Biden Administration Targets Oil and Gas

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

The false religion of climate change appears to trump every other consideration but the Constitution may provide relief

President Biden issued a series of executive orders on his first day in office including two that constitute a direct attack on oil and gas. Louisiana is one of the states that will bear the brunt of it.

The president enacted a 60-day ban on new oil and gas drilling leases and permits on federal lands and waters, prominently including the Gulf of Mexico where roughly 17 percent of America’s crude oil is produced. The president also halted a permit for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that is ultimately designed to run from Texas to Canada. These actions will destroy tens of thousands of jobs in Louisiana and hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide. It also weakens and undermines the relationship with our ally, Canada.

Regarding the ban on new leases and permits, we are acutely and painfully aware from the BP oil spill that the oil and gas industry does not operate in a vacuum and the drilling moratorium put on new leases and permits drastically interrupts the industry as a whole and specifically the creation of oil and gas jobs. It will also require America, which had become a net exporter of crude oil under the Trump Administration, to perilously begin to rely once again on foreign oil.

Regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, we must note that the Obama State Department, on 5 separate occasions, determined that the pipeline would have no material effect on greenhouse gas emissions. The plan for the pipeline is to transport approximately 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from the oil sands in Alberta Canada to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. None of this mattered. The Obama Administration still rejected the permit and joined the Paris Climate accords.

For two decades, America has led the world in the reduction of energy-based emissions because, among other reasons, highly efficient and technologically advanced shale hydraulic fracturing has replaced coal in power production. However, none of this will matter if the concern is keeping fossil fuels in the ground because neither Russia nor China, for example, will ever truly abide by a restriction on emissions even as Russia now undertakes an enormous exploration project in the Arctic and China moves full speed ahead with its fossil fuel development. Under the accord, China is not even required to cut its emissions for ten years which there is absolutely no reason to believe it will do then.

Perhaps most remarkable is that pipeline owner, TC Energy, (formerly TransCanada) and the unions themselves worked diligently to persuade new Biden Administration officials not to kill the pipeline by highlighting the fact that the pipeline’s benefits include over 10,000 American union construction jobs, the fact that the steel pipe used was made in the U.S., the deal included the pixie dust of a $10 million Green Job Training Fund as well as 100% renewable power being used to operate the pipeline. Didn’t matter. So, TC Energy announced layoffs last week.

I am hopeful that TC Energy sues the Biden Administration over the rejection of the permit because I believe that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress, not the executive branch/president, the power over foreign trade and commerce and this reversal violates the due process rights of TC Energy.

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59 thoughts on “Biden Administration Targets Oil and Gas

  1. As long as the energy czar John Kerry flies around in his private jet to talk about the global climate crisis, there is No crisis. PERIOD! Hypocrites, every damn one of them! Do as I say, not as I do, is not getting their point across. If you want to get people to listen, talk to them, not down to them. Any two people can find common ground. You should lead by example, not by repeating bumper stickers, buzz words and bullsh*t! If you are wanting to change my view on something, discuss it, don’t start yelling at me and tell me I am a bad person for my own opinion about something. Biden talks unity, the Democrats talk stamping out dissenting ideas that don’t match that of the ones in charge. Which is it? And people wonder why a large percentage of the country do not trust the media, the government or leaders like John Kerry and the POTUS.

  2. and Jewish space lasers started the wildfires. Royal Alexander is another white privileged joke that is still upset his God sent Trump didn’t get re-elected. LMAO at you idiots!

  3. Royal Alexander literally begins his op-ed advertisement for the oil and gas industry with a “big lie” smear against “The false religion of climate change.”

    No, Royal, the scientific study of the earth’s climate is not a “religion,” much less a ‘false religion.” It’s a science–the opposite of religion. Trumper posters here will say the scientists are all socialist liars. But then there’s the pesky truth that the warming of the earth is well documented. Hurricanes are more frequent and deadlier. Wildfires in our western states have taken an ever more tragic toll on property and people. Sea levels are rising. The entire ice sheet of the Arctic Sea will within decades be free of ice in the summer. And man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the major driver of runaway heating of the earth since the Industrial Revolution began.

    While science demands verifiable data; religions demand only “belief” in their supernatural claims. Royal uses the phrase “false religion” because he believes there are plenty of “false religions,” that is, religions other than his. So he’s an atheist with respect to all religions, save one. How does he know his is the only true one? Because Royal BELIEVES IT IS! But don’t others believe theirs is the only true one? Of course they do.

    Why doesn’t Royal “believe” in climate change? Because he’s a shill for the oil and gas companies. He gets paid at least indirectly to lie for them, just as CEOs and lobbyists for tobacco swore under oath time and time again in the 1960s and beyond when they were called to testify before congress that tobacco did not cause cancer. And the more the scientific evidence proved they were lying, the more brazenly they lied. Because they stood to lose untold millions of dollars if tobacco were simply LABELED as causing cancer. How many millions of Americans died so those in the tobacco salesmen could get rich? The CDC reports that “Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.” But the tobacco companies still intentionally fill their tobacco with nicotine and other powerfully addictive substances so that it’s almost impossible for people to quit after they’ve been hooked. That tobacco is still for sale in America is a perfect emblem of the motto of right-wingers: profits before people.

    Climate change if brazen climate-change deniers like Royal Alexander have their way, may well kill more people than tobacco ever has or ever will have.

    But we can change that horrible legacy with technology we already have, if we can just summon the will.

    But who cares what happens to humanity after all of us alive now are dead–right? .

    • Rodney “While science demands verifiable data???”. Are you claiming that democrats are endowed with an exceptional level of scientific concepts?

      But, your political party doesn’t even admit to the overwhelming scientific findings that when a woman becomes pregnant, she is then two separate human beings. Two separate, alive human beings in the second trimester, so that when the baby life is ended, it is by horrific, murderous means. A woman has a right to do what she wants when she is pregnant to another human, including horrific murder? Then some of your bragging members of the liberal party want to now extend the horrific slaughtering of human life up to birth, on demand.

      This issue is pure sin and has nothing to do with any type of scientific data.

        • I see your trolling comments all the time. You are a sorry excuse of a human being. An ignorant hater without a doubt!! It’s a real shame your brain is only capable of 1/0, on/off, true/false, left/right, male/female, liberal/conservative, white/non-white, Christian/non-Christian, heterosexual/abomination, pro-life/killers…your limited very non-inclusive views. Life is way more diverse and fluid than a sheltered grown baby adult like you will ever be able to understand. You probably never served your Country, lived outside your Lost Cause environment, been poor or rich nor sexually satisfied. Work on your anger and lack of self confidence so you can see how beautiful and loving life is when humans can be their truest best selves. God is too creative and compassionate to only have one path to this heavenly kingdom. Since you can’t think about the long game for humans and the environment, maybe you think about the long game of your soul.

      • And your post has literally nothing to do with anything I said in my post about Royal Alexander’s op-ed.

        • Rodney, You just brought up “Science”. Like you and democrats are experts????? So I threw in some observations about “Science” too.

          Then you get off the subject with your verbal ranting about cigarettes. What do cigarettes have to do with oil and gas??

          So why don’t you stop with your hate-filled rantings. Twice your hate for Royal was submitted and published in the Natchitoches Times: Letters to the Editor. I’ve heard ad nauseum your verbal abuse of Royal Alexander.

          But that is what you do. Humiliate, and try to destroy someone from the outside in. Do you know that kind of premeditated destruction of another person’s character hurts? Yes, it hurts and you know it does. So what do you get from that?

          I hope you and your political party look deep inside yourselves and recognize that verbal abuse, vengeance, and professional destruction of another person is very unkind and damning.

          Yes, very unkind indeed!! And since I have witnessed so much of this behavior since Trump was elected, I am now retaliating in a way that I do not like myself anymore.

          May the lord have mercy on us all!!

      • — Maybe the reason climate change “believers” lean left is because they follow the science? Not saying all on the right deny, but there is a stark contrast in climate change deniers between demographics.

        — When life begins is an opinion. Not a testable statement, which is necessary for scientific testing.

        — Also, the argument isn’t that a developing baby isn’t a life, the general statement of progressives is that the mother can’t be forced to give up her bodily autonomy for someone else, even is she’s carrying it. Same reason we can’t force people with two good kidneys to give one to someone else who’s dying.

        • You say you are for clarity. I must say that I am not so much against abortion in the first trimester. There are some emergencies that endanger the life of the mother. There are some deeply troubled girls (women) who become pregnant. This needs to be considered and I am not against this. In the first trimester, the ;procedure is simple, quick and hardly painful. Second trimester, and till birth(where the dems seem to be headed, is not acceptable). During the second trimester, the baby may be considered viable because of the tremendous work of the NICU’s across the nation.

          With the second and third trimester abortions, the procedure is akin to torture and definitely murder. The baby is mostly developed. Without any anesthesia, the baby is gradually pulled from the uterus and body parts are amputated (cut off) part by part. Can you think of the pain if your foot was just cut off? Then the leg is cut off, then the other foot, the other leg, while this child feels this. After the procedure, the body parts are thrown in a dumpster outside the clinic. See: Dr. Monica Miller testimony before the Michigan House Committee on April, 4, 2019.

          So your explanation “mother can’t be forced to give up her bodily autonomy for someone else even if she is carrying it”. Why can’t she at least be forced to do this in the first trimester? This kind of explanation is so senseless and so immoral. Why do you have no heart for these babies?

          As long as you favor this type of abortion, and try to influence others, and vote for people who wish to push the horrific agenda to the limits, then you are partly responsible.

          My words, MEWHP words, the words of Mike Casey, Royal Alexander, and USMC03 will never reach your soul so you can realize, it is you who refuse to work with republicans to discuss issues. It is your way or no way as evidenced by the new dictator at the helm of this country with 40 reckless executive orders. We give a lot of our time to try to show you how we feel because whether you agree or not, we do have the love of our country at heart. I have the love of you by trying to show you (all of you), the error of your ways. If you can’t see the truth concerning these late term abortions then you are out of control of your ability to think critically.

    • Rodney, you and Vicki shouldn’t waste your time and energy replying back and forth with these people. They do not seek to understand other perspectives or finding middle ground. They will never understand as long as they remain convicted in what they define life to be…like what is conservative, patriotic, moral, right, true, etc. Keep in mind, they still hold Trump accountable for nothing…let that serve to remind you that they are not worth your time and energy. Use that energy on outlets where change can actually occur. Post your views here and move on as they will only attempt to debunk facts that don’t support their views, spew misinformation for their narratives, point out pity grammar mistakes, go off topic when debunked and resort to childish behaviors like name calling. If you must reply, make it as simple as we can agree to disagree or wish them a good day or add them to your prayer list, etc. Kill them with kindness for they do not KNOW.

      • Hello, Friend.

        No, don’t worry. I don’t spend much time here. It’s just a little R&R from my real work.

        Political work. Serious political work in defense of democracy against tyranny. Calling, publishing, donating, attending rallies, serving on the Board of Directors of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum/Library in Indianapolis–doing my little part to preserve the dream of our Founding Fathers.

        I’m not giving away my shot.

        And the Trump supporters who post here are so spooked because they know they’re losing.

        The irony is they’ll all be personally better off when they do lose. And so will their grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s grandchildren.


      • I miss the Republican Party that was upstanding. That was the Republican Party that my Grands, Parents, Aunt, Uncle and a cousin believed. We all held pretty much the same values, just disagreed on how to get there. But it could all be discussed and finally a reasonable decision would be agreed upon. I miss those days of people working together for a common goal.

      • I miss the old Republican Party that could and would come to the table to discuss and work. That was the Republican Party my Grands, Parents, Aunt Uncle and cousin believed in. Dems and Repubs all worked towards a common goal. Even in disagreements they all, Dems and Repubs could discuss the matter and come to an agreement. Dems and Repubs had friends in the opposite party and thought highly of each other. I miss the give and take, the working hard together, the coming to agreements for the common good of America and Americans.

  4. Just remember fracking have not been banned! If other sources of oil dry up than fracking becomes profitable! That’s when Natchitoches and surrounding parishes will boom because of shale! I used to discuss the oil and gas business with the late Kip Fair! Remember he was a fan of Drill Baby Drill! Gas is cleaner! I see a energy boom for Natchitoches and surrounding parishes! I don’t know about other parts of Louisiana but it looks bright for us as far as gas is concerned! I am always looking for the positive! Peace!

    • Randy you’re right it would be a boom,but biden has skipped around that question all the way back to the start of his campaign. One day it’s yes and the next day it’s no, depends on who and where’s he’s stumping that day! Who knows? He just needs to get off the fence and do it one way or another.

      • Great to see some posters here have learned the difference between “your” and “you’re.” There’s (not “theirs”) hope for you yet!

        Sorry you have to be shamed into learning something, but, hey, whatever works for you.

    • You really should join the real world. It seems to be your belief that democratic politicians are all good honest people. I suppose you believe not one of them ever took money from anyone with an agenda. You have got to be joking if you think that. Democrats don’t lie, they all got filthy rich on their salaries? Right. Did it ever dawn on you that possibly someone who owns a railroad and really wants to haul crude oil is paying politicians to oppose the pipeline by lying about the truth of leaks and problems. Vicki is all for cars that are fuel efficient. Most of them are that way or they are headed in that direction. Do you honestly believe we should be dependent on over priced crude oil from the Middle East. Most of the oil we buy there is from our enemies. That sounds really smart. Why do you think an owner or a railroad would want the pipeline shut down, and how does he do it. He is a greedy man, with few scruples and he knows who can be bought. They both win, and the USA loses to greed again. We are nowhere close to being able to operate without crude oil. How many electric cars do you see on the highway? Do you drive one or do you want to drive one? Do you know there are only a couple of commercial charging stations in Natchitoches? One of those is at a hotel, and you have to be staying at that hotel in order to use it. As far as big companies polluting the air around us, How do you think they are getting by with that. Payoffs, of course. If you think they are only bribing one party in government, you might need to research the wealth of politicians when they were elected and their worth now.

      The same would be true for tobacco products. Why in the world would anyone say the right-wingers allowed nicotine to be added to cigarettes so people would be hooked and company profits would continue to climb. Again, companies could not pull it off by bribing just one party. As you know, power in politics changes pretty regularly, so you are writing from a place of hate and contempt when you say right wingers caused all the problems. You need to get real in your writing. We can see your hate for Royal Alexander when you say that he gets money from the oil and gas companies. That is guesswork on your part, and that is how all the nasty rumors get started by the democrats against anything the Republicans do.

        • Posts that avoid the actual issue–runaway global warming caused mostly by the reckless and unnecessary burning of fossil fuels–aren’t really “replies.”

          • To the most obnoxious writer on here, Sir Al Gore III, aka Rodney Allen. If your post was actually all about runaway global warming caused mostly by the reckless and unnecessary burning of fossil fuels, I might have been wrong. Hey man I’m sorry if you didn’t think I was replying to your comment, but I was. You spoke at length about cigarettes, in fact you devoted an entire long paragraph to tobacco products, and the unscrupulous ways of tobacco companies when they add nicotine to their products.

            You also made a point of saying that Royal Alexander took money from oil and gas companies. Do you know this for a fact? Do you have proof?

            So I’m saying to you, I did REPLY to your comment. Perhaps you need to learn a few things also. There is nothing worse than someone who thinks and acts as if he knows more than everyone else on the planet. I admit I’m not the smartest, but I did learn in each grade I was in, and in college, and made the honor rolls, and I do know what a reply is.

          • Doesn’t really matter homie. Your life is very sad if that’s all you have in your life is correcting grammar. Your opinion is irrelevant and if you believe we are “shamed” over your jackass statements you are very wrong. It is true and I will admit it, my grammar is usually wrong. Know how much I care? Proper English did not keep me alive not did it save anyone. I learned a set of skills where the first thing and usually last word is four letters and begins with f. I am proud to be a knuckle dragger and wear it like a badge of honor. Anything you have to say in reply is rather boring.

  5. You can read Pesident Obama’s 2015 Statement on XL Pipeline.
    Since 2010, there have been at least 1650 individual leaks from the pipeline in the US, resulting in 11.5 M gallons being spilled. In Oct 2019 in N.Dakota, 383,000 gallons leaked to contaminate surrounding wetlands. State regulators reported nearly 209,100 sq ft of land contaminated, about 10 times that reported by TC Energy.
    “Bitumen has been called Frankencrude. Spilled dilbit (diluted bitumen) can be cleaned up by conventional methods when it is floating on the surface of water or is spilled onto land, but if it is not cleaned up immediately, it ‘weathers’ and the cleanup challenges increase significantly.”

    • First you can’t trust anyting obama said.
      Now will you kindly answer the questions I ask? May I add I ask them without yelling as you put it and calmly!

      • I’ll answer as best I can. Obama was one if the best Presidents we have ever had. You may decide to read that statement. I hope you will.

          • What’s your problem with President Carter? That he actually is a Christian who follows the teachings of Jesus and not an utterly fake “Christian” like “Two Corinthians” Trump?

            Or maybe your problem is that Carter served in the military (USN Lieutenant, 1946-1953. Reserve, 1953-1961), unlike your hero Donnie “Bone Spurs”?

            And you’re the one who posted here that “anyone who was brave enough to have served his country by putting on a uniform” should never be disrespected, right?

            And you’re one who still a supports the psychopath who tried to overthrow our democracy so he could stay in power, right?

            Shall I go on?

          • In answer to the biggest smart mouth on here, and you know who you are, right. My problem with Carter is that he was simply a bad president. He was a good man, and a Christian and I admired that in him. In fact, that is why I voted for him back then. You are such a jerk, so filled with hate, that it is easy to see that you are far left liberal who will destroy our nation. Tell me, are you a Christian? If you are, why are you of the party of baby murderers. Those who think life does not begin at conception. Do you know what the Bible says about when life begins? Do you know what the Bible says about murder. And wouldn’t it be murder if it’s an abortion. You need to get over yourself. I did not say anything against Jimmy Carter’s character, and most of the USA knows that he was not a very good president, and his decisions left much to be desired. You are a piece of work, and I’m not saying that’s a good thing.

          • These are your words:

            “In answer to the biggest smart mouth on here, and you know who you are, right:… You are such a jerk, so filled with hate, that it is easy to see that you are far left liberal who will destroy our nation. Tell me, are you a Christian? If you are, why are you of the party of baby murderers.” “To the most obnoxious writer on here, Sir Al Gore III, aka Rodney Allen.” “There is nothing worse than someone who thinks and acts as if he knows more than everyone else on the planet.” For awhile you habitually called me “boy,” and “pretty boy.”

            Are you proud of having directed such childish, impotent insults at me?

            I sometimes make sharp-edged replies to those who still, even after the attack on our democracy on January 6, support Trump. But I defy you to find any posts of mine at the NPJ that even approach the venom of language like yours.

            I’ll close with telling you this, Sir: I’m not “a murderer,” I’m not out to “destroy our country,” and I am no man’s “boy.”

            I urge you to restrain yourself from insulting me again–if only to avoid further embarrassment to yourself.

          • I’m thinking that there’s someone very confused on here as to who insults. Nothing worse than a man blind to what he’s doing, then tries to turn things on you. Then almost issues a threat. Hmmmm anybody know who that confused person might be. I guess I should just say bless his heart, then be done with him. He AIN’T WORTH NO MORE OF MY TIME!

            Man, he shore did spend a lot of his time searching through my REPLIES to get all that stuff he copied and pasted. I don’t think I was wrong. If I was, I guess I ought to be apologetic. Oh well, win a few…….

          • Rodney
            I’ll close with telling you this, Sir: I’m not “a murderer,” I’m not out to “destroy our country,” and I am no man’s “boy.”

            You support a party that supports murder!
            You support a party that’s doing it’s best to destroy the country!
            And I give you credit for knowing your gender!

        • How many years do you see it taking before renewable energy will be suffencent enough to replace fossil fuels?
          And do you us never again getting into another war or 15 years conflict where our military can protect this country with electric planes,ships and tanks?
          Look around where you sitting and see how many items contain some sort of petroleum product.
          Now look the old sniffers policies. He is going to make the US oil dependent on other countries mostly enemies.
          How long do you think our country is going to last?

          • You didnt pay attention. I said there will always be a need for oil and gas. If peoplecwouldve listed 45+ yrs ago, we would be there now. It would be done. Cleaner energy, cleaner air, cleaner water. GM has already said they plan to be hybrid, electric by 2035. Wouldnt it have been nice if that had been done decades ago. It will take much more than just less gas/gas free cars.

  6. “Because the recent study only focuses on localized impacts over a short time period, it greatly overstates the surface temperature impact of renewable resources relative to fossil fuels,” read a statement forwarded to MIT Technology Review, attributed to the trade group’s former senior director of research, Michael Goggin. “If the paper instead looked across the global and long-lasting timescales that matter, renewable resources would fare hundreds of times if not infinitely better than fossil resources.”

      • Doesn’t mention how much land will have to be stripped to be able to construct wind farms. Or the amount of oil that it takes to operate just one. Or what to do with the turbines that have to be replaced and can’t be recycled. Devil’s in the details!

        • Renewable clean energy involves much more than wind turbines on land or water. Read the entire 2020 report yourself. I also read another report.

          • How many years do you see it taking before renewable energy will be suffencent enough to replace fossil fuels?
            And do you us never again getting into another war or 15 years conflict where our military can protect this country with electric planes,ships and tanks?
            Look around where you sitting and see how many items contain some sort of petroleum product.
            Now look the old sniffers policies. He is going to make the US oil dependent on other countries mostly enemies.
            How long do you think our country is going to last?

  7. Since TC Energy is a foreign company owned at least partially by a foreign government I would doubt that they have constitutional rights.


  8. Steve Johnson not much need for comments here because if the left can’t see the problem on their own there’s not any amount of facts that will.

    • This is from Harvard 2020, not 2018 as your report was dated.

      “Clean energy policies that reach low or zero carbon emissions in the electricity sector by 2040 to 2050 are achievable at a cost of about 15% above baseline and generate climate and health benefits that far exceed the moderate policy costs.
      By comparison, the existing Affordable Clean Energy rule from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, does little to address carbon dioxide emissions nationally and is projected to increase carbon and co-pollutant emissions in many states.
      National policy design matters to the timing and magnitude of carbon emissions reductions, costs, and air quality in individual states.”

    • I already commented on this earlier.

      What good is this going to do for Louisiana? Like Mike says, if you can’t see the facts here then why bother commenting.

      Hysterics with this green deal. No real science except present and past observations on what is happening now and what happened in the past. So it all comes down to predictions as to what will (might) happen in the future.

      Read: Tom Nolte: ” Climate Experts are 0-41 With Their Doomsday Predictions”.

      I know there are some predictions that have shown truths. Just slow down with this hysteria and weigh out the good for the planet, and what we (esp. Louisiana) need in order to meet our energy and employment needs.

      Like do this with thinking about the entire situation.

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