The Rising China Threat

Royal Alexander/Opinion

The Chinese Communist Party has made clear that it will do whatever it determines is necessary to win what it sees as an inevitable war with the U.S.

Economically, militarily, and geographically, the United States faces a stark and growing threat from China. We have known this for some time but recent examples of cyberterrorism, hacking, industrial espionage and the theft annually of hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property highlight this fact. (Over the last decade alone it is estimated that the Chinese government has stolen some $6 trillion of U.S. intellectual property).

President Trump should be highly commended for his America First agenda and for the aggressive and relentless reshaping of the trade relationship between the two countries to address the enormous and unfair trade deficit the U.S. has had with China. In fact, long before he was, or even contemplated becoming president, Donald Trump was sounding the alarm about Chinese economic aggression. The coronavirus crisis proved him correct when the United States and the world suddenly discovered how dependent we all are upon the Chinese supply chain for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and other related products. This development underscores why it is so concerning that over the decades much of American manufacturing has left the U.S. and relocated in China.

As we reflect on our American history we can look back and recall that at one time it was both helpful and necessary—to protect American foreign policy and national security interests—to, diplomatically and strategically, align with China in order to bracket the former Soviet Union and check its international aggressions. However, that time is long past as we are now engaged in a similar cold war with China itself.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) cruel, dark, and repressive history (the CCP has executed over 100 million of its own people in the last century, as it now murders the Uyghurs in a campaign of genocide and brutally crushes the Christian faith—to say nothing of its one-child policy which has resulted in more than 500 million unborn babies slaughtered by abortion) has made clear that the CCP would not hesitate to create the Covid 19 virus in that Wuhan lab and then weaponize and release it across the world, doing the incalculable damage we continue to witness.

In many respects, various American administrations have greatly contributed to this problem by, for example, making enormous economic benefits available to China by granting “Most Favored Nation” trading status—as well as membership in the World Trade Organization. We have also tolerated the continued diminishment of our military power with respect to China while we, narrowly and shortsightedly, viewed America’s principal enemy to be Islamic terrorists in the Middle East as we prosecuted the War on Terror.

Although the Trump Administration strove mightily to “catch up” our depleted military we do not currently have the ability to militarily counter either the encroachment by the Chinese navy or the building of multiple military installations in the South China Sea. It is also unnerving to realize the Chinese military is presently developing an advanced fighter aircraft that will likely equal our best fighter aircraft.

The CCP has made clear that it will absolutely do whatever it determines is necessary to win what it sees as an inevitable war between itself and the U.S. This includes conventional—and even nuclear—warfare, terrorism, and biological, cyber, economic, data and political warfare. The U.S. simply has no choice but to begin to plan aggressively to rebuff this multifaceted threat to America’s safety, security, and viability.

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8 thoughts on “The Rising China Threat

  1. In the book the”Art of War” it goes something like this,”know yourself and know your enemies in a thousand battle you will not suffer defeat”!America have barely a 500 years history. China have a 5,000 + years history! Just think about that for a minute! China could lose as many people that’s in America and still have over a billion left! America play the short game for instant gratification while the Chinese play the long game for survival! After Trump America needs a reality check as to how we really stand in the world!

  2. “The Plot to Steal America”? Really? You push just about anything don’t you. More lies and conspiracy theories. Don’t you tire of fantasy living? Americans are tired of hearing it. One day maybe someone will collect all these tales to terrorize people at bedtime. For now Royal, enough of the ridiculous. Americans have moved past you. C’mon now, catch up.

  3. No, Royal. You’re just lying for disgraced insurrectionist ex-President Trump as usual.

    Here’s what you falsely claim:

    “President Trump should be highly commended for his America First agenda and for the aggressive and relentless reshaping of the trade relationship between the two countries to address the enormous and unfair trade deficit the U.S. has had with China.”

    Here’s the truth:

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    Trump did even more damage by raising our National Debt by 36% in one term–faster than any President in history: His “great economy” was built on writing over 7 TRILLION DOLLARS IN HOT CHECKS that our children’s children’s children will still be struggling to pay off.

    “Using Treasury Direct’s data, from the time Trump took office in January 2017 through September of this year, the national debt rose from $19.9 trillion to $26.9 trillion, which is an increase of $7 trillion in Trump’s first term.”, Nov. 5, 2020.

    This isn’t “hate speech,” Trumpers–it’s just the facts.

    When one of Harry Truman’s supporters famously yelled at a rally “Give ’em hell, Harry!” Truman yelled back: “I don’t give ’em hell–I just tell ’em the truth and they think that’s hell!”

    • Prolly going a lot less of a problem then what the old Sniffer is going to do. Let’s hope they start treatments soon for the TDS that’s still around even now after President Trump has left office.

    • From Forbes regarding the first COVID Relief Bill::

      $25 million in the Senate bill went to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. During the past ten years, the center received $68.3 million in federal grants (2010-2019). The Kennedy Center has total assets of $557 million. The Pelosi bill earmarked $35 million.
      $75 million in the Senate bill funded the Corporation For Public Broadcasting. Why do National Public Radio and Big Bird get a coronavirus subsidy? The Pelosi bill allocated $300 million.
      $1.2 billion in the Pelosi bill to require airlines to purchase expensive “renewable” jet fuel. It was $200 million per year in grants (2021-2026) to “develop, transport, and store sustainable aviation fuels that would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.” The Senate bill eliminated this provision.

      The president doesn’t control the purse strings. Congress does.

  4. And the first thing the old Sniffer does is taking the first step to making the U S oil dependant on Russia and China.

    • Yeah Mike, the Ukraine deal with the oil company Burisma. Those computer files from the laptop computer left for repairs was in need of investigation. But it was basically hidden from public view.

      In a previous post that you so fully showed how Biden betrayed Canada, stopped new oil and gas leases here in the US,. Showed that we will no longer be oil and gas independent. And all of the money thrown away and jobs and lives destroyed. Good job Mike.

      But dependent on whom? The Middle East? I guess that may happen. But I also guess that oil and gas will be supplied from the Ukraine or maybe China.

      Thank you Royal. But the people that are here in this group from the left, are still wailing :Russia, Russia. Russia. Sure Russia is a threat, but the Chinese are a far greater threat. so watch for the comments about Russia and Trump.

      Royal, I am sorry that The Natchitoches Times has published 2 articles (letters to the editors), that were directed at you in a brazen attempt to shamefully hurl insults and hate towards you. That type of journalism is a type of public hate speech. Why did we need to read that?

      I am so tired.

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