What Comes Next?

Curtis R. Joseph, Jr./Opinion

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. What has been will be again and what has been done will be done again. Essentially, history repeats itself. That said, we can turn to history as a guide as we navigate our way through today’s goings on. As a country, we have encountered many trying times that have tested our mettle. What did we do on each such occasion? How did we respond?

On August 24, 1814, following a victory in Bladensburg, Maryland, British troops led by Major General Robert Ross marched to Washington, D.C. and, ultimately, set fire to multiple government and military buildings, including the White House (then called the Presidential Mansion), the Capitol building, as well as other facilities of the U.S. government. In this, the darkest hour of the new Republic, the gods had pity on D.C. As a consequence of a heavy thunderstorm, quite possibly a hurricane, the fires were extinguished and the British occupation of D.C. only lasted 26 hours.

Nevertheless, President Madison, as well as numerous military and other governmental officials were forced to flee for their safety. Overall, the burning of Washington did not achieve its desired effects. Rather than demoralizing Americans, it united them. It gave them a cause behind which they could rally and ultimately defeat the British…again. Not only was Washington rebuilt, but the strength and prestige of America was on display for the entire world to see. The young country showed itself to be a force that must be reckoned with.

On December 7, 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the U.S. naval base located at Pearl Harbor. The attack went on for more than 2 hours. All told, 21 U.S. ships were either sunk or damaged, 188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed, and 2,403 people were killed.

The next day, President Roosevelt addressed a joint session of Congress and uttered the words that are forever etched in history. Many will recall that Roosevelt called the day one that will “live in infamy”. Within an hour of Roosevelt’s speech, Congress declared war on Japan and Roosevelt signed the declaration.

Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, public opinion had been divided on whether the U.S. should enter the war. However, a poll taken between December 12-17, showed that public sentiment had coalesced such that 97% of Americans supported a declaration of war against Japan. As noted by historian Samuel Eliot Morison, the attack signaled the defeat of Imperial Japan because it had awakened the “sleeping giant”. For his part, once Sir Winston Churchill learned of the U.S. declaration of war, he stated, “We have won the war.” He understood all too well what American involvement meant to the war’s outcome.

On the night of October 4, 1957, an NBC network announcer said, “Listen now for the sound that forevermore separates the old from the new.” What followed was the sound that the Associated Press called the “deep beep-beep”, and it was emanating from Sputnik, the beach ball-sized satellite launched by the Soviets. As the 184-pound silver ball orbited around Earth, it essentially set the space race in motion. The first shot had been fired by the Soviets. How would the Americans respond? History shows that we not only accepted the challenge, but we lived up to it, ultimately landing a man on the moon.

I was a young lawyer preparing for my first series of critical depositions on the morning of September 11, 2001, when my assistant entered my office to tell me that a plane had crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York. I initially assumed that an amateur pilot had lost his way. Unfazed by the report, I continued to prepare for my depositions. When she returned a few minutes later to advise that a second plane had crashed into the south tower, my thoughts immediately turned to my baby brother, who had just enlisted.

An attack on our soil had not occurred since Pearl Harbor. Thus, the emotions that come with such an occurrence were unfamiliar to us all. Yet, out of it all, something amazing occurred. For a brief window of time, we were all Americans, irrespective of race, religion, sexual preference, economic background, or other demographic. We were simply American. We all seemed to be on the same team. Given today’s hyper-charged environment, that sentiment is certainly one from which we could benefit.
So, when I say, “never forget”, I would like us to recall that moment in time when our love for the country was equal to our love for one another.

This all brings me to the question posed above. What comes next? What will we do as a country after the insurrection that took place at our nation’s Capitol? When historians look back at this time, what will they say about us? How will they say we responded to this dark hour?

One of my favorite books is titled, ‘Reassessing the Presidency’. I picked it up at the Thrifty Peanut, a local second-hand store. The book chronicles each Presidential administration through George W. Bush’s terms and details the ways in which each Presidential administration has endeavored to expand the scope of Presidential power, often to the detriment of our basic liberties and freedoms. I encourage a read of this book.

I make reference to the book because the second impeachment trial of former President Trump has just begun in the Senate. This affects us all…Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Democrat, Republican, voters, non-voters, etc. Many will say that the President should be impeached based on the facts. Many will say the President did nothing wrong. Others will say that what the President did was wrong, but he shouldn’t be impeached for it. We’ll watch Democrats attempt to make a case to the American public, and we’ll watch Republicans attempt to protect the President. Battle lines have been drawn, not for truth’s sake, but for power.

Here we are again. What happens if we allow responsible parties to escape accountability? What happens when we make a conscious, deliberate decision to allow punishable behavior to go unpunished? Those of us who have the blessing of raising children know full well how that works out. Children are constantly testing the limits of boundaries. As it turns out, so are adults. Do we have it in us as a country to simply do the right thing? History wants to know what comes next.

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  1. Just watching the news and in Shreveport a homeless man froze to death last night. It’s 2021 the government is letting more people into the country and giving billions to other countries and we have Americans freezing in the streets! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

  2. Too bad the people on this post is talking at one another and not to one another! The conversations on this post is a microcosm of our Country! As an Independent it hurts me to see so many people who put party and personal prejudices before Country! We are so divided! Peace!

    • It’s not near as divided in DC as they want us to believe…..it’s all Kabuki. I am an Independent and it’s not near divided enough as far as I am concerned.

      • Can’t trust most of D.C. And definitely no democratics. ALL should be jailed. That’s why they hate President Trump,they couldn’t control him. He was hurting their bank accounts.

  3. More than 2.7million Texans are without power after wind turbines FREEZE as coast-to-coast Winter Storm Uri brings perilous ice, heavy snowfall and dangerously low temperatures to 150 million people.

    Yes I bet old Sniffer has heat tonight! Come-on Sniffer let’s cut all drilling and switch over to wind farms who needs heat in the winter.

    • “Fortunately for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the state’s electric grid, the storm’s gusty winds are spinning the state’s unfrozen coastal turbines at a higher rate than expected, helping to offset some of the power generation losses because of the icy conditions.” The Austin American Statesman
      There are blackouts and rolling brownouts everywhere.


      • But that information doesn’t fit Honorable Mention’s “narrative,” VL!.

        In the service of the “unity” demanded by the Trump Party after they lost Congress and the Presidency I guess we Democrats are supposed to praise them every time they post nonsense in order not to interfere with their delusions.

        • The misogynistic screamer is under the impression that black outs are only for people that use wind turbines. How many idiots believe this? Rolling black outs happen in the summer in large cities often. There are rolling blackouts where I live. We have been notified that for 3 hours at some point today, we will be without power. Um, I haven’t seen any turbines in my area down south. So I guess Louisiana power only comes from Texas? In the words of Bugs Bunny What a maroon.

    • Don’t worry about betting Biden has heat despite this snow storm, just as you have.

      Worry about the real bet I offered to you. Trump’s a sure thing to win the Presidency in 2024 according to you, so why not jump at the chance to make some easy money off me?

      Maybe it’s just a cash flow problem. How about getting a payday loan to raise the $1,000?

        Now have the last word I’m done! I won’t be baited out by you and the old cat lady again.

        • Repeating the Big Lie when everybody now knows it’s just another big Trump lie makes you look like a fool, Honorable Mention.

          Don’t you have even an ounce of shame?

          But don’t go away mad!

  4. MEWHP so pious. And look at what you support. Gimme a break. I learned a woman needs brass orbs in this world. Real men have cajones. Get over it.

    • No Vic, wrong again. You get so many things wrong or so far out in left field, you just don’t have a clue. You are describing the wannabe successful women. A truly smart and successful woman needs brains and enough sense to know what people are saying and then be able to speak to them intelligently. Sadly for those who have to read what you write, I guess you should be glad you have brass orbs.

      • I’ve had an amazing life, wonderful loving parents and family, and loving life long friends. My folks warned me about people like you. Mom warned me about worshipping false idols. I have been truly blessed all my life.

        • What? People like me? Because I believe a woman needs brains to succeed. I’m not the one who brought up BRASS ORBS. I just commented that women need brains and good sense to be successful and I believe that to be true. Unless you are like our current VP who used Willie Brown as a stepping stone into politics. Nope, not spreading rumors, it’s true, you can read it on almost internet news page. Intelligence is not based on body shape. Real men also have brains, and BRASS CAJONES are the idiots of the world, who think they are intelligent even though everyone else is laughing at their idiocy. Try to keep on point so that we don’t have to school you. It’s getting old trying to teach you something. And it’s not just me saying this.

          By the way, I don’t worship Donald Trump. He is a man flawed, just as you and I are flawed. He has made mistakes just as every human in this world has made mistakes. I don’t know how in the world you got worship into this discussion at all. I don’t say that you worship Biden, do I? I never said you worshiped Obama, not once. Or Clinton, who by the way impeached. So why do you have to start this other mess. As I said I know Trump made mistakes, but that does not erase all the good he did for this country, as you and the professor seem to think. He did a lot of good, and now you people are trying to erase that. Maybe that is why we are defending him. Now we have the new vulgar mouth entering the into the comments and playing, what else, the race card. I can say one thing for you dems, you do have a problem understanding what the other side is saying. You need to read what people write or say, and quit putting your own spin on it. Now I’m finished with the vulgar rantings of you people. You are disgusting and you could never be anything but a democratic, the new democrat. You twist everything. Now it is the end of the road as far as I’m concerned. I wish you well, because I have a lot of concerns over what the next 4 years are going to bring us. But as you always say, STAY WELL!

    • VL, Honorable Mention has no cojones, no sop, no tatters.

      He’s got nothing but his groveling hero worship of the worst American traitor in our history.

      And he exposes that groveling every day.

      Pity him.


  5. Can we agree that Nancy Pelosi is poison? Instead of arguing about the President’s, past, former and future. In my opinion we need to have her removed from office. Nancy Pelosi is a real threat to our country.Smoke and mirrors to keep everyone distracted. Carry on with your arguments and see how far it gets you. ….

    • Foo foo I agree,she’s a big part of the problem! She’s crazier Then the old Sniffer. Both have been there forever,they are responsible for a lot of what’s wrong with the government now. BUT now after decades there,they have figured out how to fix things all of the sudden. And ignorant continue to vote them back in. It’s mind boggling that the democratics can’t see the problems they have created but blame President Trump fo everything.

    • Removed for what?

      We know why Trump had the House and 57 Senators (7 of them Republicans, plus Mitch’s half vote) cast their votes to remove Trump from office. They did it because he is guilty as sin.

      Why has nothing of the sort happened to Senator Pelosi? Because she hasn’t done anything criminal or even seriously wrong–or you right-wing goons would have impeached her back when you controlled our government.

      Wonder why you always love to demonize Democratic women?

      Mommy issues, I’d guess.

      • She is solely responsible for the attack on Capitol Hill. It was her responsibility to ensure the Capital was protected and she failed miserably. She should be held accountable for her failure to do her job. You can go on and on about Trump, but guess what? He was acquitted. She is the one refusing to answer questions. Her ploy to topple President Trump failed and it will come back to haunt her.

    • You Trump Stooges are like an old guy in the city park in a dirty black raincoat and nothing else who laughs manically every time he jumps out of the bushes and exposes himself to the passersby–until the cops finally come and cuff him and put him in the squad car and take him off to the mental hospital.

      But the perv never stops laughing like a hyena. Because he can’t.

      And neither can you.

      You can’t stop exulting over how clever you were to have flashed everybody so well and so long.

      And if you ever get out of the psych ward, you’ll do it again–just like your psychopathic cult leader will if he ever gets the chance to cause mayhem again.

      • Well I would guess if there’s anyone here who might jump out of bushes,well that would be you!
        You will post anything in hopes of distracting away from another Trump win over the useless democrats and the historical crappy job The Old Sniffer is doing! You can have the last word,I’m done with you and the crazy cat lady!

        • Honorable Mention loves a a game he can “win” with a score of 43 points for him and his Big Lie team verses 57 points for the Truth team.

          But then Trump and his Trump Stooges always need a handicap.

          “Just find me 12,780 votes–one more vote than I need to win.”

          Trump’s rotten to his bones.

          How pathetic of you to worship him..

        • Honorable Mention, how many times have you promised today never to post again to VL or me?

          And as for my knowing when you’re “getting mad,” how will I know when you are?

          Maybe you’ll find a way to increase the font size of your all-caps posts to three or four inches high.

          Or maybe I’ll go outside my house and hear the distant sounds of a demented man screaming at the sky.

          Or maybe there’ll be a point 7 earthquake here in town.

          Just curious.

      • Rodney: Why are you so curious about my name and MEWHP? Are you familiar with the term “dox, or doxing? If not, here is a definition. Dox- “search for, and publish private and identifying information about a particular individual, then post that information on the internet with malicious intent. Can be both public and private individuals.” The malicious intent is to show who are dissenters to the far left. The purpose is to cause fear, and to silence them, especially when family is concerned. Did you catch that? SILENCE THEM???? Did this intimidation occur in the 1930’s Germany? It did. What did it lead to? Fear to attain your goals. Fear is a powerful silencer. It worked before.

        I wonder why national elected republicans are caving in now?

        Michael Van der Veer, lawyer for Trump for the impeachment: During his time in capital hill his home was vandalized. “Traitor” , with a red arrow pointing to his house was painted on his personal driveway. His wife was terrified. Quote: “my home was attacked, my entire family, my business, my law firm are all under siege now.” He has hired private security now.

        Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) who stood up for his republican beliefs concerning the election. He also experienced an assault on his home. His wife with a new baby. She was terrified. Quote from Sen. Hawley: “It is an unbelievable attempt to silence all opposition. …..And it is a threat to democracy.”

        According to Andy NGO, Antifa works this way to intimidate and punish those whose beliefs oppose theirs’. and it has escalated to physical violence during all the violence in Portland, and the other democratic run states and cities.

        So why do you want my private information? Remember, I trust you like a coiled cobra.

        • Shame on the people on our side who vandalized anybody’s home. Shame on anyone on our side who lies, steals, sexually harasses anybody, illegally evades taxes, defrauds others, encourages racism, advocates violence. I would have assumed that goes without saying.

          As for knowing your name, I don’t want to know your particular name. I just think people who constantly post political attacks against their opponents should put their names on what they write Your suggestion that I have nefarious intentions toward you is an insult to me. I invite you to apologize.

          As for who you are as an individual, as I’ve said before, I don’t care.

          • Does this include Ducklo? Who is allowed to resign instead of being fired “on the spot” …as was promised by Biden for any person who did what Ducklo did?

    • Let’s bet on your claim Trump will win the Presidency in 2024, shall we?

      I propose $1,000.

      All you have to do is say “yes” and we’ll have an agreement.

    • Want to put your money where your mouth is, Smokey?

      I’ll bet you $1,000 right now Trump will never again be elected President of the United States.

      All you have to do is agree and it’s on.

        • Cajones and spines are lacking in THAT party. Repubs however are coming around to see the truth…finally.

          • No lack of Cajones or a spine right here. My DD214 has a long list of medals and awards for having plenty of courage and honor. We just have nothing to prove to you two sad lonely individuals. You’ve been proved wrong everytime you open your mouths. At this point you are nothing more than a form of dull entertainment.

          • Vicki, we expect men to use certain language, but never do we expect a Southern Lady to say, much less publish a comment with certain body parts mentioned. You must be part of the DC swamp scum. I pity your poor husband, unless he’s from there too.

      • This guy’s a cultural dinosaur, Queen B.

        You can’t teach an old dino new tricks.

        Believe me, I’ve tried. But all he can do is roar the same old misogynist tune over and over and over again.

    • USMC03: I want to say “thank you for your outstanding service You are a true lover of America, and you are still defending our country,

      We can never thank you enough.

    • Please do nominate your leaper messiah again–if he can somehow stay out of jail.

      We beat him, and you, by over 7,000,000 votes this time. Next time, it’ll be by a massacre.

      Again, from “Gladiator”:

      “People should know when they’re defeated.”

        • My offer to Smokey goes for you too, Honorable Mention.

          I’ll bet you $1,000 Trump will never be President again.

          All you have to do is agree and it’s on.

          It’s time for you to man up HM–or just keep blowing smoke.

          • Professor, you change your name for us so often, often in the same comment, we don’t know who you are talking about at any given time. We have asked you and you little woman sidekick questions, and the two of you never come back with a straight answer. Why, I think it’s because you know the answers will make you and the dems look like liars who have pulled the wool over the nation’s eyes and made old sniffing Joe look good. Joe is not good! He is going to take this country and the families who live here to the brink of bankruptcy. Our spending ability will go way down. We will let the Chinese further into our country, and who knows, they may someday call us part of China. Joe thinks they are our friends. But why would he think that? You have heard about all the things his wonderful son, the smartest man Joe knows, was involved in, right? I’ve found that some hear the news, and won’t believe, especially if it’s about anyone but Trump. But, what I really think about you, is that you are rattled. You are starting to make mistakes. Really. Go back and read some of the things you have written. You are angry, you are so mad at a few of us who won’t bow to what you think is your superb intelligence, you could chew up nails and spit out tacks. So you need to settle down to keep that superior mind of yours on point, because you are making some far out comments. If you calm down, maybe you won’t embarrass yourself any longer. Hey, man, all the best to ya! I think the next few years are really going to mess with your head!

    • Everyday you get dumb and dumber! It’s obvious you like that Trump dildo action and without it you wouldn’t have any action at all. Sorry your white privileged life is so miserable and this site is all you have going for yourself other than mommy time. You’re just another racist, sexist piece of crap like Donald J. Trump. That’s why you still live in hope and have an ongoing hard stiff for a Cheeto. You don’t care about the Country and you obviously don’t understand politics or capitalism bc you think one man if flawless and he will save the Country. That’s never been the case nor will it ever be the case, Casey!!

    • To save the spelling police some time,I’ll admit I spelled acquitted wrong. Now Frick and Frack might stay on topic.

  6. THE FACTS: By his own admission, Lee made the statements directly attributed to him. He did not publicly characterize what was said on the phone call — but Democrats did not claim that he had done so.

    • When the American Revolution started, Thomas Paine remarked “Now we will find out who the secret Tories are.”

      With today’s Impeachment vote, we Democrats have forced the Trump Party to openly go on record as enemies of democracy, the Constitution, the majority of the American people and truth itself–and as friends of white American terrorists and the disgraced ex-President who incited them to try to overthrow our government on January 6.

      Only seven Trump Party members voted to convict Trump, but that made this Impeachment the most bipartisan vote to convict a President in American history.

      One of the votes to convict was Bill Cassidy’s. At least we now have one Senator in Louisiana who isn’t an insurrectionist.

      Then there’s John N. Kennedy.

      • Spineless. At least Cassidy voted to defend America, Americans and the Constitution. Thank you Senator Cassidy. He upheld his oath of office. Democrats figured how it would go. Lack of character and honesty from what used to be the Grand Old Party. Actually it was still a majority of the Senate that voted for truth. It is on the record.

      • Just a couple of things, before I say farewell to the man who has made so many twists and turns on his feelings about Trump, the election, the second acquittal of impeachments and all the other things he ranted about. First you failed to defeat us in what we are saying, thus you lost. You said put Trump on the ballot for the next presidential election, and you will “massacre” us. That is a great term to use after all the killing that went on during the mob invasions across America by leftists. They did massacre people, human lives from the youngest innocent victims to the brave police chief who guarded his friends pawn shop, they were all massacred by people from the left, the DEMOCRATS. The current DEMOCRATIC VP asked her supporters to please bail these people out of jail so they could continue their burning, looting, harassing people in their homes, and killing innocent people. The House Judiciary Committee,in a hearing headed byJerry Nadler could not even admit those were riots. But those rioters even destroyed monuments to some great men of our past, like Abraham Lincoln. When you used the word massacre, you used it in reference to the number of votes democratic candidates got, and you did get them. I have no doubt that you would get more in the next election as you have 4 years to plan the different ways you could get illegitimate votes counted. There has never been a decent, concise, truthful answer about the vans bringing boxes and suitcases into where votes were being counted. There has never been an answer to how there were more votes tabulated in some areas than there were registered voters. So go ahead and gloat. I did nothing wrong. I didn’t try to bail out arsonists, thieves and murders from jail so they could go about their march against America as they instilled fear in innocent people. Go ahead and defend these people. I will stand with Trump, who did a lot for the people of this country.

        Another thing I’m so glad we heard about before the current president was sworn in. We heard about his son, and possibly the Big Guy, in their fishy sounding money making schemes in China, Russia, and other foreign countries. Big Guy used his former political office to make big money for the family, and at least we got information on these schemes before President Big Guy could have it all swept under the rug. How many people think this will all disappear in due time, or Big Guy and son will be found blameless in all things.

        Will we give you guys our names, no indeed. And I have to wonder why you kept on and on and on about that. You are totally irrational in your writings trying to explain to others why we don’t write under our full names like you do. It would not bother me if you used EngProf instead of Rodney Allen. Who cares, and if they do, why???? You people can go off half cocked, and I don’t trust you. I think Old RN hit the nail on the head with her last post. Thank you mam for that one, it was really good.

        Vicki, sorry, I know this is too long for you to read.

          • That’s your problem right there. If you had an attention span greater than a two year old you would read. If you actually read maybe you would be able to critically think on your own instead of parroting everything you hear. Come on man, you’re supposed to be an adult and can’t even think for yourself. Reading comprehension is important.

        • Thank you MEWHP.

          Rodney shows complete favor to Kurt Vonegart. (sp?) Kurt is a man whose writings advocate critical thinking. I think critical thinking is a truly valuable gift.

          But in order to have that ability, your mind must be open to both sides of every argument. It entails looking for all points of view with a lust for complete understanding: that is my view. I cannot reach a closed mind and like you pointed out, MEWHP it has been impossible to reach their ( VP AND RA) inner thinking.

          So, I am going to end this discussion (just how long can a blog go on?), and just offer references. If you truly believe in critical thinking, Rodney, then you should read these powerfully written books with a deep love for America and your fellow man.

          Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy America, by Andy Ngo.

          Harbinger 2, by Jonathan Cahn.

          As far as dealing with my anger, , I must try to understand that you are not responsible for what you don’t know, but you are responsible for not trying to find out.

          Stay warm and safe

          • You keep sending derogatory posts to me, despite that I’ve only addressed you directly a few times.

            You recently implied in one of your posts that I want to bring harm to you by getting you to reveal your real name.

            As I explained to you before, my motive for inviting all Trump-supporting NPJ posters to reveal their identities–as I have–is to see who’s willing to be personally responsible to the Natchitoches community for the things they post. I told you I have no personal grudge against you whatsoever, and I’ve never threatened physical harm to any Trump supporter, online or off.

            The second time you recently went back to this earlier invitation of mine–which you have every right to refuse, as you have–and suggested I only want to get your name so I can physically harm you in some way, you described me as untrusty as “a coiled cobra.” I replied to you that you had insulted me. Then I invited you to apologize for what you’ve said about me.

            You see, OLD RN, since you know my real name, you have twice made this false accusation against me personally to the whole Natchitoches NPJ community. Legally, this is slander.

            So, again, I invite you to apologize to me.

          • Hang in there OLD RN ! He’s just a bully behind a keyboard! He wants Natchitoches to know if anyone is a Trump supporter and their opinions,why I don’t know.if he’s a teacher he’s the one the needs to worry about what people think! If I had a child,i can promise that child would NEVER take his class. And that’s just from the things he post here.
            And thank you for what you do!!! You have one of the toughest professions out there!

  7. Just watched that farce of a trial and this came up. I got the fallowing narrative in an email. “House impeachment managers presented false evidence during Wednesday’s proceedings. They used a fabricated newspaper report to claim that President Trump called Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) during the Capitol protests. This was a lie and Sen. Lee asked that it be stricken from the record. Instead of addressing Sen. Lee’s objection, Senator Leahy started reciting some obscure Senate rule. Leahy was obviously being coached in procedure by a staffer. One Senator asked for clarification, so Leahy started reciting the exact same Senate rule. Leahy then started doing roll call. Senators were jeering by that point, so he switched back and started reciting the same obscure Senate rule. Frustrated that the “judge” wasn’t mentally capable of following along, Mike Lee stood up again and demanded that Leahy make a ruling on his request to strike an obvious lie from the Senate record”. I think we all can guess how where this trial is headed at this point. By the way Sen Leahy is a witness in the impeachment trial against Trump. He’s also on the jury of US Senators who will be voting on the article of impeachment. And he’s the judge in the trial. That alone should be grounds for a dismissal.

    • He did call Lee although he intended to call Tuberville. Wrong number. Lee handed the phone to Tuberville and Tuberville told him that Pence had been taken to safety, they were evacuating. Get your facts straight.

      • You need to settle down vicki. You are nitpicking, and trying to twist things to make JLP-RET look like he is not being truthful. The gist of his comment is true. However, if you want to get technical, Trump did NOT call Lee, he misdialed when he was calling Tuberville. He did not dial Lee’s phone number on purpose, it was a wrong number dialed, not Trump trying to talk to Lee. The point is that the dems lied about Lee making some statements. Sen. Mike Lee threw the last few minutes of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial into momentary confusion Wednesday when he objected to quotes House managers attributed to him.

        “They are not true. I never made those statements. I ask that they be stricken,” Lee demanded.

        Lee was referring to the content of a phone conversation between Trump and Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., on Lee’s cellphone during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump misdialed Tuberville and got Lee, who gave his phone to Tuberville just before the Senate chamber was evacuated.

        Lee said the statements attributed to him about the specifics of the phone conversation between Trump and Tuberville were false and said, “I’m the only witness.”

        “Tonight the House impeachment managers made false statements mischaracterizing Sen. Lee’s account of a phone conversation between President Trump and Sen. Tuberville. Sen. Lee objected and asked that the false statements be stricken from the record. The House managers agreed to withdraw those statements,” according to the statement.

        Lee said when he later asked Tuberville about the conversation, he got the impression that Trump didn’t know about the chaos going on in the Senate chamber. Other than that, Lee did not characterize what Trump and Tuberville might have talked about.

        So basically, the House Managers lied about something. They said Sen. Lee said something and they read it into the record. Sen. Lee stood up and asked that it be removed fro the record, as he has the right to do. The dems lied, again, which seems to be a common everyday thing with all dems. They and YOU twist things to make it sound as if someone else is lying, someone other than the dem party you are so loyal to. You blindly buy into their lies, and nitpick at one tiny detail that didn’t matter at all, and twist it to make it look as though JLP-RET is lying. He is not. Lee did tell them that they are attributing statements to him which he didn’t make. and that is what is verified by several online reports. The quotes here are from KSL.

        You should be ashamed of yourself, but of course you aren’t. You blatantly misrepresent something to make someone look as though they don’t know what they are talking about. We are not sure you understand these hearings and what is going on in them. THE FACT REMAINS: LEE DID NOT MAKE THE STATEMENTS ATTRIBUTED TO HIM BY THE DEMS. So VL get YOUR facts straight! Sometimes it’s important to know what you are talking about, and you seem to be out of your league at times, though this is America, FOR THE MOMENT AT LEAST, and you have Freedom of Speech.

          • VL
            I’m doing this so you will understand a little better what I’m saying to you, and can’t manage to read more than one line.

            You blatantly misrepresent something to make someone look as though they don’t know what they are talking about. We are not sure you understand these hearings and what is going on in them. THE FACT REMAINS: LEE DID NOT MAKE THE STATEMENTS ATTRIBUTED TO HIM BY THE DEMS. So VL get YOUR facts straight! Sometimes it’s important to know what you are talking about, and you seem to be out of your league at times, though this is America, FOR THE MOMENT AT LEAST, and you have Freedom of Speech.

  8. I told y’all he just has to correct grammar. He can’t help himself, the English teacher comes bursting forth. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, I have a lot of respect teachers, especially during these times when there are so many students who need to be taught manners at home and receive discipline when they need it. But this guy uses grammar correction as a way of putting someone down and making himself feel more superior. He really should realize he is not in a classroom and stop the nonsense. And telling us where we can read more of his writing. Does he really think a letter to the editor is something to brag about. You need to realize we are not impressed by your supposed knowledge and writing ability. Get over yourself. Ho-hum!

    • The first rule for lawyers is: never ask a question for which you don’t already know the answer.

      Unfortunately for you, you’re not a lawyer.

      Just google amazon.com, then William Rodney Allen, books.

      Walker Percy: A Southern Wayfarer, Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut, Understanding Kurt Vonnegut, Introduction to Literature, The Coen Brothers: Interviews. I wrote and edited them all.

      Are you tired of embarrassing yourself yet?

      If not, I’ll be pleased to accommodate you, again.

          • My my are we upsetting you because we could care less about your little sad life. Oh you’ve written a book. Cool cool cool. Anyone can be published now days. Article in the paper? You know they print every letter sent to them right? Now I promise you I’m not trying to take away from your prominent career. In just saying if you are going to brag, please for the love of God brag about something worthy. You are boring us. You are supposed to be a big shot remember? You’ve guided Presidents and US History remember? The Natchitoches times isn’t a bragging point if all of that is true

      • RA, looks like I might have fooled you! How do you know what profession I am in, or was in? You don’t! You are just an angry person. As I said before, you gloated when Biden won, but that did not alleviate your hate for Trump and the people who happen to think he did a good job. Oh by the way, those videos you and Vicki were so jubilant over, it seems the scum from the swamp did some editing in Trump’s speech. I hope you watch the remainder of the trial because I’m sure the Republicans will show the video without his words edited out. Unfortunately, we can’t determine which way this fiasco will go, as I’ve said before, dems are not the most honest when it comes to paying off people to testify, and buying the results of an election or a trial. Or for that fact, stopping a trial. How many honestly believe that Hunter Biden will be tried for any wrong doing, or that they will find old Sniffing Joe played a big part in Hunter’s schemes. Inquiring minds want to know.

        I was chided in the past for not writing a true “reply” to one of your comments. Remember that one, you were wrong then, too. But I want to be sure to mention your writing and your books. I already knew about them, are you so arrogant that you think you are the only one that knows anything on NPJ. I knew about them and you as soon as you started getting such a condescending attitude toward the rest of us. I know the Vonnegut book did not get real high ratings as people said it was long and dry and very repetitive. A Southern Wayfarer got a review, and I’ll give you that it was a 5 star. But written by guy raised in Alexandria and living in China, who writes very much in the same style as you. I didn’t check out any other reviews, I was laughing at the ones I had read, so I really needed a break and decided that my time was worth much more than finding out any more about you. It does look as though most of your books were published by one university or another, ok. One book cover only said you edited the book, and you do know that is different than writing. Did you have books published by a Vanity Press? Just wondering. I knew someone who did use a vanity press and it cost him a lot of money to have his book published.

        So it appears I did know the answer, and I did know about “YOUR BOOKS” and I would think sales where not huge on any of them, though in some places the price is only $4.95. So no, I’m not embarrassed by anything I wrote. Are you embarrassed? I guess I would not really expect you to be since you are following right along with what dems do. Brag and embellish the truth. So don’t expect me to be embarrassed, when it’s you, with your grammar corrections, your calling Cassidy hundreds of times to give him advice (sorry that one was too funny not to laugh at), and your thinking that you were a big influence. One thing for sure now, his next run for office might not be such a sure thing.

        Just so you know, I didn’t check these books and info out because I cared about you. I go back to a quote from your last comment, “The first rule for lawyers is: never ask a question for which you don’t already know the answer. Unfortunately for you, you’re not a lawyer.” Maybe you need to think along these lines. I’m not out there bragging about myself, I’m only standing up for what I believe in.

        • MEWHP. You do know some things about this guy.

          I read the titles of his publications and went no further. Looks like they were worse than I thought.

          I did read his letters(2) to the editor. Nothing but hate for Royal Alexander and some on John Kennedy. How is that opinion of his worth its salt? I won’t be reading any others.

          I so have to agree with you when you said “you are just an angry person”. You nailed it !!! I

  9. Calling all Raid-dosed ants!

    Here’s another treatment for those who need it: a new article by yours truly available in a local paper on page 2.


    • I don’t bother with the local rags,printing your upside down bs is another fine reason not to. Just the bit you write here is sickening enough.

    • How fashionable. The only paper willing to publish your work is desperate for filler articles. I say again where have you been? A celebrity like you has blessed us. Their should be praise thrown at you’re feet. Oh great one share you’re wisdom.

      • How does it feel to have blundered into my bear trap, Mr. Bear? Does it hurt your hind paw? How’re you going to get out?

        (see my reply to your old pal on this matter)

          • I’m sorry you two Endless Trumpers were so starved for attention that you started taunting me about “bragging” that I’d published a letter to the editor in the Natchitoches Times in which I read the riot act, once again, to our hapless, lying Trump Stooge Representative Mike Johnson.

            I was needling you about it, not bragging that I’d published it in our very local newspaper.

            You then informed me that every letter to the NT got published, and you guessed I’d probably never published anything else. (BTW, I’ve published letters to the editor in the Shreveport Times and the Baton Rouge Advocate, and dozens over the years in the Natchitoches Times. BTW, If the NT publishes every letter they get, why don’t you two political pundits send in one? Oh yeah–because you’d have to put your real name on it.)

            So then I sent you proof I’d published five scholarly books.

            So did you two shut up? No, you had to dig your hole deeper.
            ADD–that’s the motto of the Trumper: Always Dig Deeper, Always Double Down. Good money after bad. Never admit anything. Deny, deny, deny.

            “So you published a book” one of you said after I directed you to the amazn.com, books section. The other of you said “I bet you paid to publish your vanity press books!” Then, “I read the reviews and they were bad.” “Bet you didn’t make any money on them–if you even wrote them.”

            But I wrote and or edited them all. And you know it. I submitted them to university presses, who take only a fraction of the manuscripts they get from scholars. As my reputation grew, I was asked by several UPs to submit any new manuscripts I had finished or was even considering writing. No manuscript of mine has ever failed to find a publisher. They all paid me in royalties. I never paid them a cent. Because two of the books I published are on internationally known artists: Kurt Vonnegut and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen (“Fargo,” and “No Country for Old Men” won the Oscar for Best Picture) I had great sales on them. My textbook, Introduction to Literature, published by one of the major publishers of text books world-wide, sold over 60,000 copies to major university students all over America and abroad. Over the years my considerable royalties helped me support my family.

            So go right ahead and move the goalposts again, insurrection supporters.. Taunt me for not having written a real book–like “Patriot Games” or “Harbinger 2.”

            And your taunts will have really get to me if you publish a letter to the Natchitoches Times. At then I’ll at least know your real names, as you know mine.

            And that goes double for your honorable mention Third Mouseketeer, MC.

        • Oh WOW! Should I bow at you’re very presence? Shall I beg for you to bless me? Oh wait, I should toss rose petals at your feet! Get real zero even after explaining everything its still not impressive.

        • I’m growing bored with you. We’ve apparently broken you. You keep babbling about a bear trap. I think I’m done Mike.

  10. Chicago Times, 9-22-87. Bidens Lies: Falsely claimed in a campaign speech that he had 3 degrees from college- Truth, had only 2. Falsely claimed he was voted the outstanding student in Political science. Truth- Not in his record. Falsely stated he graduated in the top half of his class .Not true. He graduated from Delaware with a C average- 506th out of 688 students. Falsely claimed he graduated in the top of his class in law school. Truth- From the Syracuse College of Law, he ranked 76th out of 85.

    He finally acknowledged that he submitted a paper to the school’s Law review that was not his, and with no citation as to the person who wrote it. The Law School said he had a habit of using long, unattributed quotations. He failed a first year Law class – Legal Contracts Course. .

    Falsely said he went to law school on a full schlorship, but it was found that he did get a partial schlorship based on financial need rather that academic excellence.

    Biden insisted he won a moot court competition in Kingston-Ontario college in Canada. Transcript did not show this,

    Then, when running for office in 1988, it was found that he used speeches (word for word) from previous speeches delivered John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Neil Kinnock (labor party leader), and Hubert Humphrey. Gave no proper citation. This article, from Time, showed videos on social media, of his speaking like a parrot. It was so sad. And now I am expected to believe he was above rigging an election. How could the people of New Hampshire continually elect this next to “0” candidate with so little to claim truthfully, what he had done to deserve these political victories?

    So, people please stop with Trump lies. He accomplished what he did. His financial success may have involved some cheating, but he was a doer, not a talker. He was a doer throughout his presidency. That, is the main reason I support him.

    Rodney, how would you have responded to a student like this?

        • Mike, isn’t that the truth. I guess I needed my dose of the English teacher’s corrections. Sorry for the mistake.

          • Old RN, everyone makes mistakes in posting comments on here. Some are spelling errors, some words are changed totally. In one of my posts, Mike Pence was Mike Penske. But that was my iPad thinking it knows what I want to say, and it changed what I typed. Why even Rodney himself misspelled his name, or was the NPJ making that mistake. The point, we are not in his English class, nor did we ask him to edit our comments for errors, so why does he think he has the right to correct us. I’ll tell you why he does it. He feels it makes him look superior to us, and he loves putting us down and bragging about himself and his books so that he feels superior. Now I’m waiting to see what is next, it should be unusual and interesting to say the least. And a good bit of the fictional stuff thrown in for good measure.

          • Yes, I make geography mistakes often. Never liked learning all those little states clumped together in the NE. Why nor combine them???

            I agree that he corrects us because he thinks it makes him better in his mind.

            Please don’t give up here. Maybe one day, we’ll get through to at least one person. But the news has done a thorough job of brainwashing. Logic has been eroded because of the repetition, hysteria, taking events and words spoken out of context. But like I heard today at the hearing: it is the hate. This is what is so damaging to their ability to think rationally. Truly sad, especially when you think of what Germany and Hitler did to get people to hate the Jews. They filled the Germans with propaganda like we hear today from the Left. Now it is not enough to hate Trump, but all his followers. Brainwashed to hate their fellow Americans. They have lost control of their ability to think critically.

            The total power! The total control! Democrats didn’t just want that, they HAD TO HAVE IT. And now they do. Only a matter of time till they pack the Supreme Court.

            Have a nice evening.

          • You said that perfectly about brainwashing Old RN. These are my feelings exactly. I am just not capable of articulating it like you. That is what’s so frustrating to me when dealing with the never ending chain of Rodney’s we have today. Everything has to be a debate and everyone is correct because google told them it is true. I described myself as a knuckle dragger in one reply to Rodney and I stand by that. Not every person is meant to be a scholar and I am happy with my role in life. Because of people like you I have a voice in the world. Thanks!

  11. MEWHP you are the exact person that should’ve been watching this impeachment trial. Truth from videos, many unseen before, from the Capitol that day. The words and tweets directly from djt that day. Minute by minute. The only ones that can still say this attack on our government, our Capital, our lawmakers are blind..refusing to watch and hear it, is fear itself. You should be fearful. It is true. He called for it. He loved it and couldn’t figure out why his staff and family weren’t as gleeful as he. 1930s Germany was no different. We can never let this happen in our country again.

    • vicki locatto, why in the heck would these videos be true, when all the videos showing a lot of possible voter fraud are not true? Why would rioters be believed when they tell what supposedly happened when good people who saw the unusual activity that indicated more voter fraud are not believed. The videos showing the riots by antifa and BLM aren’t believed when all that is left is rubble. Isn’t it funny that all the dems videos are truth and the ones showing the reason that Biden is in office are all fake. Biden, the sniffing emperor is going to be the ruin of this country. Why won’t he work with his dem house and senate, why is he only doing Executive Orders?

      But you vl are the twister of any and everything that has to do with politics. Your words mean nothing to me. We all laugh at what you write because your words are pathetic.

      • You laugh because you are nervous. Without Individual 1, none of that would’ve happened. And you know it. I’m not sure what is more pathetic, his lies or that you actually believe them. As far as videos of voter fraud, bring it on. His attorneys can’t even claim that in court, not once, not twice, but 60 times. Even SCOTUS kicked it out. So again, none of this would’ve happened with djt.

        • No vl. Not nervous, concerned over what is going on with the dems and the sense of entitlement that you and all of them have that you can do anything, and all will be fine because there is so much BIG money behind you paying off whoever you need to pay off. But know for sure, we laugh at you and your ridiculous remarks. The two leftists, I put you and Rodney in the same malfunctioning group, act like you are so much better and so far above the rest of us. You two believe that you are so intelligent and we are just so dumb we are out of the loop. We are just the American people who believe in what Trump did for this country, for our economy, for jobs, bringing companies back from other countries, and all those things. It’s funny that when old ra can’t debate a point, he starts correcting our grammar. So we do have a bit of fun yanking his chain by using the wrong words. I love doing it, as I’m sure the others do. He doesn’t impress me. The English teacher comes out of him in waves, drives him nuts. However there is not much hope for you.

          I know we will never see eye to eye, and frankly I am glad for that fact. I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE THE TWO OF YOU. I do NOT approve of the job Sniffer Joe is doing. He is wrong in signing that many Executive Orders. Next he will want us bowing to him and calling him your majesty. There is some pretty disgusting information going around about Joe, the dad (check out her book), Joe, the boss, Joe, the BIG GUY, and Joe, the sniffer. Another thing I know, and many have wondered about, but nothing has been proven on all those rumors about a former president and those mysterious deaths around him, but it does make you wonder. And you spend 4 plus years going on and on and on about Trump. Me thinks you ought to clean out your own party before you think you can fix any problems you believe to be in other parties. Do you know what I mean? I’m never sure if you understand or not.

          Now I’m done with the two of you. It’s like talking to two fence posts, and at some point you have to know you can’t discuss anything with fence posts. I’m at that point. I will leave it to Mike and USMC03 to shoot down your ridiculous comments. They both do a great job as does my favorite Old RN. Super intelligent woman, and know what she is talking about.

          • Mike, you just saw the door close behind me. Sorry, it’s Thursday, it’s your turn. Try some there, their, they’re and that sort of thing. Get the old English teacher back. He must be out calling Cassidy now, making sure warnings are heeded. Poor Cassidy, having to take that many calls. I’m sure he really loved that.

          • Preach MEWHP! I don’t come here to discuss anything though. It’s impossible to have a grown intelligent conversation with closed minded inept children. As bad as it sounds I just occasionally pop in to ruffle feathers. The like minded logical individuals here can see the truth, and from what I have seen, are not afraid to admit mistakes and carry on. I do want to point out that I do enjoy reading your comments, even though I rarely comment on them. I don’t need to have my opinions validated, but it is nice to see like minded individuals stand up to propaganda and continuous insults. Just wanted to say thank you for posting and I hope you do not stop because of a few deranged heathens.

          • They will not change my mind. I could say I’m a member of any other political party, and my beliefs would be unchanged. I’m for fiscal responsibility, but JOE and these folks on here mouthing off, and the demonrats in Washington don’t know the word. I’m for staying American, in what we make and how we act and what we do. A part of the crowd in DC broke off and gotten unruly when they broke off from the larger crowd, but how do I know who they are, because they said so they are Trump supporters. Nah, not me. People lie to stay out of trouble. How about the thug, you know the one who murdered that Police Chief that was watching his friend’s pawn shop? He is guaranteed to say, “I didn’t do it.” We have no reason to believe anyone that people who operate under Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, & Sniffing Joe. They have no morals, no sense of right and wrong, no sense of decency. I detest the lot of them. I will keep bringing up what Joe’s daughter said he did, and what Hunter’s sister-in-law and her daughter said about him. These are the ones, were they in prison, would be punished by becoming someone’s B_T_H. But they will never go to trial I’m sure, just like the Clinton Crime Family never spent any time being punished for the things they were accused of doing by many people. So don’t come around me saying that we are all evil and stupid or ignorant for not believing what you say. Anyone who casts so many stones at the opponent without ever admitting they have done something wrong, is telling me a lie right off the bat. That is the way I will always see it, and you two or three on here will not change that. No person walking the earth today is that good and that perfect, so keep on with your lying ways. That way, when you open your mouth, or get on your computer to post, we know for absolute certainty that you are lying.

            BTW, vl, what you said was a novel was 7 lines long. Bless your heart, having trouble with words again. I feel for you, but I’m not sure that you can learn much more when you get to be your age, your mind is just not what it used to be, and even back then, who knows for sure. Just go back to watching cartoons, you are much safer with that mind set. Now, I’m outta here, you’re on Mike!!!!

          • You came out of your long-overdue retirement pretty quickly, didn’t you?

            Maybe that good long nap was all you needed.

  12. I wonder what was the right thing in Portland? Hey, maybe they should have burnt down the whole city? And all those workers for keystone pipelines losing their jobs because of a fallacy of climate change? Surely that had to be right? What about that caravan coming to the border and other illegals coming to our open borders to pillage America? Surely that has to be the right thing to do. And the second impeachment? Surely getting rid of Trump is the right thing to do, isn’t it? They say they are coming for 74 million of his followers next? Now that has to be the most right thing yet? They are in for a surprise. 74 million have good memories. And they know the right thing to do!!!!

    • Danny Von Kanel there’s a lot of questions about Portland and a few other places! Like maybe the democratic mayor’s and governor’s should have used their powers to put down the rioters and stop the violence or maybe the should have accepted the presidents offer to send in help to stop it. Maybe they shouldn’t have SUPPORTED the burning,looting and killing. But now they want to make Trump out as the bad guy. Lol

    • And the maga caravan that pushed the Biden aides’ bus off the road.. yes, we do know the right thing to do. We’re doing it. Just cos the bank manager that robbed his own bank has left the bldg (just an example), doesnt let him/ her off the hook.

    • Danny Von Kanel:
      Another book I am reading. By Andy NGO titled “Unmasked”. This author is a photojournalist who spent time trying to photo the scenes in the Portland and Seattle riots. Ngo and Gabriel Nadalas wrote books to inform the US about Antifa.

      The brutal truth of what Antifa and BLM did during their protests in Portland, Seattle and many other major cities is mind blowing. Equally, as mind blowing is the way these protesters’ actions are covered up by the media. This particular photojournalist was beaten severely so he could be stopped from telling the truth.

      According to Gabriel Nadalas and Andy Ngo the goal of antifa is insurrection or the destruction of America, They are not necessarily far left although the far left supports them and uses their influence on the media to change the fact with their brainwashing that anfifa and BLM is peaceful, Antifa attacked the Democratic political headquarters in Portland so this shows they are not so much political but anti facism (anti authority of any kind).

      Antifa can be identified by wearing “black block” defined as wearing mostly all black and their clothing hides everything about them but their eyes. They are not necessarily African American. They can sometimes be seen with black umbrellas to further hide who they are, and to hide what they are doing. Nadalas and David Limbaugh tells us these insurrectionists are the product of brainwashing on college and high school campuses.

      The number of people in high raking positions that support this movement is again mind blowing. If you care about America, then you need to become informed about what is unfolding before us because the extent of this destruction is spreading.

      Another thing antifa does is to cyber storm right wing social media sites to monitor when the right is planning a peaceful protest. The information they retrieve from social media is spread to cells of Antifa across the country. This is so they can attend these right planned protests and disrupt the rights’ protests with taunts and violence to make it LOOK LIKE the right is engaging in violence. I saw the black block at the capital, and since disrupting Rebublican protests is what they do, and I did spot John Sullivan in the capital building. I’d bet the bank they were there at the capital causing the violence against police. You see. the left wants to minimize, and to severely punish the police. The right both loves and supports our men in blue.

      The number of deaths and brutal assaults on people on the right, and police is staggering. The amount of cover up is astounding. The brainwashing is powerful. We need to pray for America.

  13. He conveniently leaves out 1983 in that year a true attempt to overthrow the government by a person named Susan Rosenberg took place but democratics seem to have forgotten it ever happened!

    Eventually, M19 turned to building explosives themselves. Just before 11 p.m. on November 7, 1983, they called the U.S. Capitol switchboard and warned them to evacuate the building. Ten minutes later, a bomb detonated in the building’s north wing, harming no one but blasting a 15-foot gash in a wall and causing $1 million in damage. Over the course of a 20-month span in 1983 and 1984, M19 also bombed an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, and the South African consulate in New York, D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard (which they hit twice.) The attacks tended to follow a similar pattern: a warning call to clear the area, an explosion, a pre-recorded message to media railing against U.S. imperialism or the war machine under various organizational aliases (never using the name M19).

    There’s much more to this woman’s terrorist actions that you never hear about!
    Today she is a free person and liberal puke writer much like this guy here.
    When you read about her and ask how the hell she’s not doing life or even put to death you’re going to be shocked to see her sentence was commuted by Bill the zipper Clinton!
    Now you bleeding heart liberal Trump haters explain this!!

  14. Correction….of course I meant to say I am registered as an independent voter although some people may think that is indeed indecent.

  15. What Donald Trump did was an attempted coup. He tried to disenfranchise the 81 million people who voted for Joe Biden. Thankfully the Congress both Democrats and at the time Republicans had enough courage to certify the votes later in the night. Now Republicans have with a few exceptions lost that courage and refuse to hold Trump accountable for his part in the attack on the Capitol. Do you really think it would have happened if Trump had told the truth that he lost the election and then said he would run again in 2024? Paul, do you believe everyone from Tom Hanks to Bill Gates to Hillary Clinton is a pedophile and drinks the blood of children. That is the Q anon conspiracy that is now the Republican Party. That is who Republican senators who vote to acquit Trump want to please. I am registered as an indecent voter. I used to be a Republican until that party became the cult of Trump. Paul, will you be pleased if Trump becomes the dictator he wants to be and our elections are REALLY a sham as they are in Russia,

    • Never heard of Q anything until you leftwing loons needed a foil….but it’s safe to say that the Democrat Party and Democrats in general have no problem with the terrorist called Black Lives Matter and Antifa committing cop killing, murder, arson, looting and terrorism in major cities all accross America.. Its your political leaders that openly supported encouraged and justified all the violence in our cities in the name of social justice….you loons are delusional.

    • I love the fact that someone admits to being an indecent voter. You mention pedophiles. Have you heard about Biden’s daughter’s book. I understand it is quite a story and if that were told against most people, they would be on trial. Have you seen the looks on girls faces as Biden kind of creeps up close, puts his hands on their shoulders, and leans in close in order to “sniff their hair”. That is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen. Not all hair smell that good, especially if a child has been sweating, so I think the old sniffer needs to think of another reason to grab, creep, touch or hold, and sniff. So we really don’t need to make up things about who might or might not be a pedophile.

      And then we should not forget Bill Clinton. You would think that anyone who was a Rhodes Scholar would know the meaning of sex before lying, “I did NOT have sex with that woman.

      You can say what you want about former President Trump, and what you THINK he did, but he did more for this country in four years than Obama did in 8 or Biden did in almost 50. You don’t know what Trump was thinking. He loved this country, Biden is the dictator, how many Executive Orders did he sign in such a short time. He won’t even work with his own party, he is the emperor in his own mind. He doesn’t need anyone else to run things, and look what a mess he is making of things. People out of work, gas going up, taxes going up, and I’m sure there are things we don’t know about yet since most reporters and news outlets are his court jesters.

  16. An insurrection where the only person intentionally killed was an unarmed insurrectionist. The real insurrection took place when the Obama-Biden administration orchestrated a coup on President Trump. I could site the examples of actual terrorist acts on the Capitol by radical leftwing terrorist many of whom received pardons by Clinton and Obama one of whom is now a major player in the terrorist group Black Lives Matter movement but since they are and were heros of the Democrat Party and the American left it would be pointless because y’all don’t care…..Only you leftist make excuses for those that commit murder, arson, looting and cop killing in the name of social justice……give me a break

  17. You are assuming that the former president is guilty, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
    What about Corey Booker who said “Get up in their face when ever you see them” and Maxine Waters who encouraged aggression against Republicans. What about Madonna who said she felt like burning down the White House and others. Could they could be charged based on what happened to Rand Paul and Steve Scalise?

    • YES, JLP-RET, lets remember what happened to Steve Scalise while we are taking about radical left hate, and left radicals trying to gun down and kill the Republicans who were playing ball in DC

      On Saturday afternoon, a large group of Antifa marched down the streets of Washington DC. Antifa is an organization that wants to bring down facism (anti-facists). They think this country is led by fascists. So this is ok for these people to tear up whatever they want. They wrecked the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland recently (look it up). Not a peep unless you watch for this on any news channels except the MSM .Then John Sullivan made his appearance inside the capital during the protest. Sullivan founded, and is head of an organization called Insurrection USA, The organization’s whole purpose is to destroy America. But it is ok he was there standing next to the AF vet who was the only casualty inside the capital.

      Attacks on police- that is what BLM and Antifa have been doing for months. So much covering up and deceit!!!!! Can you believe BLM was nominated for the nobel peace prize.

      Trump a dictator??????????????????????????????????????????????????? What do you call 52 Executive Orders since Biden took office? Your blindness is astounding. Your hate is astounding. So many false accusations by the propaganda the serpents spew on their news programs. Don’t be fooled by lies. Use your God given common sense.

      Talking about how the nation was protected historically. Well, he is not protecting us now. 9/11 is a perfect example. read Harbinger 2 by Jonathan Cahn or follow him on facebook. Prophets say we are headed towards judgement. I believe that is so. Never did I ever believe that people could be so overtaken by evil that they are blinded and deaf and their hearts are stone. Another prophet says we are into the judgement now. (Perry Stone)

      There is so much I want to say about the double standards now. The twisting of events, the hiding of the full story, the exaggeration of events. May God help us all!

        • It is at Walmart. About $20.00. It is the sequel of The Harbinger. Also read Jonathan Cahn’s letter to Joe Biden. (found this on his Fb page.

          See, most of my information comes from books, news agencies like Franklin Graham, The Catholic New Agency, and now I follow Jonathan Cahn on facebook. Now Perry Stone. too The Catholic News Agency is the best for reporting on the destruction and looting and physical attacks on churches, cities, and police. Bishops write about what is happening in their dioceses with video proof.

          I, however do not see the Popes’ point of view.

          Good to see you have interest in the truth. Or maybe you are you are looking to read this for another reason.

    • JLP-RET all very good and true points! But none of that counts because it was all done by lying corrupt anti-Trump anti-America liberal nutjobs.

      • Well, our local ant hill is in turmoil after having their sensitive antenna rubbed in the Raid Ant Poison of truth all day long on the televised Second Impeachment Trial.

        Truth is poison to them, and they’ve been thoroughly doused with it. By videos. By tweets. By testimony by rioters that Trump called them to Washington and told them what to do–storm the Capitol and murder Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. For starters.

        Trump’s guilty as sin of inciting the riot in a failed attempt to end democracy in our country. . Because of that outrage, he will justly go down in infamy as the worst traitor in American history.

        And yet so many poisoned ants here are still foolishly but franticly trying to save their malevolent “queen.” But the dying queen doesn’t even think of them as anything but slaves.


        • Gut wrenching videos. Terrifying. And you have one egging it on. Thank goodness Bill Cassidy has decided to be impartial. Hard to deny the truth (finally) when it hits you in the face in such a horrifying way. Crickets from the new party.

          • I’ve called Cassidy literally hundreds of times over the past four years to read him the riot act over how Trump would destroy the GOP if he was left unchecked by Republican Senators.

            I guess Cassidy finally got at least part of my warning to him..

            The real test will come when he has to vote to convict Trump or not.

          • What truth? That garbage fed to the swamp about Trump wanting them to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. Wow! That someone would actually buy the story of these people. But then, why wouldn’t you? You believe Biden and Harris, the obamas, and the Clintons.

          • Saying that the President of the United States would call people and tell them to murder Mike Penske and Nancy Pelosi is such a stretch, even for a leftist. To actually believe someone who was in on the riots, well, it all sounds a little far fetched to me. Maybe they made a deal with lying democrats to say those things. Tell me after all the lies by dems over all these years, why would any intelligent person believe those witnesses. Y’all are beginning to sound like you actually might have been served mind altering kool-aid. I suppose you believed Bill Clinton when he said “I didn’t have sex with that woman.” Yep, we got them lying rascals among us that just keep trying to make us believe the Democrats are the good guys. Yeah, right! And Hillary didn’t destroy a lot of emails either. SMH

        • I love you’re arrogance especially how Cassidy finally listened to you. Damn man where have you been during the entire history of the US? I guess all of us are completely wrong. Why did you wait so long to tell us? I never heard Trump tell anyone to murder anyone. You say its true so it must be. Man you are a savior and I hope you keep enlightening us with your wisdom. Thank you!

          • “Satire is a delicate art best left to those who don’t abuse it with obviousness.”

            Jonathan Swift

            And you mean “your,” not “you’re.”

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