Technology Grant Improves Learning Capacity at Natchitoches Central

In February 2020 the A+ Coalition, an initiative of the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce, awarded the first Technology in Education grant to NCHS Allied Health/EMT/EMR teacher, Wendi Worsham, who used grant funds to purchase a multi-touch, interactive smart table for her classroom. A year later, we reached out to Wendi to see how she has been able to implement the use of this smart table in her lessons, and how the technology has impacted her student’s learning this past year.

She wrote to us describing what the experience has been like for her and her students:

Before we had the smart table in our classroom, much of the explanation and teaching was done from videos, drawings on the board and pictures that came with our curriculum. It was hard to help students understand and visualize what some parts of the body looked like, where they were located, and how they functioned together.

Since receiving the grant funds and purchasing the multi-touch, interactive smart table for my classroom, I have been able to assist students in a greater understanding of topics taught in the Emergency Medical Responder course.

For example, when we begin learning about the cardiovascular system, it’s easy to visualize the heart and multiple arteries and vessels running all over the human body but understanding how they affected the entire body was difficult. The aorta for example, extends from the heart throughout the thorax of the patient. Having the smart table, along with the human atlas app, we have been able to virtually dissect the human body and see what’s inside. This has helped tremendously in the student’s understanding of how injuries and illness affects multiple systems.

I often hear students say, “SO THAT IS HOW IT LOOKS!”, or “so that’s why it affects this or that.” Creating critical thinkers is crucial in creating great first responders. Having students weigh the possibilities of what’s happening inside the body from what occurred or what we see outside the body is extremely important. Understanding that everything is connected and functions together is more likely to bring about a better outcome for those we are responding to.

We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to have the availability of this technology in our classroom. We appreciate the A+ Coalition for the grant and assisting us in creating a better future for all of us.

The A+ Coalition will be accepting applications for the 2021 Technology in Education Grant starting March 1, 2021. Educators will have through the end of March to apply. The details of the grant process can be found at

The A+ Coalition recognizes that the responsibility to advance education in Natchitoches Parish relies not just on our educators, but on the entire community at large. To learn about the A+ Coalition and how you can join the movement, visit

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  1. This is fantastic! Bravo to Wendi Worsham!!

    We need more technology in all schools across the parish and we need to encourage more of our own youth to explore technology related careers.

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