president doesn’t have a past to brag about. So I’m saying if the press were really reporters, things would be a lot different in the good old USA these days. For there is plenty of good gossip about old Joe and the women who worked with him and what they accused him of. ABC news verified all those lies Trump told, is that what you are saying. And how many lies has ABC told about him and others, because they are liberal, and promote all the liberals have to say. You say Trump cheated on 3 of his wives. You know for sure this is true? Or is this something you learned from one of the liberal rags. Yes, I know he spoke crudely in a private conversation, but I never saw him holding young girls close, an uncomfortable look on their faces, while he sniffed their hair. Even grown women complained about that. And his daughter’s diary hinted at even more, though I have not read it. Son Hunter, just as disgusting. Oh yes, I just read today, that wife Jill was once the baby sitter, and well, you know what they say about men and the baby sitter. I also read that after she married, in her early 20s, she left her new husband and had a fling again with old Joe. So don’t think your guy is all kindness and goodness, because he is a pervert.

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  4. One on here has basically yelled, if you do the crime you do the time. In that much I agree, even if the individual is a former twice impeached, twice popular vote loser, events host covid super spreader ex pr*sident.

    As of Nov 2019, 367 people previously convicted of serious crimes in the US had been exonerated by DNA, 21 had been sentenced to death since 1989. As of 2021 375 people have been exonerated. 225 (60%)African American. 117 (31%) Caucasian. 29 (8%) Latinx. 2 (1%) Asian American. 1 (<1%) Native American. 1 (<1%) Self Identified "Other". They were exonerated through DNA and including for a variety of other reasons.

    • Vicki, this article is not about the former president. Why did you just have to bring politics into your comment. I would possibly have agreed with you had you not done that. LET IT GO!

  5. The US is by far the world leader in incarceration rates with 639/100,000. Imprisonment rate for black females is 88/100,000 vs white females is 48/100,000. Imprisonment for black men is 2,272/100,000 vs white men is 792/100,000. Blacks also receive much harsher prison time than whites for the same crime. We also need to get rid of private prisons.

    • Really simple fix! DON’T COMMIT CRIMES!
      As far as private ran prisons SO WHAT? Their not going there for a vacation!

      • Some people who proudly and constantly post here are nearly illiterate.

        And what they say is often even more embarrassing to them than the elementary mistakes in grammar and spelling they don’t even realize they’re always making..

        How pitiful.

        • How pitiful of an existence you must live. I give you permission to have the last word. Maybe that will give you pleasure in an otherwise miserable life.

          • You have no idea of yours truly–my race, age, religious affiliation, marital status, country of national origin, or anything else.

            But I can easily generate an empirically based profile of one who hides behind a military pseudonym. Care to hear it?

          • Rodney, one thing I think we all can be sure of. You are a man, a smart-mouth man, but a man. Tell me, have you been brave enough to join one of the military branches to serve and defend our country? Or do you think you are too smart for that. One thing I think most of us don’t tolerate easily is someone who talks down or speaks rudely on anyone who was brave enough to put on that uniform and serve our country. You went to far pretty boy.

          • MEWHP pay him no attention. I said all of that just to ruffle feathers and it worked. He so arrogantly talks down on everyone who doesn’t agree with his madness. Sad really.

            Rodney sure, I would love to hear your profile of me. I anxiously await.

        • Spelling and grammar mistakes don’t change the content of the post. Look at your post, perfectly written and full of b.s. and wrong most of the time.

      • Yet again more failure of white people not acknowledging that black people are more likely to be incarcerated than white people and more often faced with harsher penalties. People are going to always do wrong things and some will break the law by their choices. White people need to stop downplaying and ignoring (more like refusing) the TRUTH that there are racial injustices in our city, state and country.

        We can disagree if sentencing of 140 years is excessive or not for this case, but to disregard that a black person is more likely to be profiled, arrested, sentenced harsher penalties and more likely to be brutalized and killed by law enforcement is at best ignorant and at worst racist.

        P.S. I’m a born and raised in Natchitoches I’m a Catholic raised educated white female who has served my country proudly so don’t even attempt to convince me that certain minority groups aren’t faced with inequalities and injustices in this country. Justice should be equal and fair regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income, political party, and disability. Fair and equal justice is not harmful to our communities. Inequalities and injustices are harmful to our communities because they cause nothing but more division and eventually outrage that goes from peaceful assembly to urban rioting. Wise up to the TRUTH and contribute in words and actions that make our community come together in common goals for the betterment of all of us not just a selected group of us.

          • Actually poverty and oppression do contribute to higher crime rates and very poor decision making. No one is saying that this person is innocent and shouldn’t go to jail. Remember Averie Evans, the 7th grader that was killed by a white man named Phillip DeSelle? Well that child murder was only sentenced to 40 years and then let back into society after only serving 20 years. Her cruel unthinkable death traumatized numerous of children that knew her and our community as a whole was devastated. Where’s the fair justice for Averie and our community? Just last Monday two white people, a man and woman from Many where arrested for child molestation of a mentally challenged juvenile and their bail posted was zero dollars. Yet again, where’s the fair justice?

          • Actually poverty and oppression contribute to higher crime rates and more poor decision making. No one is saying that this person doesn’t deserve punishment for their actions. I’m sure that most of us are tired of criminal activities and would like for our community to be safe and not divided. Remember Averie Evans, the 7th grader who was killed by a white man named Phillip DeSelle? Well he was only sentenced to 40 years and then let back into society after serving 20 years. This child murderer traumatized not only Averie’s family, but also numerous of children who knew her and our community as a whole was devastated. Where’s the justice in this case for Averie, for her family, for our children and for our community? Just last week, a white man and white woman from Many where arrested for molestation of a mentally challenged juvenile. Their bail posted was zero dollars. Yet again where is the fair justice?

          • I remember Averie Evans well, I believe he should have been put to death in the worst way possible!Same for anyone who hurts a child. First offenders included.

            This system is broken no question. I think there should be set punishment for crimes. That would make it the same for everyone. Do away with deals,you did it you pay.
            But again you have a choice not to commit crimes. Bad decisions are made,but if you know you’re going to get the needle no questions ask if you’re found guilty well that’s on you.

  6. Just report it to The Old sniffer and I’m sure he will let him out!

  7. There are several things that really make me think about what is happening in our country today, in our state, and in our city. This young man, who looks healthy, even clean cut, where did his disrespect for others come from? Has he done this before? If so, did he serve any time? Is he a repeat offender? If so, what were his punishments in the past. These are things we need to know when we look at the 140 year sentence imposed on this man. WHY? One hundred and forty years is a long, long time and I believe longer than most sentences people get for far worse crimes.

    Lala Sylvester, the judge who handed down this sentence, did the wrong thing yet again I believe. She handed down a sentence so harsh, that we will surely be paying for an attorney for this guy for years. That sentence is just too harsh. Has he been found guilty of other offenses in the past? What was his punishment for these any guilty decisions? Was anything ever really handed down as punishment, or did he just get a slap on the wrist. If you ever sit in Lala Sylvester’s courtroom, you will see her do a lot of nothing when someone comes before her. Some of her cases seem to drag on for months. Can’t she make a simple decision, one that is appropriate for the crime. Don’t let so many walk the streets with a slap on the wrist. Like the young man who appeared before Judge Cunningham when Lala was out one day. This young man was out, walking the streets with you and me, WITH 5 ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES hanging over his head. He had not paid his court fees, and the judge was astonished that he was not behind bars, saying to him that he was a lucky man to be out, because he should be behind bars. But Lala had let him out. But this is the way of the courts now, let out with a slap on the wrist, so they can commit more crime. I don’t have a lot of faith in either judge sitting now, but Lala is the one I’ve watched in action and she is no judge. Her courtroom is poorly run, things are put on hold while she looks for something, and I mean this is every time I have observed her in action. Folks, I believe we would have less crime in our fair city if we had judges on the bench who would give out punishment other than a slap on the wrist and let them go.

    We need new judges on the bench. I’m tired of friends since childhood being treated differently. I’m tired of the fact that if the attorney has known the judge for a long time and they are friends, you have a better chance of getting a better deal. Or if your attorney is a longtime friend, the child support you have to pay is a bit lower than it should be.

    Think about these things when you go to vote. The right judge will help bring crime down. I have to ask, what about crime since our judges have been on the bench? Sometimes I wonder if they realize they are there to enforce the law. I don’t know if there is a person in Natchitoches who can be a judge like Judge Cunningham, but that is the kind of judge we need.

      • Excuse me, but what other facts do I need to hold this view. I’ve watched some pretty bad guys be slapped on the wrist and let out. I asked the question as to what this man’s criminal history was, if it’s been a court case, it is public information, and I’m not the only one who has wondered this. You and I both know with an excessive sentence, attorneys from everywhere will want to defend him against that sentence, whether it is justified or not, and we, the taxpayers will have to pay the bill to make sure he stays in jail, because we do pay the salaries of the judges and the DA, last I heard.

        As for her postponing trials, why are there so many? It costs us when this happens. So why is it so necessary. Tell me if this is where I don’t have the facts to have my view of this situation.

        As for the things seen while in the court room, everything I described is true. Or maybe I should say, in some cases,she appears to give one attorney what his client want over what the other attorney’s client has asked for on a pretty consistent basis. Now I admit I don’t know why this is, but she is definitely more friendly with some attorneys than with others. She talks to attorneys between cases on the side, and they laugh, and there is no interaction with the other attorney at all, ever. I just have never seen that in a courtroom before. Is this what I don’t have the facts on to have my view of the situation.

        Please tell me, because I would like to know, and I will correct my way of thinking. My belief is that Lala Sylvester is not the best person to have sitting on the bench in a courtroom in Natchitoches. Is that an opinion I’m not supposed to have since I don’t have the facts. You tell me the facts I’m missing out on and I will apologize, if an apology is needed, but for you to say that without telling me what facts I’m missing out on, I stand by what I said.

        • Seek the answers then make an informed “opinion”. You apparently have nothing better to do than tell everyone your view and how it’s the way everyone should feel. If we don’t think YOUR way we are wrong. This is an informative article about a trial in our city. It is not the responsibility for a reporter to answer every single question from every single citizen. It’s impossible. As far as a judge talking to one attorney and not the other…..hahahaha what is this third grade? Judges have lives too, guess what? They also have friends, shocking 😲. Does not mean there is preferential treatment. Maybe from your POV but really, what does your view matter to me, to someone else? Get over yourself and you might actually have a happier life 😉. The old saying everyone has opinions but everyone also has an a…… nevermind. 😂

          • Guess what, I have a very happy life. I just happen to know the one sided ways of that courtroom. Have you ever sat in there and watched what was going on. I have no objection to lawyers and judges talking and laughing together, if the attorney for one of the parties is not ignored and rulings are more likely to lean toward the other attorney. And by the way, I don’t care one wit if you agree with me or not. I don’t care if you are the judge’s sister or best friend. This section of the journal are for comments, and I make comments I feel strongly about, as you obviously just did. I wrote the previous because the editor said I didn’t have the facts to hold my view. He is wrong. I merely asked him what I didn’t have the facts about.

            The sentence she imposed is too harsh, and agree with me or not, I don’t care, as you are nothing to me. There will be problems with this sentence for sometime to come in my opinion, and it has already stirred up words of “if he was white” and “racist” and that should not happen. She ruled that the years of his sentence run consecutively and not concurrently as is normally done. She did the wrong thing. I could go over a dozen other things I have seen there, but I won’t because it wouldn’t matter to you. I guess it doesn’t matter that you walk the streets with a man with 5 attempted murder charges against him. But that’s right, in you eyes I don’t have the right to write my opinion, so good luck on Natchitoches streets, maybe you won’t be in front of him when he gets mad and decides to shoot someone.

            As for me getting over myself, can’t someone wish for a better city, less crime, fewer criminals walking the streets, fewer break-ins, shootings, and all else that is evil. Apparently in your eyes, the judicial system here is great and we have nothing to fear as thugs are turned loose on the streets on a daily basis. You can want Lala Sylvester as a judge in Natchitohes and I have no problem with that as you are entitled to your opinion, and I won’t even talk down to you as you did to me. Now I hope you have a nice weekend. I know you will be nicer to your friends than you were to me, and unless you know the entire story as to why something was said, you might ask instead of being such a smart ass. We usually don’t put the smiley faces and such while commenting on the Journal, but I guess it’s just what some folks do.

  8. I’m flat sickened with my ppl, we can express anger towards the wrong ish at times. Hardy could have killed someone, the weapon was DISCHARGED ppl, plus he was already on papees for an attemped robbery a year before the crime. These folks can’t keep traumatizing our communities. Had the justice system given him another slap on the wrist his crime list would’ve eventually upgraded to murder, allegedly, he was already a murderer. I was told he killed John Armstrong on Howard St. some years ago. As a blk woman I’m pleased they got this one right because just a month ago they dropped the ball on the ’18 Texas St murder. The perp was charged with manslaughter, sentenced to 10yrs, 5 suspended with 5 yrs felony supervised probabtion, and there was no outrage with yet another murderer walking around. If you don’t commite crime then you’ll stand less of a chance facing the system we always say is against us.

  9. Think about this. The same folks on here applauding this young man’s sentence are the same dummies who supported the riots in D.C. and believe that nothing should be done about the threats, violence and murder that took place there. Overall, youre trying to appeal to people who only apply what is right to what they approve. This is abuse of judicial powers and thd judge should be removed from the bench.

  10. Reading the comments on this thread let’s me know how this happened. I read what he did and when I read the posts talking about the destroying of property I see why Louisiana has such an ignorant criminal Justice system. No armed robbery where there was no loss of life deserves what is probably a life sentence. I wonder whether a white man who did this exact crime would have received this harsh sentence. I doubt it. Yes he deserves to go to prison but this is an 8th amendment violation.

  11. This young man deserves a harsh sentence but 140 years? All people no matter the race should have a problem with this.

  12. That’s to harsh of a sentence for anyone he got more time than a murder! How can he ever learn anything by being locked up! The windows in the Southern Classic can be paid for the people that was robbed their money can be replaced but time can’t be this not an example of justice????!! We always talking about reform where’s the reform at now that’s someone’s child or he may be some child’s father wtf! Natchitoches don’t ask why people wanna leave here there’s no justice here! If I could pay some of what he owe to give him another chance out here I would !!! I mean this I don’t even know this young man but he’s somebody’s child! Something’s gotta be done about this an I’m going to help this kid! Whoever said once a thug always a thug not true we all can change with God an prayer! Prayer changes things!

    • Sam thank you for your comment. Undoubtedly our judges is trying to send out a strong message. Sorry but I guess it seems like if no one runs against them they have their office on lock down for the next 16 years. Yes I’m mad. Now Lala gives this young man 140 years plus. Ridiculous.
      Now what about the white girl and the black girl that burned her baby alive on the railroad tracks. Seems to me she wanted a train to come and run over him. I hate what this world is going back to. Jim Crow says. When a black man didn’t have a chance in hell to go free. But I guarantee you that white girl is going to go free. Especially when you have people raising money for her defense.
      Somebody needs to get in touch with
      Barry Schreck. Spelling may be wrong. But he is one of the lawyers that represented O. J. Simpson. He owns the innocent project program out of Dallas

      • The two ladies that killed that baby are not going to be set free – one is black and the other is white. They are awaiting trial that will come up soon. The virus has caused a lot of trials to be pushed back but as soon as enough people have been vaccinated they will begin again. Wait and watch what the jury and judge give these two ladies.

  13. I worked for a prison system and once an image told me if I ever went to the life of crime dont take anyone’s money they will hang you out to dry. Murder gets less time then armed robbery.

  14. It is about time our Judges start handing down harder sentencing! HE ROBBED A MAN AND HIS “CHILDREN” at GUN POINT! HE ROB THE EMPLOYEE’S AT “GUN POINT!”, HE FIRED THE GUN IN THE BUSINESS and DESTORYED PROPERTY! it is a miracle someone was NOT KILLED! Great Job Judge! Now Let’s start sending the message to all these other criminal’s to take their Shenanigans somewhere else! NOT in NATCHITOCHES. Move these criminals out of Natchitoches all of them!

  15. There has to be more to this story. Like a mile long rap sheet. No way he got 140 years for just robbing a chicken restaurant. I think the story was written to trigger an emotional response from people.

    • All I know so far is that he was on a ten year sentence with 5 being suspended and the other 5 on supervised probation for a ’15 attempted armed robbery he committed. He probably thought oh if nobody dies I’ll get another slap on the wrist. There’s no excuse for violence.

  16. I’m in shock over this sentence. We are not in Russia or China. Sounds like a Democrat trying to put a Republican in their place. This is NOT justice. This is trying to be King of the Hill BS. I am a white woman and I am appalled that this kind of systemic racism is going on. Surely if it were one of her attorney friend’s kids they would not be getting this sentence. More like 10 years would be justice for them. Someone really needs to start an investigation into this Judge with the bar association.

    • You don’t know this man’s criminal history. There comes a time when it becomes necessary to remove repeat offenders from society. I suspect this fits that bill. No judge in America has the freedom to stray wildly from sentencing guidelines without knowing the sentence will be vacated upon appeal. Perhaps a little research would be in order before stoking the fires of division by throwing out incendiary terms like systematic racism on to the blaze without any evidence, or I suspect knowledge, of the facts of this case.

      As for your comparison to Russia, as someone whose been there more than once, I can assure you your uninformed comparison misses the mark. People there were to a person nervously frightened when I asked them what they thought about Putin. So much so that I stopped asking for fear that I might have been endangering them. A criminal of the sort you are expressing your indignation over would not likely have been so lucky to have received a 140 year sentence in a penal system where he stood a decent chance of growing old. In today’s Russia he would likely have received a bullet in the back of the head. The best he could have hoped for would be to be thrown into a prison system infinitely more deadly than he faces here where he would be lucky to survive a few years.

        • April

          You are absolutely right. I, and I suspect none of us commenting here, know your son. While I am sorry for the victims of his crimes, I am perhaps more so sorry for you. Your heart must be broken already. To see your son maligned here after knowing the harsh price he will pay can only deepen your pain. People, myself included, seldom consider the pain, and indeed victimhood, of the families of those convicted of crimes. I am truly sorry for adding to your sorrow.

        • Yes April, I don’t know him at all. I do know he is a child of God, and I pray he will use this time to turn to his Heavenly Father.
          And I pray for you.

          Human judges will always fall short of justice, and this example shows that no matter what: they are NOT God.

        • April, as long as you raised him right, taught him right from wrong, and was the best mom you could be, no one should judge you at all. It’s very hard I know. If your son did this, it’s difficult to admit that your little boy could do such a thing. Now, your son is grown and he is responsible for his actions, not you. You are right, no one knows your son, you know him from the sweet baby that he was, and you still know that good part of him. I will pray for you as you deal with this, and I will pray for your son, that he will realize the road he is on is the wrong road and that he will find God and accept God’s Grace. The best thing for your own self to keep depression and stress away and not be so sad day after long day, is to just not talk about it to anyone but God. Talking to people who judge will do no good. You just need to pray.

    • Laura, I agree with you on having this judge investigated. You should really educate yourself and sit in her courtroom and observe how many get just a slap on the wrist, when they should go to the detention center. An attorney did something in a case the attorneys were told specifically not to do. He did it anyway and it caused problems, and some serious problems. In court later, his client was told to return the reports to the attorney and not share the information with anyone else. Really now! Who is to stop the client from making copies of the report before returning to the attorney. Or who is to shop the client from telling more people. Because the attorney broke the rules even after he was told not to, I believe he should have been fined or something. There were absolutely no consequences for him because he broke the rules. This pretty much explains her way, as she sits on the bench playing at being a judge. Like letting the guy walk the streets with you and I after 5 attempted murder charges.

      We need to pay attention to the people we vote for to run our government. We need to know that the Sheriff and the Chief of Police will stop giving favors to their friends, neighbors and family. We need the judges to be a little tougher on crime. Quit slapping their hands, they are not innocent children, they are not the nice guys in town. They would rob you given a chance, often at the point of a gun. But be knowledgeable about sentences. It appears too often she doesn’t do enough or she goes the other direction and goes overboard.

      Yet when I mention the lack of knowledge and other problems with this judge, I get called down by smart mouth young lady who obviously didn’t understand courtroom decorum. It is not a social get-together. There are times when people are there before the judge on very serious charges, so it is not a time to laugh. Yes, judges should have friends, there is no reason not too, but a judge should also be mature enough to know that the job is a very serious job, and instead of laughing and visiting with attorneys in the courtroom, a judge should be looking at the facts of the case. I guess some just don’t understand the things that can happen when you have a judge on the bench who is not really qualified to be on the bench. Just saying, go observe the judges when we can get into courtrooms again. You will fine it very interesting and you will learn a lot.

      • Very good insight and perspective you have about this judge. Too bad you can’t see this obvious similarities about Trump. We all suffer from some form of bias. I’m not into Biden either so save your keyboarding finger energy.

  17. I guess the judge means business! About time! How is it that a black man robbing a business in a black neighborhood employing black employees systematic racism? This, in my opinion, helps the neighborhood by making it safer for the community!

    • Sherman the racism is a white judge sentencing a black man to 140 years when no life was taken. Even murderers get so much less time than that. Wise up.

      • I’m systematic racism huh? Sounds more like a judge is fed up with mainstream violence. So many face no punishment for crimes these days. Catch and release isn’t effective and quite frankly honest law-abiding citizens are sick and tired. We need more judges willing to “throw the book” at thugs like these. He made a decision to rob a chicken joint and a man with children. Things could have went terribly wrong and someone could have died. I will say this, as a law-abiding concealed carry permit holder he would have never been arrested he attempted to rob me and put my family in jeopardy. So he actually got off easy. This scumbag got what he deserves and the simple fact you turn this into a race issue says a lot about you. I have no qualms about putting a bullet into someone like this. As a matter of fact I would happily do it without remorse if he endangered my family’s lives.

        • Wow!!! So this is how law abiding citizen, if you are one, talk about putting a bullet in someone with no problem and calling someone a scumbag. Sounds like you are a threat to society with a gun. News flash, plenty guns are in the hands of people who think like you do. 140 years is unheard of and the stain it will put on this city is to be seen.

          • Yep, this is why I carry. And no I wouldn’t hesitate to keep myself and my family alive. If it were you you’d be outraged how someone could have done that. If it happened to me my children would be at easy because daddy is trained to stay alive and kill the bad guy.

      • If he had killed one of the victims and it was your child, would you feel the same way? I think if the judicial system would get really tough, then you would see more civilization in this country.

        • You are flat wrong. He didn’t kill anybody and for the record we have more people locked up than any other country and we still have crime!

          • We have crime because we have people who need to be locked up but aren’t because there are or were people being kept in the detention center from other areas in order to bring in revenue. If that’s the case, why don’t we get rid of the people from elsewhere, and lock up some of the thugs doing crimes and to walk around free. If there was a real punishment, rather than a slap on the wrist, we would have less crime. If there are no consequences to their actions, why should they quit committing crimes. Of course, there are some who will say that I’m pushing my opinion on others, but that is not the case. In order to solve problems that affect all people, we as a community working together can solve it better than one person.

  18. It does seem excessive. I understand that armed robbery carries a harsher sentence but 140 years? A man’s life expectancy in America is 84 if I’m not mistaken.

    • Pretty sure that nobody wants to pay for the baby killers defense. However the Miranda rights state…If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. By the way , this particular case has not been decided yet. Justice for baby Levi!!

  19. This is a prime example of systemic racism
    People can storm the capital and have pictures taken with police killing people and it’s ok! Michigan has a twenty years for killing someone, but, no, if your black the system is different. Lala, where is the equal justice for all?

    • Having grown up in Grand Rapids Michigan, I can tell you that while there is a twenty year sentence for murder, a lot of cases are plead down to manslaughter by some technicality, due to the fact that Michigan prison systems are overwhelmed, personally I feel like most violent offenders get off too easily because of how overwhelmed the state’s prison systems are, that being said, 140 years for armed robbery is extremely egregious, most armed robbery convictions carry a 10 to 15 year sentence in Michigan, regardless of race

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